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  1. Birdie

    Ah that’s a gorgeous photo of Imogen and her doting grandad. I hope it all works out for the wee tot and what a wonderful grandad and with the fundraising idea!

    1. alickdouglas

      Stricter? Than Ireland already has? So how strict would that be? Sporting (meaning target shooting) firearms are already controlled to an extent stricter than pretty much anywhere else in Europe. Would you would ban hunting, and pest control on farms? Would you permit hunting with a bow and arrow? Because that’s currently illegal in Ireland. Funnily enough, plenty of countries in Europe have much less strict firearms control laws than Ireland and don’t have ‘these shootings’. Could it possibly be that actually the issue is more complex than simple firearms control laws?

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        exactly so, the problem is the shame and lack of health around mental health, alcoholism, destroyed rural communities, for a start ( please note in no way am I speculating on this specific case, more on general problems )

        1. alickdouglas

          Yup, agree totally. It’s somewhat outdated, and certainly flawed, but Nancy-Scheper Hughes’ testimony of her time as an ‘undercover’ anthropologist in Ireland contains (and has prompted) some pretty interesting commentary on mental health in rural communities (Saints, Scholars, and Schizophrenics, Mental Illness in Rural Ireland). While Ireland isn’t alone in having a public health system that caters poorly for mental health, Ireland’s system seems peculiarly abusive of the needs of rural communities.
          And another desperate situation for the family and community involved.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            just ordered that ( brain fog is eventually clearing as some sleep has been had and I’m ready to read again ) Any other recommendations ? That’s to anyone actually, interests linguistics, genetics, archeology, domestic and cultural history ( not political ) and Sci-fi. It’s hard to drum up ideas when you can’t get to a book shop to browse :)

          2. scottser

            scheper hughes in a lesson in ethnographic ethics more than anything else. she went off and published a community’s medical issues and unintentionally identified loads of the residents in the process. she returned to ‘ballybran’ in the 90s and was run out of the place.

          3. alickdouglas

            Scottser, agree on your point that there are serious problems with Scheper-Hughes position. I’m not aware of other relatively recent ethnographic works on rural Irish people though and I think her observations have led to some well-informed commentary on mental health in Ireland. In more recent versions of the book, she also covers her re-visit to Ballybran (I’d forgotten the name) and it’s excruciating to read. If you have other recomendations, I’d be happy to have them btw.

        2. alickdouglas

          For genetics I thought that David Quammen’s ‘The Tangled Tree’ was fantastic and covers some less well trodden ground (his less recent ‘Spillover’ is also great, although the speculative bit on the origin of HIV at the end is a bit too long imho).
          For Sci Fi, someone else on here suggested Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde, read it recently, really enjoyed it.
          For archaeology Babylon by Paul Kriwaczek is decent; if a bit speculative (there’s really not much known abut those lads).
          Not sure you could call it cultural history, but The Romanovs by Simon Sebag Montefiore was surprisingly amusing, and awful lot of drunkeness and riding it would seem. And not at all amusing, Road to Jonestown by Jeff Guinn about Jim Jones; there were a rake of Jonestown books out for the anniversary, I thought that one was particularly good.

      2. Nigel

        He doesn’t care about any of that, he’s trolling, his comment is derived from US gun-control culture wars, always a fun thing to do when an horiffic tragedy occurs, apparently.

        1. alickdouglas

          Interestingly (or at least I think it’s interesting), the estimates of legal firearms ownership in Europe often severely underestimate the number of registered firearms per 100k people. Last time I looked for example, Switzerland only required registration of firearms after 2008, so estimates of gun ownership are a combination of firearms sold since 2008 and a guestttimate of what was around before then. Countries with an active army reserve also tend to poorly (under) estimate the firearms held in domestic situations (Finland, the Baltics). There are vast amounts more legal firearms in circulation in Europe (and hence a consequently lower firearm violence rate) than most analyses suggest. That suggests that comparatively strict firearms laws in countries like Ireland and England/Wales/Scotland where legal firearms ownership is verifiably low are (relatively) ineffectual at preventing self harm/homicide.

        2. Cian

          If you look at the developed world and compare the Homicides Vs Suicides, most countries have a much higher rate of (gun-related) suicides than homicide;

          (firearm-related death rate per 100,000 population per year)
          US: 4.46 (homicide) vs 7.32 (suicide)
          Switzerland 0.13 Vs 2.32
          France: 0.12 Vs 1.64
          UK: 0.16 Vs 0.24
          Ireland: 0.21 Vs 0.62

  2. yupyup

    Daily Express : Piss off migrants.

    Also Daily Express: Rule Britannia, our gutsy tennis star gets to the semi final. (she was born in Canada to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother)

      1. scottser

        obviously not, as any attempt to turn boats full of migrants would require the assistance of the french and a change in maritime law.
        priti patel – what a dose.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          the only upside is hate like that is bound to eat her up from the inside and finish her off

        2. Eoin Foot

          Illegal migrants are currently “escorted” to Kent.
          There is no maritime law which would prevent them being escorted back to France which the last time I checked was not a war-torn desert shitehole.
          They could even be escorted all the way to Rosslare so you could offer them a warm welcome.
          You’d soon be singing a different tune.

  3. johnny

    – little late to this car crash interview.

    a-what base line or % is he using,from his past ?

    b-what lab results is this based on – his own….

    or-does HE alone have the powers to test for THC by OH MY GOD smoking it-this has be the most ignorant TD ever elected,he’s just so dumb,no really he’s a moron,he is.

    are you in favour of decriminalising cannabis?

    “I have a real concern about the potency of a lot of the hash that’s sold here. The cannabis I smoked in my twenties is very different to the cannabis on the streets of Ireland now. It’s bloody strong and causing serious mental health problems. We have to ask, “What’s causing young people to get wasted?” Many are from very difficult and challenging background and there’s a lot of instability in their family lives. We need to improve their job prospects and other life opportunities. We definitely need to move things forwards, though, in respect to medicinal cannabis.

    You’re at odds here with your own manifesto, which states that the Greens are in favour of decrim.

    That is the policy. I would have serious concerns about decriminalising cannabis because of the potency of what’s going around at the moment.”

    any evidence.
    based on.
    my ‘experiences’ with hash-huh ?

    this is just SO anti-scinece and anti-intelligence-the way he casually associates mental health issues with black market ‘hash’-are we reallly supposed listen a word these say on climate,when he has no data,no evidence,noting,nada,just a big ego and mouth.


    he is WHY you have the kinhans and hutchs this ignorant oid fool.

  4. Otis Blue

    Vacancies on the Slaintecare Advisory Council?

    “Minister, I’ve a Miss Zappone on the line. Can you take the call?…”

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