22 thoughts on “Monday’s Papers

  1. Luke

    Story on The Examiner is bizzare. What does Coveney’s appointment of Zappone have to do with a yaught race which might take place in Cork

    1. Poor oul divil

      Not really.

      Looks like it can’t be championed by a blue blood caught with his pants down and with a tainted brand.

      Could raise eyebrows

    2. goldenbrown

      ahem, allow me to translate:

      leave poor Simon alone and stop with the bright ideas drilling into our crony appointments system OR the Bilderberger sailor chums will walk off with their €500mil ball

    1. Poor oul divil

      You do make a fair point
      That’s why I had the word “more” in there.
      Relative to our residents hack jobs

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        ah bless

        btw, you do know that the time between your first few bland posts that allow you to skirt along, up to when you show your true ID, and you end up as Kittens
        is getting shorter

        Btw folks tisn’t the first time the IT have followed up with their own version my stuff

    1. goldenbrown

      showing us up again as per usual

      is there any process to take someone’s citizenship away I wonder? if there was a petition on the go I’d sign it

      1. johnny

        i walk the line.

        -its only the MTV awards,love see him try that at the BET awards in Vegas,or the after party……

        there is a great scene in Walk The LIne,JC is showing off to his old man all his new toys,he’s addicted pills and alcohol,his old man looks at state Johnny,his big empty house goes…

        “Connor’ you got nothing….

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