Aidan Gillen as Frank Kinsella in Kin on RTÉ One last night

This afternoon.

Via RTE:

The highly anticipated first offering of drama series Kin got off to a strong start with an average audience of 500,600 (live + vosdal). It was a particular hit with younger audiences, attracting a 50% share of Adults 25-44. A further 40,500 watched on RTÉ+1 last night and it has already had 17,000 streams on the RTÉ Player since it aired – proving that local drama is the best kind of drama.

How was it for you, anyone?


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22 thoughts on “Kin Massive

  1. goldenbrown


    I found it to be a bit of a Dubbelin howaye with cash and stuf snorefest crossed with a lot of gimmicky new cinematography until about the last 5 mins or so

    only surprising thing for me was the script didn’t namedrop Marbella or Dubai…maybe that’s next week wha

    I want to like it but so far not a remote patch on love/hate

  2. scottser

    i can’t listen to aidan gillen’s attempts at an accent. even when he plays an irishman he’s not convincing.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Your mentioning the accent made me smile. I have so far seen either of these, Kin or a US based cop show I cannot recall – for some reason thinking Blue Bloods. But in the tv show there is an Irish character played by an Irishman. So he used his real accent.
      I saw an interview with him where he laughingly said that when it came out, US audiences would not accept his accent, calling it fake. Not enough brogue and begorrahs, apparently :-)

      1. Charlie

        That’s the way it works. The US public expect cliches and cliches is what they get. Their entire movie industry has become a cliche of itself. 99% of all US movies are pure formula drivel.

  3. Rosette of Sirius

    Was watching Vigil over on the Beeb last night. Will give Kin a go when I can watch it on a platform without ads – wherever or whenever that will be.

  4. Liam

    The first episode was pretty weak. It’s a lack of imagination on RTE’s part. What should we do? Sure just give them another drug program.

  5. Ray Bahnz

    Good god, that was phenomenally bad. The accents, the Fair City acting, the house situated beneath the great big spying/shooting nest that is the Aviva… unbelievable on every level, and that’s before you consider the ethical tone-deafness of yet another Irish media outlet making money off turning very real and ongoing misery and terrorising into entertainment. I despair.

    1. Clampers Outside

      On that last point… I guess you hated and objected to every cop and crime drama ever. You must’ve despised The Sopranos and thought The Wire was disgusting by the sound of your commentary… Oh well.

  6. NASA scientist

    I’m going to try my hardest to never see this atrocity, just to appease the BS massive.
    Stay cool, other Bro’s.

    Post a link to your own latest effort.
    It might be hilarious. Not ALL comedy is intentional, but hey..

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