That’ll Do Nicely


Northern Ireland economy minister Gordon Lyons with a pre-paid card. Not actual size. That would be impractical.

Bout ye.

This afternoon.

Via BBC Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland’s High Street voucher scheme will open for registration on 27 September with the first cards being issued on 4 October.

The £145m programme will offer pre-paid cards worth £100 to all over-18s.

It aims to help those businesses in retail and hospitality which were hit by the pandemic.

The £100 cards will have to be spent by 30 November, with registration happening primarily through an online portal.

Why can’t we have a pre-paid card?

They always get the free money.

I know the ‘troubles’ and all but that was aaages ago.

*runs to bedroom*

High Street vouchers to be issued in early October (BBC)


Thanks Shayna

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19 thoughts on “That’ll Do Nicely

    1. Fearganainm

      Apparently you only have to supply eight pieces of personal information to qualify for a card, a mere £12.50 an item to bulk out your profile when the authorities decide to sell your details to who knows where (and for what purposes).

  1. Paulus

    So they’ve given the Nordies a card
    In the hope that they’ll let down their guard.
    And share every detail
    To help prop-up retail
    Unless that’s a clever canard?

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Governments are doing a lot of ‘offering’ these days. Offering vaccines. Offering £100 cards. New ‘useful’ word obviously.

        1. Micko


          Own nothing…

          But someone owns it… and they’ll own you too.

          Just listen to this fuppin moron go on about the future of “owning nothing”. Thankfully most people in the comments realise what she is actually selling.

  3. Zaccone

    They should do the same but for hospitality down here. Give every adult €100 to spend in restaurants/bars/nightlife venues.

    Might go some way towards getting that sector of society back to its feet after 18 months of government enforced closure.

    1. Kim The Cardassian

      €100 to be spent in Temple Bar hospitality…. it’ll get you 2 pints and a packet of Tayto

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