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Northern Ireland economy minister Gordon Lyons with a pre-paid card. Not actual size. That would be impractical.

Bout ye.

This afternoon.

Via BBC Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland’s High Street voucher scheme will open for registration on 27 September with the first cards being issued on 4 October.

The £145m programme will offer pre-paid cards worth £100 to all over-18s.

It aims to help those businesses in retail and hospitality which were hit by the pandemic.

The £100 cards will have to be spent by 30 November, with registration happening primarily through an online portal.

Why can’t we have a pre-paid card?

They always get the free money.

I know the ‘troubles’ and all but that was aaages ago.

*runs to bedroom*

High Street vouchers to be issued in early October (BBC)


Thanks Shayna