This morning.

The European Parliament Strasbourg, France.

Von der Leyen warns against ‘pandemic of the non-vaccinated’ (RTÉ)


Today’s Irish Daily Mail


Give that man a booster.

Earlier: David Langwallner: On The Question Of Vaccination


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79 thoughts on “Ode To Jab

  1. IsMise

    I’m done.

    Broadsheet has been part of my daily routine for the last 6 years. However I am tired of you Bodger, you and your tedious anti-vax campaign.

    See yiz.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Just wondering if IsMise and jonboy will now spend their time on ‘pro vax’ sites only and not get alternative views?

        1. E'Matty

          they’d feel more comfortable on a media site that just agrees with them and is in line with all other “official media”. Their kind tend to like “Consensus” and view fact or fiction as a democratic exercise with the majority side being the correct side, or truth requiring official approval. Dissent and questioning voices unsettle their cosy worldview. They don’t like that. It’s much more comforting to think you live in a world of benevolent billionaires and corporations, than the reality of a world where power itself is inherently corrupting of the human psyche and produces elitist anti human thinking.

        2. Jonboy

          I’d be happy with a site that was anti-vax that actually relied on science rather than hearsay. Or, god-forbid, a site that just didn’t go on about vaccines at all.

          What attracted me to the site originally was that fact that is wasn’t a mainstream site and was happy to call out things the mainstream media wouldn’t. However, I did not expect it to slowly morph into ‘vigilant citizen’-lite.

      2. E'Matty

        adios lads. You’ll find media more to your liking on all mainstream media channels. Bodgeer, keep it up.
        “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

        1. Nigel

          But Bodger isn’t committed to the truth. He’s committed to ‘instincts.’ Not the same thing at all. Now some would say that instincts should be used to lead a dogged investigator to the truth, but that does not seem to be the case on Broadsheet. Just instincts.

          1. E'Matty

            I think it’s your own prejudiced position which has you failing to recognise the truth of much of what Bodger posts. You believe you live in a world with benign and even benevolent power. All evidence contradicts this completely. There is no information that could be provided to you to convince you otherwise either. It’s a deeply held worldview which you will cling to until the end, the reality of the world being simply too terrifying for you to face, the cognitive dissonance too uncomfortable.

          2. Nigel

            ‘You believe you live in a world with benign and even benevolent power.’

            Nobody interested in the truth or in evidence would use such an obvious straw man. You’ve constructed your own cosy, self-flattering rationalisation as to why neither you nor Bodger are especially persuasuve about what you perceive to be so blatant a truth you don’t actually have to do the hard work of proving it. I’ll give you more credit for making actual arguments, which Bodger never bothers with, but they so often devolve into this ‘you can’t handle the truth’ blather.

      1. Nullzero

        “Website doesn’t run only stories I agree with so I’m never coming back”.

        If this is the level of logic amongst some people here you really have to worry for them. What sort of adult can’t deal with views that oppose theirs without throwing their toys out of the pram and storming off?

        Don’t let the door hit you in the hoop on your way out, cabaisti.

        1. Jonboy

          Website used to have quality control standards and has now started running storys that seem, at best, fringe.

          1. Nullzero

            Boo hoo for you.

            “why can’t everyone agree with me?”

            The world today is full of entitled morons who have no psychological fortitude.

            Jesus H Christ, grow a pair and take a place in the real world and not the cosseted dream land so many people seem so content to inhabit these days.

          2. Jonboy

            What are you on about?

            I complain about the standard of posts lately on the website and you’re ranting that I want everyone to agree with me. I don’t, it’s just a shame to see a site that was genuinely one of the best media sites in Ireland go from journalistic integrity to quote tweeting Gillian McKeefe.

            I can assure you in the real world I never run into any Gillian McKeefe fans and if I did I’d just move my pint to another table.

    1. K. Cavan

      IsMise, I assume listening to the evening news and swearing by every word is also part of your daily routine, if you find any media which suggests alternative viewpoints so offensive?
      The mRNA injections have killed & injured more people than any mass medical treatment in history but I’m glad you’re convinced of their safety, because you’ll be getting them for the rest of your life.
      The facts don’t back you up but if you stick to the MSM, you won’t encounter any of that pesky stuff.

  2. freewheeling

    Could this new rush to donate be because Europeans don’t want the millions of superfluous additional jabs the EU has contracted to pay and accept from Pfizer? Might hear of a whole lot more politically acceptable “donation” in the near future.

    1. Nigel

      Stockpiling like that when poorer countries were crying out for vaccines was incredibly unethical, not to mention short-sighted. At least they didn’t double down and keep the damn things.

      1. K. Cavan

        Had Bill Gates heard those poorer countries crying out he would’ve been at their door in minutes with enough vaccines to make them significantly less poor by reducing their population, by 10 to 15%, according to his Ted talk. As a bonus, the injections may, according to their FDA filing, reduce the symptoms of Covid, though that’s yet to be proven.

        1. Nigel

          So, giving them the vaccines would reduce their population, but he withheld them instead. I’ve frequently found the workings of the culling plans of the global elite to be rather obscure, but this seems to be downright self-defeating.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      I haven’t seen any great media stories about all of those ‘best before’ Romanian vaccines arriving here.

        1. scottser

          they gave me a work computer. they took google off it and now i have to use bing. i’m sad and jealous.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Any reports of arrivals after 18th August? No?
            “However, instead of destroying expired vaccines, some countries, such as Romania, have instead chosen to wait in the hope that either the vaccine producer or the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will announce a possible extension of the validity period.”
            “This is not something that the European office of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is in favour of. Contacted by EURACTIV, the spokesperson of the UN specialised agency said that, since no vaccine can be used beyond the expiry date set by the manufacturer, all actions must be taken by the ministries of health to scale up the use of the vaccines.”

            Use google. ROFL

        2. GiggidyGoo

          And the date of that is 18th August, and the headline is ‘…..including first batch of Romanian purchase’
          Nothing further. No more reported deliveries. Doubtful if the ‘first’ tranche even came in.
          Vaccines short-dated anyway.

    1. SOQ

      Except Sunetra Gupta is very pro vaccine? Her argument is that a global strategy to protect the vulnerable should be adopted, rather than what she describes as a nationalistic approach.

      Also re: Gavin Yamey- “GY has received research funding from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…” no details as to how much eh?

      When it comes to academic funding, all sides can sling mud.

      1. Nigel

        Slinging mud about the source of funding is useless – the results of studies stand up to scrutiny and peer review or they don’t. (Of course WHERE the funding is spent, and what gets studied, now THAT is an issue.)

        (I’ve always disliked Gates, but I have yet to see any actual arguments as to why his money makes any science it funds instantly radioactive. No, we shouldn’t be dependant on the whims of billionaires for things that benefit or protect the public in fundamental ways, but here we are.)

        1. K. Cavan

          No, Nigel, we shouldn’t be dependent on billionaires for medical treatments that end up being mandated by government, cheered on by the media, not properly tested & end up killing thousands, injuring millions and providing a level of benefit that is beginning to look minimal, at best.
          They can benefit & protect the public in fundamental ways to their heart’s content.

  3. Jason Bourne

    How about we just stop testing people and see magically d’numbers start to drop.
    Matt Cooper has Covid.. Does he mean a pos pcr test or he’s actually sick. People saying ‘I have covid’ after a pos test and no bad symptoms are utter mentalists

    1. ciaran

      Matt Cooper is not only a Renowned Broadcaster, Best Selling Author and Award Winning Jounalist but is also a man of unquestionable integrity.

      1. Gabby

        We can all make mistakes regardless of our intelligence, professional track record and personal integrity.
        Oliver Cromwell once said solemnly to somebody who was certain in his knowledge: “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you might be mistaken”. Cromwell himself was gravely mistaken on some matters that don’t pertain to the vax/antivax question.

          1. Nigel

            My favourite swear. ‘By the bowels of Christ you can’t still be in the feckin’ loo I’m bursting!’ etc.

    2. SOQ

      Agreed Jason- there is no such thing as ‘Covid’- only the virus known as SARS-CoV-2 and the symptomatic disease known as CoVid-19. A positive test indicates the presence of the virus, not the disease, and with PCR even that is questionable.

      Imagine the outcry is everyone who tested HIV + was described as having AIDS eh?

        1. Nigel

          Why would you WANT Covid to carry the same regressive and harmful social prejudice and stigma that came with HIV, and AIDS?

          1. Oro

            I’d bet good money I know a sight more than you about it.

            You can have HIV virus in your system yet not be suffering from HIV infection (which is symptomatic). That would be a far more appropriate analogy if you were going to make one (yet still not great because the viruses operate so differently and the management of them is so different).

            To progress to AIDs the patient would (generally) need to have been infected with the HIV virus for a significant period (years) while not receiving treatment. The development of HIV to AIDs comes with its own unique set of circumstances, yet is happens with slow progression of an untreatable virus by the body.

            The human body can treat the Covid virus on its own. You get sick and either you get better or you don’t buy the virus will leave your system. Not the case with HIV.

            This is why it’s a terrible analogy. Hope you picked up something today BOF.

          2. Man On Fire

            I’m sure you would bet no problem, but than narcissistic individuals like yourself tend to back yourselves to the hilt no matter what evidence free nonsense your pushing.

            Trivia time,

            Where did HIV originate, country and time period?

          3. Oro

            No. It’s your turn to address what I’ve written. I’ve responded to you. What do you think I said about the bad analogy.

            You’ve focused on one term in my comment and used it to make a character judgment. As it happens, I don’t bet so I’m not sure what your comment means for the most part.

            Do you think thr HIV / AIDs analogy was a good one now based on what I’ve mentioned? Do you think I’m wrong? If yes, on which points. Do you have any salient information or educated opinion on the similarities or differences between covid infections and HIV infections?

            You can google the origins of HIV yourself, you don’t need my help on that. But we were having a conversation about what I’ve listed above so if you have any points go ahead and make them. I’m not being sarky either I’m just trying to get a focused opinion out of you, see if you’ve got any brains behind the barbs haha.

          4. Man On Fire

            All you’ve written is that HIV if untreated leads to AIDS which isn’t true, you than followed up with nonsense about unique circumstances.. Nothing much there, and yet there’s a few points there which are tripe. As per usual.

            I’ve asked your view on the origins of AIDS, specifically country and time frame, and as per usual you’ve turned evasive.

            Second time asking, if you’re so knowledgeable about HIV and AIDS tell me where you believe AIDS originated and the time frame for alleged patient zero.

            I know, but I want to see if you know, or if your just running interference.

          5. Oro

            “All you’ve written is that HIV if untreated leads to AIDS which isn’t true “

            Wow ok. I think we can leave this one here for today.

            As I said before, you can google the origins of HIV yourself, it’s not subjective so my input won’t be of any use to anyone on that.

            I’ve tried today, but I don’t think there’s much use in us engaging in a back & forth from here on out if that’s alright with you. I don’t have time to debate fact with someone, and just get peppered with leading questions in replies. Bonne chance DOF.

          6. Man On Fire

            More evasion, and claims of superiority. Your full of it.

            Asked two relatively simple questions and zero in return. That sums you up perfectly.

            Low level minion.

          7. SOQ

            I know nothing about HIV / AIDS? My partner died of it you absolute moron. I am more qualified to speak on the subject than practically anyone else on this site- and, I was a member of one of the original ACTUP squads.

            The comparison is very valid- a disease which is caused by a virus- a disease which can only be diagnosed by a qualified doctor.

          8. K. Cavan

            Oro, it’s a perfectly good analogy.
            Covid is Pneumonia, most of the effects of that are due to a respiratory disease causing bacteria to multiply in the lungs.
            Aids is distinguished from HIV+ by the fact that other infections start to appear, as the retrovirus attacks T-cells.
            In both cases, the damage is done by secondary infection.
            Infection with Sars02 is NOT Covid-19.
            Describing a positive RTPCR test for Sars02 as a ”Covid Case” is certainly Disinformation, I would describe it as a Lie, Nigel might say it’s counterfactual but this deliberate lie is spread by our media and government on a daily basis.

          9. Lilly


            ‘The human body can treat the Covid virus on its own. You get sick and either you get better or you don’t buy the virus will leave your system. Not the case with HIV.’

            Are you sure about that, ie the virus leaving your system? One theory behind long Covid is that the virus remains in the organs.

          10. Oro

            I’m not entirely sure about traces of the virus remaining in the body. However, people that contracted covid (and test positive) do test negative after a few weeks, indicating that the virus recedes beyond a quantity that shows up in standard testing (without treatment) whereas that would not happen with HIV.

    3. E'Matty

      So true! Unless they suffered actual symptoms they have not had Covid19. They have merely contracted SARS-COV2, and that’s giving the PCR the full benefit of the doubt too. Amazing at this stage of the pandemic that the majority of people do not understand the difference between the two or why that difference is significant.

  4. E'Matty

    Their game plan is so utterly blatant and predictable. At present, they refer to a vaccinated person as “immune” (which they clearly are not) and the unvaccinated are presented as the prime carriers, transitters and hosts for variant emergence (which they are not). The aim being to further demonise and vilify those who have declined the vaccine. When the winter season kicks and annual respiratory virus season kicks in, and we see an alarming number of cases and quite possibly deaths too, they will then seek to place the blame for this entirely at the foot of the unvaccinated. This has NO BASIS IN SCIENCE. It is politically motivated propaganda. The public though will be so tired of this pandemic and have been so utterly captured by voices of authority, they will be quite happy to join in with this unvaccinated person blaming.

    Power is seeking public support for the next stage of attacks on all who refuse to submit to this psychotic agenda of global control. Nobody is to be permitted to step outside the new global order emerging at a rapid pace. To all who are determind not to submit, my advice is, if you have not already started, you should immediately commence stockpiling enough food supplies, water filtration capacity and whatever else you would need to survive in a society wide shutdown should global supply chains or the electricity grid collapse (high risk of either or both this winter). Any cyber pandemic aspects should also be considered. The aim is to make all people utterly State dependant (it should be noted, States will ultimately be bankrupted with Big Capital riding to the “rescue”, though with many wide ranging strings attached) and then exert total control over the population. Normal wealth will evaporate. Only self sufficiency will provide any possibility of escape. I would also advise you to get your hands on as many legal weapons as possible. Anything from hatchets, to machetes, sling shots and ball bearings, use your imagination. It’s time we became preppers as all signs are we are headed for a major global crisis of potentially exceptional proportions. Even a little preparation would set you head and shoulders above the rest of society who will face food provision difficulties within a matter of days of a supply chain collapse. If you pay €1k per annum on health insurance, what’s a few hundred euros on a food provision for your family in the event of a disruption? Call it life insurance.

    1. Nigel

      Y’know, given the multiplying natural disasters spreading across the globe, and the pandemic of course, I am actually all in favour of a certain amount of sensible prepping with the eye on potential immediate, short-term, medium term and long-term disasters and social break-downs. So, without endorsing the paranoid conspiracy-mongering aspect, and possibly the weaponry, the prepping advice is not completely off the wall.

      1. E'Matty

        On this Nigel I think we can agree. With the events of the world these past few years, who can say with absolute confidence that we won’t face very difficult times in the near to medium term? With very real issues already manifesting such as global supply chain issues, power grid vulnerabilities and cyber attacks, the potential for a society collapsing event is possibily greater now than it has been for many decades. Match this with the lack of self sufficency of the modern population and you have a recipe for disaster. As for the weapons, starving and desperate people become a potential threat. No point having food and supplies if you cannot defend and protect them. You may not be able to phone the gardai or other services, if they even functioning properly. With basic levels of nutrician and some rudimentary weapons, ones chances of survival increase dramatically. A small amount of preparation can go a long way and could mean the difference between life and death for a young family. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, as they say.

        1. Micko

          Ha ha ha! True story

          I know a lad who’s a prepper. My wife friends husband.

          He’s mad into. Has a big jeep and a go bag (bug out bag) with all kinda survival stuff and medicine in it, broad spectrum antibiotics and everything.

          Once he actually helped at a road traffic accident with all the first aid gear he keeps in the jeep – so fair play to him.

          The lad has night vision goggles for fecks sake – the whole lot! Turns out he’s a tad paranoid

          He just sprung it on us one night out of the blue at a party in his gaff. We never knew he was into that stuff.

          He asked me that same night would I do similar, with me having a young family and all.

          “Nah, I don’t need it” I said

          “Why not?” he replied.

          “Coz, if it ever happens, I’ll just come here and kill you and take your stuff Dave”

          Joking of course. But he was not impressed.

          I think he might have some weapons now ;-)

          1. E'Matty

            :-) yeah, I am only revealing this anonymously and only our close friends have been told about our hoarding of supplies but all have been told on the basis it is a forewarning to them and recommendation they buy their own food supply. We’ve told them if they then appear at our abode, unless they have food supplies for themselves, they will not be getting in. If they do, they will be allowed in. We have everything else needed and numbers don’t present as much of an issue. Indeed, numbers may be an advantage if things become violent society wide. Food is the critical factor though. All have been made aware of our “self defence” measures too so won’t be trying to enter unininvited. We’ve actually also put aside an allocation of food supplies for small handouts in the event tragedy does strike.

          2. Micko

            Interesting Matty.

            Are you just keeping stuff in the gaff or are you growing your own food as well?

            Would you be as prepped as my wife’s friend’s fellah?

            As in, is the plan to stay in your house or get out on the road. His plan is to get everything in the jeep and get up the mountains.

            What about power?

            Again, I wouldn’t do any of it. I’m more of a “if the Nuke falls, I hope it falls on my gaff” type of guy.

            But I’m very interested in it. Even as a short term solution. As you said power loss etc

            But if it’s a permanent ‘Walking Dead’ kinda scenario – no thanks. I’m out

            (Minus zombies of course) ;-)

          3. E'Matty

            @ Micko – stored food only. Growing it will be useless in the first period, as it doesn’t provide a steady reliable flow of food and different crops, fruits and veg come to harvest stage at different times so hard to maintain a steady supply, and most importantly, you’d have to defend it 24/7, which would be quite difficult. It’d be a magnet for others seeking food and so a threat to your safety. Though, once the initial phase has passed and things become more long term and normalised, you’d want a seed bank to start growing food in normal cycles and start again. Tinned beans, tonnes of rice, tinned fruit, tinned fish etc.. all good for about 2 years. We also have 25 year freeze dried food stocks too.

            Still debating where best to “hold out”. Running for the hills would seem the obvious choice though there seems to be a policy of forcing all into “human settlements” in the cities and clearing the countryside so it may not prove all that hospitable either. We’ve a friend who owns an old restored Norman Keep, with a freshwater well nearby and lots of land so fresh water, a building built for battle and defence and land to grow food when that time comes. A couple of guys in the group have military experience. We have also spread our supplies across a number of locations, as we have no idea whether movement will even be possible. The army might shut down all roads for all we know and we may be stuck wherever we are at that time. Lots of other issues to consider like, is living close to a Garda station or military barracks a good or bad thing? Might that help prevent total anarchy and violence in the immediate vicinity, or might that mean more direct immediate subjagation?

            For power, we have a small generator. Fuel stores is one of the next priorties on our list, though its storage means it may have to be at a distance. We also have numerous torches (and batteries), hundreds of candles, lighters, matches, gas cooker and propane tanks etc.

            I’m the same in ways. Nuclear attack, I’d like to go in the first wave. Who wants to live through that horror show? The same may the case here too though it would be unlikely to be such a swift passing. Starvation over months is a distinct possibility. Brutal violence from rampaging gangs of starving and desperate youths another potential threat. In such a scenario, I’d prefer that I and my family have some food and are not complete prey for marauding thugs. The aim is, if we are to die, we’ll die fighting. Anyway, let’s hope none of this happens at all. It’d be a complete horror show and unlike anything any of us would ever have experienced before. Enjoy every day as it comes. Life is short anyway.

    2. K. Cavan

      E’Matty, a succinct description of the disaster that our own childlike naivety and trust in institutions has walked us towards.

  5. John F

    It seems this whole conversation thread has been dominated by discussion of the virtue signaling commentators publicly announcing that they are abandoning the website… I guarantee you that they will be back before the end of the week under different pseudo names!
    What hasn’t gotten a whole lot of discussion is Cooper’s statement, that despite the fact that the vaccines did not work and came with a lot of potential side effects. He was happy that he got it.
    Perhaps the reassurance he got initially from being vaccinated and now the reassurance that he is unlikely to get it again is what he is talking about, who knows? In any event the man is entitled to his opinion.
    What I am wondering is how common is it for a person that has received the vaccines to contract the virus. And in the event that they have already received the vaccine, how will this affect their ability to develop natural immunity going forward?
    On the issue of people disliking the views expressed here on this topic. I don’t know what they’re crying about. It’s very simple, don’t click on a coronavirus related story, there is plenty of other stuff on here. And why announce publicly that you are offended and leaving? Why not just leave? It’s like a spoilt child, picking up his football and announcing to the world that he is going home.
    The topic has become so polarised that any reasonable discussion on the matter ended a long time ago, people are in their camps and their minds will not be changed.

      1. Paulus

        I’m reminded of stories, from long-departed uncles of mine, regarding the responses of english landladies to complaints from irish lodgers regarding the food, bed, heat etc. One regular retort was:

        ‘Grumble and go paddy,
        don’t grumble and stay’.

        1. K. Cavan

          Well said, Paulus but there is at least one regular poster here who’s doing this at the behest of a well-known Hungarian, we’ll call him Mr. Black.
          The grumbling is the point, they’re here to disrupt, insult, divert, cast doubt & aspersions, not discuss, debate or elucidate.
          Their posts never contain any facts or figures, nor an original thought, just their low IQ received opinions or, as we’ve seen, ridiculous demands that this site must toe the line or they’ll leave.

    1. K. Cavan

      John F, it’s an attempt to make any questioning of the official, lie-strewn, narrative look like the work of eccentrics.
      In animal trials, around 30 years ago, the lab animals who’d been injected with mRNA died, when subsequently challenged with the virus, as their immune system failed to recognise it as a pathogen.
      Obviously, it failed those trials and was mostly abandoned, that’s why nobody’s heard of this 30-year-old technology, until recently.
      This does not mean that everyone who’s received mRNA injections will die if they are infected, as I suspect many of the injections contained no viable mRNA, it’s a very delicate string of molecules, that evolved to blink into & out of existence in milliseconds, inside cells.

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