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  1. ce

    So SF now clearly the biggest part in the Dail…Mac Shabby… well, that went well…

    And the Examiner reporting that some folks are in huff over a billionaire boat race that needs 150 million of state money or they’ll take their fun and games elsewhere…

    2 “don’t let the door hit you on the way outs” for the price of 1…

    Good times

  2. Paulus

    While hosting the America’s Cup
    Looks like something we shouldn’t pass up.
    Let’s examine the data
    That supports this regatta
    And ensure that we’re not sold a pup.

    1. Poor oul divil

      A Minister hailing from Schull
      Is roaming around like a bull
      No lad from Sligo
      Will massage his ego
      But he still has a fair bit of pull

      1. ian-oG

        Paulus and Poor oul divil – both of you should have your own entries on here and not just in the comment section.

        One done at 12 midnight and one at half six?

        Poetry never sleeps! Brilliant stuff people….. :)

  3. SOQ

    Singapore reports worst daily Covid case tally in more than a year

    Government pauses reopening plans after 837 new daily infections, despite just four deaths in a month among 80% vaccinated population


    Singapore was held high as an example of how to do it- so what now? They can’t really blame the 20% for all of the new infections surely? Mind you- they will probably try.

    1. Cian

      Singapore has over one million people (adults and children) unvaccinated, so, yeah, it is possible that the 837 were all unvaccinated (or the vast majority).

    1. Pleasure Merchant

      I got me second shot back on 24th July.
      I’m over 60yrs old so far and I think I’m still alive.

      Just sayin’…

        1. Charlie

          How are our shinner scrotes this morning? x Fantastic news about Coveney wha? Top man and hard working genuine lad.

    1. ian-oG

      Oh my good God, how is this allowed, guy should have forcibly removed from the hospital for not wearing a mask for a start, putting other patients at risk FFS.


    2. Charlie

      I’ve seen a similar vid with an English family. Hospital staff clearly concerned about the man’s health and in walks a GPO type eejit.

    3. Rosette of Sirius

      If what is reported in the comments are to be believed, he wanted out. Let him at it. Whatever chance of survival he had in hospital, he’s got none now.

  4. Johnny

    Friends and family at home ask,a bit too much,are you happy there Johnny,with a kinda arched eyebrow,but really,ah Johnny are you though:)

    On mornings like today,I almost spit out my coffee,I am ‘happy’ to be away,2 million to Garret Fitzgerald’s son,I grew up not far away,he was not very well liked locally,some people used say awful things about his unhealthy attitude to food and nutrition,exercise….but boy did he know how flog an oul house,call the fat man.

    ‘It made an after-tax profit of just more than €1.5 million, up from €187,000 a year earlier. This was largely down to a €6.5 million reduction in payroll costs, with the company claiming €1.9 million in Covid-related wage subsidies from the State. Employee numbers reduced to 243 last year from 284 in 2019.‘


    1. Truther

      You are truly an execrable commenter and man, one of the lowest that has ever been on here, and that’s saying something.

      1. Johnny

        …who’s got junk in his trunk ?

        He certainly make his mark here,skids was another one,as in people would make that loud sound of a car crashing,while whispering his name in D4.


        ‘He is also claiming that Michael Lowry made political representations on behalf of Ben Dunne which financially benefited the former supermarket tycoon. Mr Dunne owns Marlborough House, where the then State-owned Telecom Eireann was located. Mr Lowry is accused of pushing Mr Dunne’s request for a rent increase.

        Mr FitzGerald has also told the Tribunal of how he lobbied Mr Lowry and other senior Fine Gael figures on behalf of Denis O’Brien in relation to the second mobile telephone licence competition.

        One of those other figures is Sean Donlon. Mr Donlon is a former Secretary General in the Department of Foreign Affairs, a former Irish ambassador to the US and a former adviser to John Bruton, when Mr Bruton led Fine Gael. ‘


        The commercial side was always hobbled,by his wide boy,dreadfully outdated gauche antics,see above.

        He’s no loss the firm will thrive without him,I mean that’s quite bit extra weight to be hauling around.

    1. Nigel

      Nooooo waaaaay! Wasn’t it just reported that the only reason he didn’t try to overturn the election result in Trump’s favour (who said that if he didn’t he wouldn’t be his friend anymore I am not making this up) was because DAN QUALYE told him not to? This campaign will make like a fish and flounder.

        1. Nigel

          Really? Trump’s base see him as a traitor for not overturning the election, everyone else sees him as pathetic, and liberals know about his enthusiasm for conversion therapy programmes. His only real function will be to provide the illusion that there’s some choice involved before they pick Trump to run again.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            He’s younger
            Doesn’t have shady financial affairs
            Is untouched by the sacking of the Capitol
            And so far his private life remains – devout

            And I think it’s fair to say Trump’s base is already scattering into poorly attended rallies

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