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Motion Control – Shutdown

Do you like your rock raw and in-yer-face?

Then you’ll love Dublin five-piece Motion Control who sound like the square root of The Clash and Rage Against The Machine.

Motion Control are: Vocals – Conor Hamilton (Actor/Bartender); Bass – Michael McCrimmon (Bike repair specialist/Metal enthusiast); Lead guitar – Brandon Larkin (Life insurance broker/child prodigy); Rhythm guitar – Ross McMullin (Local Spar cashier and music producer); and Keyboards – Conor Barnes (Ryan’s bartender and skin fade specialist aka barber).

Singer Conor writes:

“Like most live acts during the off-time, we all found it hard to find the motivation to put plans together but after 6 years it’s hard to let it all just fade into nothing. After the positive response to the release of our single ‘Sick Memories’, the band are set to release our latest single ‘Alice’ sometime before the new year.

“’Alice’ will be available across all platforms with a list of potential gigs to be announced in November/ December following the return of live music to venues.”

Nick says: I second that Motion.

Motion Control

Thanks Alan Bracken

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