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  1. ce

    Some amazing control-taking-back going on in the UK at the moment – sadly I’m sure it will bite us a some point soon, thanks UK!… but seriously heading into Banana Monarchy territory.. except that they have no bananas either… boom boom…

    Anyway, our soon-to-be electricity troubles seem quite strange – two private companies mess up maintenance at their gas plants and a whole lot of commentators direct their ire at the lack of wind in the weather… nice…

    … time to get working on building the hydrogen storage and maybe we could get a bit of wave power going too, those data centers and electric cars (thanks FG for the lack of public transport over the last decade, electric cars for all instead) ain’t going to power themselves…

    1. scottser

      i see the north has no problem with fuel supplies; funny how the DUP are staying schtum about it – i thought they want closed petrol stations and empty shelves to be more like the UK..

  2. Paulus

    I’m reminded of an old joke from the petrol shortages in the 80’s:

    What’s the difference between paraffin and petrol?
    There’s two f’s in paraffin, but there’s no f in petrol.

  3. f_lawless

    Interesting and positive situation in Uttar Pradesh currently. Corporate media are no longer really interested of course.

    According to Dr Pierre Kory, who was invited to speak on Newstalk last month as an expert on Ivermectin:


    “Uttar Pradesh COVID cases now effectively ZERO given population of 241 million, massive testing, 5% vax. Rivals the historic eradications of smallpox & polio with vaccines, except those were celebrated in all the papers and all the streets… while UP’s IVM strategy.. not a peep”

    1. Lilly

      Reply to that tweet reads: ‘Nope. This is simply everyone having caught the virus already, epidemic reaching natural conclusion.’

      Seems just as likely. Has any connection been established between parasites and a virus?

      1. Mr. T

        Has any other country or province of that size had everyone catch the virus, less than 2 years in?
        I doubt it

        Also given the rates or reinfections, immunity alone would not be sufficient to eradicate the virus in a population of that size.

          1. SOQ

            Ivermectin is a very effective anti viral treatment apparently- it binds to the spike protein therefore reducing the viral load. African countries which use it as a prophylaxis also have very low rates of CoVid-19.

            It is not unusual for a medicine designed for one condition to be effective against others of course. It is also not unusual for drugs to be used for both humans and animals- despite what the pharma propagandists keep saying.

    2. Chris

      Yes it’s a very good indicator as well as the other studies. The ‘vaccine’ sunk cost fallacy is going to be a hard one to overcome. When will people say enough? 1st booster, 4th? 10th?

      Given that it was such a well orchestrated propaganda campaign, having people be injected with something that hadn’t even underwent animal testing, I fear a lot will cling to their delusions as a safer option than actually question what was done to them.

        1. Chris

          @bisted And is also listed by WHO as an essential human treatment.
          So how many boosters are you willing to take to keep up the charade?

          1. bisted

            …don’t know Chris…but I am participating in a survey which includes a monthly blood test…it indicates that I test positive for antigens at present…no charade so far…

          2. SOQ

            The data coming out of Israel now is that the efficacy wanes after about four months- they are prepping for a fourth shot.

            But when it comes injuries, each new shot is a new roll of the dice and, there has been no research done as to the impact of repeated shots on the over all immune system.

            In the mean time, they have the highest infection rates ever and their hospitalisations and fatalities are still rising.

    3. Nigel

      At the risk of opening a can of intestinal worms, are they claiming treatment with Ivermectin prevents the spread of covid, and that they’ve given Ivermectin to 241 million people? Or what?

      1. SOQ

        So far, three Indian states have issued ‘Covid packs’ to every home. These contain things like anti biotics, Vitamin C, Zinc and, Ivermectin.

        In a way, the use of Ivermectin is secondary to the adaptation of an early intervention strategy which is claimed to reduce hospitalisations and fatalities- it will certainly do no harm. Florida is attempting something similar with the antibody treatments.

        1. Nigel

          Doesn’t really answer the questions raised by the claims that covid has vanished from a state of 241 million people. What are these early interventions? Are people being instructed to take cocktails of medications and supplements with no medical supervision? What is the uptake like? How is it being measured and monitored? How have they managed to secure supplies adequate for 241 million people? How have they been distributed? What are antibody treatments and how do they work? This all seems very, very sketchy, at best.

    1. Poor oul divil

      That’s a fair point Giggidy
      PTSb has the worst customer experience of all the banks by some distance, save for An Post

  4. f_lawless

    Deputy police commissioner in Rome speaks out as a citizen with constitutional rights against the “despotic” imposition of the “illegitimate” green pass in Italy. Italy is the first country in Europe set to make the green pass system mandatory for all workers, public and pruvate (October 15th).

    (article auto translated, pronouns should be ‘she’ and ‘her’)


    1. Micko

      Well that’s concerning alright :-|

      It’s weird how governments all around the world are following different opening strategies – even in Europe.

      Denmark vs Ireland vs Malta for example.

      Denmark – 74.9% Vac rate. Open – no restrictions.
      Ireland – 74.6% Vac Rate. Still restrictions. May open in Oct
      Malta – 86.6% Vac rate. Still strict restrictions including masks outdoors for some.

      Malta rules here;

      Doesn’t make much sense.

      1. Nigel

        ‘Doesn’t make much sense.’

        Of course it doesn’t. For it to make sense you’d have to go looking for the actual explanation, whatever that might be.

          1. Nigel

            I guess the days of cautioning others not to compare different countries because of differing conditions and contexts are well behind us now.

          2. SOQ

            And what is so different between north and south Ireland? Especially as half of Dublin is in Belfast every weekend now.

            The latest being the Ormeau Park rave last night of course.

  5. Bitnboxy

    Too early to say what kind of coalition there will be in Germany. But two things seems clear and I find them significant after the Corona crisis: high turnout & no gains for extremist parties. A neighbouring European democracy is working and the Centre holds.
    Right now, that should matter to us. France next year albeit there it looks a little precarious. Meanwhile, in the Dis-United Kingdom…

    1. Junkface

      German voters want stability over anything else. They’re cautious for good reasons. I’m glad the SPD won, a centre left party seems sensible right now. I must check the details on East Germany, they usually increase the AfD reps. Hopefully not this time.

      …actually AfD increased power in eastern states of Saxony and Thuringia. Jesus

  6. Rosette of Sirius

    Got a wry smile from this story in Der Mail this morning,,,


    Remember that George Millar’s Mad Max was partly inspired by the 1973 oil shock, which saw the price of petrol skyrocket, making it eerily plausible that one day highway gangs might – to quote – “wage war for a tank of juice”?

    Then David Davis said in 2018 ‘Brexit will not plunge Britain into ‘Mad Max dystopia’

    Welcome to Brexit.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        If they could just magic it to the refineries and then to the forecourts, sure they’d be grand.

        1. Man On Fire

          There’s refineries up there for the past 50 years.

          Maybe you should look stuff up before posting nonsense.

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            Jesus wept you’re a proper ray of sunshine.. Of course they f’n do. But why are they scrapping on the forecourts when they have all that glorious go-faster juice ye clart?

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