5 thoughts on “Fuel Me Once

  1. Bitnboxy

    The brightest star in the veritable constellation that is the current UK “government”, Mr Dominic Raab, now that he has switched off his OOOs, has suggested forcing low-level criminal offenders on community service to drive fuel tankers.

    This is the sort of creative thinking Brexit has unleashed on the UK. Who said Brexit can’t have upsides?

    1. scottser

      Simon Clarke, chief secretary to the Treasury, told the BBC: ‘The idea that this is somehow just a British problem is fundamentally wrong’.
      ‘there are shortages all over europe and it’s because of covid’ he opined, before being roundly ridiculed by pretty much everyone including the road haulage association.

  2. SOQ

    The East European lorry drivers are being blamed for the petrol issue except fuel drivers are a singular category who have to be specially trained- is there a shortage of just those then?

    Also, petrol and diesel has a sell by date and given the reduction in consumption during the pandemic, at least some of that is now at end of life. What better way to offload than a good old panic eh?

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