Last night.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

A pilot nightclub event at the Button Factory where 450 revellers were asked to take an antigen test and produce a Digital Covid Cert before entering.





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63 thoughts on “Present Arms

  1. Cui Bono?

    We need to get back to normal and not allow this digital pass system to be implemented.

    The digital covid certs were meant to be a temporary measure for international travel for god sake. Now 100,000s of us aren’t permitted to eat lunch in a cafe. Stop complying.

    1. Micko

      Very sad state of affairs.

      Tha antigen test and the requirement to be vaccinated for entry, really doesn’t make sense. What would we hope to learn from this pilot?

      Surely antigen tests at the door and a mix of vax’d and unvax’d would make more sense if we wanted to learn anything?

      But then that would break the governments ridiculous rules on unvax’d being indoors in venues. And we can’t have that.

      So it’s completely pointless. They probably won’t even be followed up in to see if there was any additional infections. It didn’t happen for the other outdoor pilot events.

      This really should have happened months ago, before the vaccine passes came in – like they did in the rest of Europe.

      Paddy last again.

      1. Poor oul divil

        It’s completely about the optics isn’t it Micko?
        That’s the only point it has
        To get press coverage

        1. Micko

          I’m afraid so…

          It’s not very inspiring, but sure as long as they open on Oct 22nd.

          Fingers and toes crossed.

          1. Cui Bono?

            There’s a vote next week in the Dail to extend this digital covid cert rule.

            Thankfully the left wing parties, Sinn Fein and PBP, will be voting against the extension but I have a bad feeling that FF/FG/Greens will win the vote and extend it well into 2022. Email your local FF/FG TDs and let them know how you feel.

            It’s funny how the left wing parties are all actually in agreement with the crazy far right we keep hearing about in the media.

          2. SOQ

            It’s about coercion, nothing more- they know that young people will just go frig it to get some level of normality back.

            Why vaccines are still being pushed so hard when it is quite obvious that their efficacy is nowhere near claimed, and the list of injuries keeps growing, is another story.

          3. Micko

            I don’t really see the point of the vax pass tbh.

            If the idea is to coerce people into getting the vaccine, well that 7% of adults who haven’t got it – just don’t want it and won’t get it.

            So what’s the point? Is it now just about punishing and discriminating against that 7% for not getting it?

            Is that what our society is about now, are we all ok with that?

            If they do extend it, what will be the reason?

            The daily cases haven’t really moved since it was brought in – so where’s the evidence it does anything? We haven’t seen exponential growth in cases like before.

            The day the cert was brought in (July 26th) there was 1231 cases.

            Yesterday there was 1261 cases.

      2. Nilbert

        The grown ups have moved on.
        We’re almost fully vaccinated and moving ahead with the plan to fully re-open society safely, removing all restrictions. Why would we base that plan on a handful of stubborn mis-infiormed oul boomers who refuse to get vaccinated?

        The population is vaccinated. no need to include the outliers in a test, it makes no scientific sense. If you had 500 people, you would need something like .001 of a person to represent the unvaccinated.

        1. Chris

          Moving ahead… Nearly two years in and you still can’t see the pattern. There will be no reopening of anything. The cattle will be led indoors, only to be allowed out if they take a ‘booster’.

        2. Micko

          7% are unvaccinated

          7% of 500 is 35 Nilbert.

          Not .001 of a person. 35 is not insignificant at all actually.


          So what will we learn from the pilot last night then do you think?

          And what do you think of the governments proposed plans to extend the vaccine pass?

          Should the 7% of unvaccinated be restricted from indoor entertainment indefinitely?

          1. Nilbert

            As I say… people have moved on.
            This is multi-staged process. The vaccine passes are temporary, as were the lockdowns, and all of the other restrictions which have since been lifted.
            You can continue to whine that you’re not been pandered to, like a impatient child. Or you can take the vaccine.
            The vaccines passes will not be requried for much longer, but the anti-vax movement is delaying the lifting of restrictions.

          2. Micko

            “The vaccine passes are temporary”

            But, they’re most likely to be extended. Being voted on next week. Are you ok with that? How is that temporary? There is no emergency now. Cases have remained stable as have hospitalisations.

            “You can continue to whine that you’re not been pandered to, like a impatient child. Or you can take the vaccine.”

            So take medical procedure you don’t personally want or face being restricted for an undetermined amount of time.

            How is that representative of our societies beliefs? Do you really feel that’s how people should br treated?

            “the anti-vax movement is delaying the lifting of restrictions.”

            How is that? What percentage of the population would need to be vaccinated to reopen fully then – 100%? Under 12’s too?

            At what point does it stop being a choice to take it and start being mandatory?

            Since, you didn’t answer my previous questions, I suppose I don’t expect a reply to these either tbh

            Good luck to ya

          3. Nilbert

            “But, they’re most likely to be extended. Being voted on next week. Are you ok with that? How is that temporary? There is no emergency now. Cases have remained stable as have hospitalisations.”

            You keep making this same mistaken point – there is no emergency now and cases remain stable precisely because we are practically all vaccinated, and because we delayed the lifting of restrictions to allow the vaccines to be effective.

            I hate what’s happening, I love gigs, I’m going to my first gig in 2 years next friday. Its tragic what’s happened to the industry. But the pandemic is real, our response is working, and 1000s of peope have made enormnous sacrifices over the last year and half.
            Its galling to hear the entitled whining of people who chose not to take precautions, when they are temporarily inconvenienced.

          4. Micko

            “because we delayed the lifting of restrictions to allow the vaccines to be effective.”?

            England are open 11 weeks now. Why delay? Would you accept another lockdown? Based on what?

            And I’m not whining. I have a previous Covid infection and so have my family.

            We are being discriminated against because we don’t want to take an unnecessary medical procedure. You did – good for you.

            Our society is pushing and bullying people like me to take it, when we don’t need it.

            Incidentally, I shouldn’t really care. I’ve LOOONG figured out how to get around the Covid pass and we’ve been dining and drinking indoors since about two weeks in.

            So, I’m only “whining” because it’s wrong and it’s not reflective of how our normal society operates – not because I’m “temporarily inconvenienced.”

          5. Nilbert

            Micko, I disagree with you, but I think you are genuine. So I apologise for my tone if it seems harsh.
            There are so many trolls on here these days, total swivell-eyed ballbreakers. It brings out my inner boomer.

          6. Micko

            Fair enough man

            Sure it’s only a bit of disagreeing on the internet.

            I do think we might be in trouble if we don’t push back a bit though.

            Hope I’m wrong

            Have a good weekend and enjoy yer gig next week ;)

      1. chris

        Won’t need to. Just as in Czech before the tanks rolled in – businesses were complying thinking they’d be allowed to keep them if they played along. They soon found themselves in the bread lines with everyone else. The fall will be further for some.

        1. Chris

          Antimasker (singular), just because you’re in cults don’t imagine others aren’t capable of independent thought. Though the concept may seem alien to you I assure you it does exist.

          1. Chris

            And SOME that are pro-vaccination have engaged in the most reprehensible language and behaviour possible (blooding the hounds) but there are many in both camps that find all that kind of behaviour abhorrent.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            Aww. Show me on the dolly where the mean words hurt you… At least it wasn’t a knife, or fireworks, or a plank disguised as a flagpole.

  2. Paulus

    Would ya look at the smiles on these people
    I bet tickets were tricky to wheedle.
    If a booster’s required
    From the way they’re attired;
    There’s enough bare skin for the needle.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          modérateurs [BS EXPLAINS: removing mean comments] must be on the warpath :)

          1. Micko

            Awww… mine deleted too

            I haven’t been this disappointed since
            ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ was cancelled…

        2. ian-oG

          Any chance you (Broadsheet) could stop editing my posts or at the very least make it clear that its the sites words and not mine?

          The casual observer would think I added the ”[unkind, leering]” text to my post – I didn’t and I really do not appreciate how it appears that I did.

          I see you have the done the same with Janets adding:

          [removing mean comments]

          Seriously, its not a comment section if you just go and make unnannounced edits, I’d expect that sort of behaviour from DinnyMedia or similar, very disappointed to see it on here.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            hahahah, he’s right though, there is one moderator who’s ok let’s say more sensitive

          2. ian-oG

            Fair enough Bodger, I don’t mind if its made clear that the edits were made by the site, I abide by the fact that’s its not my site and accept whatever terms and conditions are required to post, but it could have resulted in posters thinking I was having a pop at them when I wasn’t which is not on?

            Can you ask whoever was responsible to make sure they tag the edits are clearly the sites edits because I have what I think is a fairly amicable relationship with the majority of posters and would like that to remain?


          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            it’s ok I knew it wasn’t you,
            plus I would never use the term leering, when I show that much of my knockers I expect you to have a good look, call me old fashioned, it can be a bit much in Tesco, but hey I don’t get out much these days.
            I didn’t think the comments were mean more a play on the spice girls theme but like you said Ian it’s their rules.

          4. ian-oG

            Thanks Janet! But yeah, their house, their rules, I’ve always respected that and will continue to do so.

          5. ian-oG

            Thanks Bodger! Appreciate that ;)

            (Note to self: Re-add Bodger to approved kidney donation recipient list.)

          6. Paulus

            Broadsheet’s moderation seems random.
            [BS EXPLAINS: Does it?
            I think that’s what’s annoying the fandom.
            Please, Bodger’s assistant
            [BS EXPLAINS: Bodger doesn’t have an assistant.]
            Let the rules be consistent.
            [BS EXPLAINS: They are – when we apply them. But we’re short staffed and they’re frequently circumvented]
            Then for flagrant abusers?…just ban them.
            [BS EXPLAINS: That’s what we’ve always done.

          7. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Maybe moderation isn’t a comfortable fit for you Mr/Mizz ? I find a thicker skin necessary for the internet’s ;!

          8. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I always wondered what a pendantic craic vacuum would look like in poetic form ;)

          9. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I should be honoured,
            he did one about my wee doggy, it was great

    1. alickdouglas

      First thing I thought was, that lot are going to catch their death, and it won’t be COVID. I’m freezing just looking at them.

  3. Boj

    Too much cleavage for some
    And an incredibly tiny thumb
    His fingers stuck up
    Cos he don’t give a fupp
    And the girls showing off their big bum


  4. K. Cavan

    I reckon it’s naive to think the government might “let us off” the Vaccine Passports. Depending on how evil you actually believe this fake pandemic operation is, severe restrictions on & removal of normal civil rights are either part & parcel or the end result of the whole show.
    Since an 80% injected population would be more than enough to achieve the artificial equivalent of herd immunity, the government’s rabidly authoritarian attempt to get close to 100% compliance becomes impossible to regard as a health matter, there’s clearly other agendas at play.
    This is an attempt at normalisation of digital medical apartheid.

    1. Chris

      It’s more than naive, it’s full on cult adherence. That the penny hasn’t dropped for them at this point is a worrying sign. Maybe the inevitable winter lockdown? If that doesn’t do it nothing will.

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