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This afternoon.

Department of Health, Baggott, Street, Dublin 2.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan at the weekly Department of Health Covid -19 briefing…

…said NPHET had a ‘substantial concern” about the number of ICU beds being taken up by Covid-19 patients because he said the knock-on effect is that those beds would normally by ordinary people who cannot get access to surgeries or interventions

Dr Holohan warned fully-vaccinated people that there are still risks involved with getting Covid-19 “even if those risks are substantially reduced”.

Just because everything is open doesn’t mean we all have to do them or that we all have to do them at the same time,” he said.

The Chief Medical Officer said it would “be sensible” for people who were in nightclubs at the weekend to stay away from vulnerable people in the following days.


Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn [above] said the trajectory for Covid-19 infection in Ireland in the coming days and weeks is not good..

He said that although 42% of cases in ICU were fully vaccinated people, the key point is that 58% of people in ICU are not vaccinated.

NPHET concerned by growing Covid rates as 101 in ICU (RTÉ)



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This afternoon.

What would MacLiammóir and Edwards say?

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Last night.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

A pilot nightclub event at the Button Factory where 450 revellers were asked to take an antigen test and produce a Digital Covid Cert before entering.






Ceallachain tweetz;

My friend was trying to book tickets into the movies, and this (above) appeared on screen, is Vue cinema only allowing people who are vaccinated onto their premises? And who only have a vaccine passport?



A double jabbed couple at Dublin Airport

This afternoon.


New figures also show that 89% of adults aged 18 years and older are now fully vaccinated.

Of those aged 12 years and older, 82% are fully vaccinated.

chair of the High Level Task Force on Vaccination, Professor Brian MacCraith, said that 6.87 million vaccines have been administered.

At this stage, 92.1% of adults have received at least one dose.

And yet..

Ireland has recorded the highest 14-day incidence of Covid-19 in Europe, according to data released by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The country’s 14-day incidence rate is 504.11 cases per 100,000 people….

You’re not a scientist.

You wouldn’t understand.

Ireland records highest Covid-19 incidence in Europe – ECDC (RTÉ)

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Soma time!


Could There Be a Daily COVID Pill? What We Know About Pfizer Drug Trial (Newsweek)


Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of the NPHET Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group

This afternoon.

Covid-19: 1,571 further cases, 55 patients in ICU (RTÉ)

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The Young And The Hesitant


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This morning.

Via Irish Times:

When The Irish Times invited people not taking the Covid-19 vaccine to explain their reasons, we received more than 250 responses inside two days…

…These readers’ statements are analysed by two doctors: Dr Anne Moore, vaccinologist at University College Cork; and Dr Eoghan de Barra, consultant in infectious diseases at Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital and senior lecturer in the Department of International Health and Tropical Medicines at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland….

Why we’re not getting the Covid-19 vaccine: Irish Times readers share their reasons (Irish Times)


‘…We see the duty of care most possess for others play out in mask wearing too: a practice that offers little protection to the wearer, but is designed for the collective benefit of everyone around.

Compliance with mask wearing in Ireland has remained high, according to research from the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI). And even as mandatory mask wearing in the UK ends, they still remain ubiquitous on public transport and in supermarkets. It seems the message that we wear masks for each other’s benefit was not a hard one to grasp.

And though the government can issue mask-wearing directives all it likes, it cannot easily engender a sense of comity that sees people continue to wear them even when they do not have to. A roster of rules backed by the threat of sanctions can get us some of the way there, but it seems at the core of all of this is a shared ethical standpoint. That is something no cabinet could ever legislate for…’

Good grief.

Covid crisis could result in a shared ethical stance (Finn McRedmond, Irish Times)