Win Nick’s Esteem [Extended]


Thank Feighan it’s Friday.

As we all dust down our autumn sweaters, it’s the season for a voucher-less music sesh.

This week, I want to know: What’s your favourite song whose title or lyrics mention trees or leaves.

Here’s mine.

Lines MUST close on Saturday at Midday.

Please include video link if possible.

Nick says: Good luck!


Roy Orbison – In Dreams

Last week, we asked you to name your favourite song whose title or lyrics refer to dreams.

Otis Blue‘s entry won my esteem, as he enthused:

“Bonus marks for soundtracking the nightmarish ‘Beer at Ben’s’ scene in Blue Velvet (1986) in which a ‘fkn suave’ Ben played by Dean Stockwell serenades Frank Booth played by Dennis Hopper.”

Nick says: Well done, Otis Blue and thanks all.

Last week: Win Nick’s Esteem

Pic: Rollercoaster Records, Kilkenny

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82 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Esteem [Extended]

  1. Slightly Bemused

    For me it has to be Forever Autumn by the Moody Blues. A wonderfully evocative song, reminding me of the sad times I had break-ups with some wonderful young ladies, including Little Slightly’s mother. Twas of an autumn she left me.

    Through Autumn’s golden gown we did used kick our way. Now she’s not here. But our Little one is, and the leaves are starting to fall. Perhaps we can kick our way through these leaves.

    Side note: as I wrote this, she managed to set off the fire alarm with a candle. At least I know it works :-)

  2. gorugeen

    My favourite song mentioning trees or leaves is Wake Up by Mad Season. Grunge supergroup Mad Season drew from Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and the Screaming Trees with many guest performers. Layne Stanley’s best work in my humble opinion.

  3. Fergalito

    Not trees or leaves but all kinds of flora found in the Burren. This is a collaboration between the Belfast poet Michael Longley and Duke Special based on Longley’s poem “The Ice Cream Man” – it’s incredibly moving in my opinion, Longley wrote the poem about a man who had an ice cream shop in Belfast and was killed in the troubles. He wrote the poem for him and in this collaboration reads out a letter he received from the man’s Mother – a most treasured possession of the poet.

  4. Rosette of Sirius

    Well seeing as Fake Plastic Trees are fake and plastic and not at all in keeping with the spirit of this week’s theme, I’ll go with a song of immense beauty and meaning – especially for time of the year that’s in it.

    Fruit Tree from Nick Drake from his 1969 album Five Leaves Left (A twofer! How’s that for value?!)

      1. galaxiapolizia

        allons, enfants de la Republique…!

        beaucoup trop de tristesse sur BS ce soir,

        parmi toutes ces feuilles mortes!

        sachez que pour la vie, il n’y pas d’antidote! Oui, mais…

        “when Spring rejoices down the lane, and everything is new again…”

        the voice of Annie Lennox …and the chimes at 0.24…!

        @ Youtube: Eurythmics “Julia” – Official Music Video

        from the soundtrack of the film “1984”

    1. Poor oul divil


      We’ll get on the bus
      Forget about us
      Put the blame on me

      Total gibberish but somehow it works

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        well it worked on me Ma, my Dad used to send recordings of love songs over to Scotland to lure her back, little did he know the whole family listened to those sweet nothings ….all 14 of them, she came back all the same

    1. Lilly

      Me and all. I nominated this last week and was about to recycle it here, two for the price of one. Dreaming and leaves, classic.

  5. Otis Blue

    “Her mama cut a switch from a cherry tree
    And laid it on the she and me
    It stung lots worse than a hive of bees
    But there ain’t nobody that can sing like me
    Ain’t nobody that can sing like me…”

    Billy Bragg & Wilco – Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key

  6. Otis Blue

    “My apple tree, my brightness
    It’s time we were together…”

    I Am Stretched on Your Grave was translated into English by short story maestro Frank O’Connor from a 17th century Irish poem titled Táim sínte ar do thuama. It was first put to music by Other Voices supreme Philip King in 1979 and later by Sinead O’Connor. For me this is the best.

    Dead Can Dance – I Am Stretched On Your Grave

  7. Lush

    I was new to music (apart from Abba, sorry J), and I saw this performed live on the Late Late and I was blown away.
    Billie may have laid down the definitive track, but this was the one that woke me up.

    Mary Coughlan, Strange Fruit

    1. Fergalito

      Snap! I heard that for the first time on the Late Late too, sung by Mary. I couldn’t move in my chair for the duration of the performance. Mesmerising and a bit terrifying.

    2. Free Lunch

      A great song. Well sung, but Billie H.’s is better and resonates more. It is just wrong to hear this kind of sentiment sung by anyone other than a Black person.

  8. galaxiapolizia

    Belated congratulations to Otis Blue. A well-deserved win!
    Top one!
    Henceforth you can rest on your laurel(s), eh, leaves… I guess.

  9. Otis Blue

    “Yoga town, this is my town, let it all freeze
    Women in the trees
    Men are on their knees
    Crying, “Baby, please…”

    Decent recent single from Graham Coxon’s new graphic novel.

    Superstate (feat. Graham Coxon and Valentina Pappalardo) – Yoga Town

    1. CapernosityandFunction

      Or is the song called “On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine”? I must go to bed.

    2. Tarfton Clax

      I used to listen to this on a radio show in the late 70s. Mike Murphy on RTE 1 in the morning I think. Yowsa yowza yowza!

  10. Tarfton Clax

    Lyrics with Tree? Got ta be Motorhead yeah!
    The chase is better than the catch.

    “little beauty, I love you madly,
    Come on home with me,
    I know you’re hot, I know what you’ve got,
    You know I want to shake your Tree”

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