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  1. Spot of Bodge

    Listening to the Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, she could be talking about so many platforms who purposely and constantly push content that promotes community discord and ultimately splinters society in a deeply harmful way. You could call that evil, a very tangible and evident evil. https://youtu.be/_Lx5VmAdZSI

  2. :-Joe

    As usual, nobody anywhere in the mainstream is covering this…

    BTC Bitcoin despite possibly going higher to 52.5K or more… is now about to “have the rug pulled” and drop to the technical price target of 38K.

    It is also very likely to go lower to 30K then the low 20’s and perhaps even as low as 18.5K approx.

    At the moment there is never a bad time to DCA invest into Bitcoin against inflation and failed FIAT currencies but be prepared for the usual massive volatility while we are in a Bear market.

    Soon above 55-60K it will be a licence to print money as the Dollar/Euro goes further down to to zero value.

    Here is one of the most simle and reliable tools for market sentiment and when is good to sell or buy as an investment but not as a speculative trader :


    Extreme Fear = Buy/Invest before it goes up
    Extreme Greed = Get ready to Sell / Buy back later at a lower price.

    The index went from extreme fear to greed in just a few days…
    – Waiting for extreme greed to come along any moment now, probably before the indicator even has time to show it..

    DCA any amount at anytime into Bitcoin / Crypto is the safest and easiest way to invest for your and your familys future. Invest and Hodl 1- 3 – 3- 5, 5 – 10 years.No-brainer the more you look at the facts.

    Opinion, Help , Not Financial Advice.

    facederp is not the only system that is “Morally Bankrupt”….
    & btw.. The imf is not closed down.. Like everything else, It’s just being digitised.


    1. :-Joe

      DCA = Dollar(Euro) Cost Averaging investment strategy.

      It will help you to get to retirement with dignity and in the meantime, still have a roof over your head even if the apocalypse kicks off..

      BE WAREY OF ALTCOINS in Crypto.
      99% of them are extremely risky speculative bubbles unless you know what you are doing. Although, it is worth the time and research for the 1% good investments.

      NFA / Avoid Risk and Financial Losses.


  3. LuvinLunch

    I’m very sorry for Nadine Lott and her family. Absolutely tragic. But that was not the devil at work. It was a man, who probably showed signs of what he is, long before he murdered Nadine so brutally.

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