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    1. ian-oG

      Surely the Saudis will not like a lager as the shirt sponsor?

      Oh wait, they only reference their ‘faith’ to keep their moronic citizens in line!

      Most are alcos, pedos etc.

      Country should be called Saudi Arapia.

    1. Steph Pinker

      … I don’t wear knickers, but I’m in anticipation of the wurst joke ever about sausages.

      P.S. Your poetry doesn’t Rhine.

      1. U N M U T U A L

        …ok, here goes nuthin’!

        With drawers being sparse and pork inflation…
        Stephs gone commando, loves the aeration.
        And though I may have a joke
        To empurple some folk…
        ‘twould merit a Mods castration.

    2. SOQ

      Flue Deaths may reach 60 000 say experts. Daily Telegraph

      Given that they cannot even explain why there was no ‘flu’ last year- how on earth can they predict what is going to happen this time around?

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Seriously? There was no flu because people were in lockdown and when they did go out they were wearing masks, sanitising hands and keeping 2m from each other.

        Not everything has to be a big conspiracy.

          1. george

            “due to a combination of factors stemming from the current COVID-19 pandemic. Measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 both nationally and globally contributed to a reduction in the transmission of influenza, while a sharp reduction in travel has also meant that influenza was only sporadically introduced to Sweden and the rest of Europe from countries with ongoing transmission.”


            You could look it up if you wanted to know rather than asking rhetorical questions.

          2. SOQ

            A sharp reduction in travel meant that influenza was only sporadically introduced to Sweden and the rest of Europe from countries with ongoing transmission- has nothing to do with mask or social distancing.

            The only real correlation is that people were much more aware of being sick- and self isolated much earlier.

            None of which explains the hysterical headline of course.

          3. george

            Of course, I should have known you would know better than the public health body in Sweden about influenza in Sweden. My answer to your question did not mention masks or social distancing.

            Sweden in reality did various things to limit the spread of Covid-19 during the last flu season including promoting hand hygiene, working from home, social distancing, recommending use of masks on public transport, limits on numbers at social gatherings, and restricting international travel. The restriction on international travel was identified by the public health body in Sweden as key reason for so few cases of influenza.

            Nobody said that explained the headline. The headline is not about Sweden, you introduced that tangent and your question has been answered. The article you are commenting on is saying that the suppression of influenza last year will mean less immunity in the population. Now that Covid-19 measures are gone in the UK, influenza will spread again and may be more severe than it typically is due to reduced immunity.

  1. Clampers Outside

    Well, there you have it. Confirmation from 2 members of the board of the world leading organisation on transgender health, WPATH, that current practices are ‘sloppy’ and do NOT put patient care as the top priority. It’s also damming that one of the 2 board members is the president elect of WPATH.

    This is huge news for the need for improvement in the practices, and a clear recognition that only using an “affirmation” approach is misguided. And the lies that have been told about current practices, and not only the lies, but intentional omission of the facts of the dangers, as well as a clear comment on the ability of children to make decisions about going down a path that can affect the rest of their lives with regard to sexual function, sexual erasure, bone density, brain development and so much more… Not an easy or comfortable read.

    Hell, don’t mind me, read the interviews with the two board members here – https://bariweiss.substack.com/p/top-trans-doctors-blow-the-whistle

    1. Clampers Outside

      Some commenter on here have called others ‘transphobes’ for airing the same issues that these 2 board members raise in these interviews.
      Again, this is huge news with regarding current practices and experimentation on children.

      1. Nigel

        It’s deeply disheartening that what seems to be more evidence of the wonky standards of health care afforded to trans people will be taken as evidence by transphobes that trans people should be denied access to health care, giving a boost to their massive sense that they are entitled to control trans people’s lives.

        1. Clampers Outside

          You’re soooo entrenched in the ideology you simply cannot accept the facts from the professionals, and instead try to demonise as per usual those who have raised these concerns before.

          Your ideologically lost, completely adrift from the reality of proper patient care. So far so, that when 2 members of the WPATH board say so, you still go on some deluded defensive attack.

          I say again, you are clearly and without doubt a zealot to the trans activist gender ideology. Lost.

        2. Clampers Outside

          And let’s be clear, you have never acknowledged the Tavistock / GIDS level of patient care as wonky and have on numerous occasions defended their practice.

        3. Clampers Outside

          And no one is denying anyone health care, that’s you making stuff up!
          See previous comments as to why you appear to do that.

          1. Nigel

            So you have been paying not the slightest bit of attention to actual trans people and their experiences in accessing health care, and remain deliberately oblivious to the deleterious effects of your hysteria.

          2. Clampers Outside

            That’s outright nonsense.
            Let me spell it out…

            Arguing for improved standards of care is not an argument for limiting care.

            The 2 WPATH board members are making the arguement for improvements in care.

            You are arguing that improving practice from its current state of ‘sloppy’ health care is limiting access.
            You are arguing to maintain sloppy, poor healthcare.

            You can assert your belief of motivation being based on hysteria all you like, that’s just your (clearly) uninformed opinion. Particularly when WPATH board members are also disagreeing with you… unless you now believe these board members are being hysterical.

            So please, do not ever argue that you have a patients best interest in mind when you continue to argue against WPATH board members who say these improvements are needed for the patients best interests.

            Your lack of awareness due to being blinded by self righteousness is astounding.

    2. Mr.T

      Transgender “industry” is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.
      Surgeries, prescriptions, endless check-ups and complications. It is a surgeons wet dream.

      Why else would venture capitalists be backing it as the “hot new thing”

        1. Mr.T

          Venture capitalists made this valuation, not me.
          Cost of surgeries and other treatments x potential trans people in US (expected to grow)

          I think they also note that the valuation is larger than that of Hollywood movie industry

      1. Clampers Outside

        I did Daniel, another one that’s not an easy read… having just re-read it.

        There’s some very interesting points in there, and it was surprising to see another WPATH board member in that discussion namely Anne Lawrence. She’s an advocate for (which surprised me) Ray Blachard’s views on autogynephilia, a subject all too often avoided by TRAs… you should the abuse dished on Blanchard on Twitter sometimes.

        Thanks for the reminder of that piece!

    3. Junkface

      Great link there Clampers. I’ve been following a few journalists work on this topic. Bari Weiss certainly does get some great scoops. Hopefully the tide is turning on this fraudulent backward movement, and parents who want to use their kids as virtue signalling props will not legally be aloud to. Sanity and reason will prevail!

    1. SOQ

      One of two things happened then- either 40% were vaccinated against their will or, they resigned.

      Either way, hardly something to brag about.

    2. Nigel

      1. No it doesn’t. Not remotely.
      2. Weird that when Trump was president nothing he said or did particularly mattered to you, but now that Biden is president every minor word is the roar of a dangerous tyrant.

      1. E'Matty

        Well, Biden is now proposing mandated vaccines for all. He wants to force 60+ million Americans to receive a medical treatment they do not want, and millions of them do not need. We’re into proper Nazi tyrant territory here. It’s even worse than nasty Tweets. But of course, you’ll now jump to support him on this because your mind only works in binary.

  2. Kingfisher

    Maybe we’ve all gone a little crazy over gender. All these pink toys and dresses for little girls, and vehicles and guns and bright and dark colours for little boys.
    It’s a range. Stop concentrating on masculine and feminine and leave people be wherever they are in the range.

  3. f_lawless

    Good piece by ex-Guardian journalist Jonathon Cook on the Facebook “whistleblower”:


    “This tech giant stands at the centre of a major elite battle: between old media and new media; between traditional, analogue corporate power and new models of digital corporate power; between elites that benefit from unregulated “free” markets and those who gain their power from regulation…..

    ..Haugen’s “whistleblowing” on Facebook is simply her going public that she favours one side of this elite competition over the other. She is not batting for us, the public, she is assisting one set of elites against another set of elites.

    Which is precisely why her message to 60 Minutes and Congress reduces to a simple one: more regulation of social media, more use of secret algorithms, more darkness rather than light.

    Those politicians who want greater regulation of social media platforms to keep out independent voices and critical thinking; the billionaires who want to reassert their gatekeeping media power against the tech upstarts; the Silicon Valley visionaries who want to poke their digital tools deeper into our lives have all found an ally in Haugen.”

      1. f_lawless

        Let me guess, you didn’t even read the article.

        Hey I felt inspired to try my hand at some poetry. Love to hear your thoughts :)

        It started out with the urge to get the odd one-up
        Was a bit of a buzz in the early days
        We all have our moments of weakness.
        But soon after it had become a once-a-day habit
        And before long he was spending hours a day
        Scouring the comment sections
        Looking to see where he might get his next one-up.
        The feeling of satisfaction now hollow and empty
        No amount of one-ups would fill the void,
        But what could he do but keep going?

        1. Nigel

          Ah yes, YOU are an intelligent commenter. The person disagreeing with you is just in it for the one-upmanship. Do you like Cook because you enjoy ascribing arbitrary motives to other people in order to discredit them?

  4. Shayna

    Nice one, Tyrone have 15 nominations for The All-Stars, including, Player of the year, Conor Meyler and young player of the year, Daragh Canavan (The Great’s son). I’ve been to Croke Park for Hurling and Football Finals since 1972, my Dad used to lift me over the turnstiles, I’d sit on the steps of The Hogan Stand alone for hours, minor and senior matches. I fell in love with the games. Something I don’t understand was why when my county, Tyrone played in Croke Park, everyone was against them. This year, Feargal Logan, the joint manager along with Brian.Dooher, said, “It’s 31 counties against the 1” .
    I was kinda thinking about, “Ask a Broadsheet Reader”. There are clearly experts on this site. Honestly, I’ve no idea why Tyrone are so despised.

  5. Poor oul divil

    Very negative style of football and also Micky Harte was quite conservative- but fully deserved this year

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