Kicking Against The Bricks [Updated]


This afternoon.

Custom House, Dublin 1.

Sinn Féin president Mary Lou McDonald joins Mica-affected homeowners on their march across Dublin city to Leinster House..



This afternoon.

Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1.

MIca-affected homeowners and their children gather before marching to Leinster House via the Custom House to demand 100% redress.

More as we get.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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23 thoughts on “Kicking Against The Bricks [Updated]

  1. tom2

    So people paying extortionate rents will now have to pay for the bad purchase decisions of property owners.

    1. paul

      the property owners thought they were buying proper building materials but the quarry and the seller shafted them and when that came to light, they dissolved the company and restarted it under a new name to avoid having to pay out. The insurance companies have also washed their hands of it. More to it than ‘my house is falling down’.

          1. Gavin

            The state would be on the hook for it, as they allowed the car manufacturer to sell in the country without carrying out due diligence. By your logic, anyone should be allowed to sell anything in the country with no checks

          2. Rosette of Sirius

            No Gavin, it wouldn’t.

            By your logic the State is on the hook for anything you buy and blows up a month later.

            Good luck with that.

        1. Fergalito

          Balls to that i say. Do we live and shop in a medieval market-town where you go to buy your pig in a poke and take it home only to let the cat out the bag?

          Out of luck!? What has luck got to do with anything when contractors are operating in a regulated environment and must adhere to certain standards but instead choose to eschew regulations and conspire to build houses using shoddy materials? Were the residents of Priory Hall “out of luck” or, across the water, the Grenfell tower residents?

          Codswallop Tom2.

    2. Optimus Grime

      Yes that is correct – Reparations for the mica redress will be added to Dublin, Cork and Galway rents exclusively – Administered by the RTB

      1. tom2

        Do you know how much the 3 bilion (double it like usual) will weight on the typical 30 year old taxpayer?

    3. Mr.T

      A bit like how every motorist has to pay an insurance levy to cover Quinns failings due to poor regulation of the sector

      Light touch regulation strikes again, and now we have to pay for construction regulation failings.

      The one common theme here is govt failure to regulate

      1. Daniel

        exactly, a failure to regulate. if you read the new NSAI document from the expert working group on this there is a letter between the dept. of housing and the NSAI in the appendices that shows there is professional disagreement about how concrete blocks were ever regulated for harmful mineral inclusions.

        like all building regulations in Ireland the onus is put on the quarry to hire a certified geologist to show that there is no significant concentrations of harmful minerals in the raw material being quarried. where the geologist reports go and are they looked at is another matter.
        people from Donegal have been advising that some of the notorious quarries have been submitting and receiving planning applications for extensions to quarries with known problems

  2. Poor oul divil

    Tom2 is correct.
    These people have bought houses from some bogger type gombeen construction firm

    1. ce

      Yeah, they should have bought an apartment from the city slicker developer instead…. oh wait they’re starting to fail apart too…

  3. Madam X

    In the North of Ireland Mica is not an issue because quarry materials are properly regulated . Failure of local government over sight. Who over sees local government? Supposedly central government. Buck stops there !! Very simple

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