“The Size Of Them, It’s Not Normal”


The old Balbutcher Lane site, Ballymun, Dublin

This morning/afternoon.

A good day for ratlickers.

Not so good for Ballymun residents.

Via Dublin Live:

The rats are coming across to homes from a field in Balbutcher Lane, a largely residential area with lots of young children.

They are often spotted sitting brazenly out on the path, and one concerned mother told Dublin Live that they are living in constant fear.

She said: “If you’re walking by them, they just don’t move. The traffic is not even bothering them.

Locals in the area took to Facebook to share their own horrible experiences.

One person said: “The size of them, it’s not normal.”


Giant rats leaving terrified Dublin residents ‘afraid to leave windows open’ (Dublin Live)

Dublin City Council Cllr Noeleen Reilly

13 thoughts on ““The Size Of Them, It’s Not Normal”

  1. Fergalito

    The temerity of the pesky rodents not to move out of the way when a lady is passing.
    Not all rats are like the rat in Ratatouille !

    Reminds me of the vultures in the Outback in Australia who would be standing in the middle of the road waiting their turn to feed on some roadkill and you’d have to drive around them to avoid hitting them. Bit of excitement i suppose on what is a VERY long and boring drive (mostly) from Adelaide to Darwin.

    1. ian-oG

      Few million years and the rats will be in charge. There used to be an evolutionary race between rodents and primates and the primates won – for now.

      I for one would like to be the first, albeit a few eons early, to welcome our new rodent overlords!

      1. Fergalito

        You’re probably right but i see cockroaches riding rats like little insect jockeys come the next evolutionary reboot ….

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