Behold: the Zillers Motorcycles X NMoto Studio BMW R18 – a futuristic carbon fibre-bodied ‘power cruiser’ collaboration by customiser Zillers and bolt-on kit specialist NMoto. More proof of the R18’s status as the custom community’s Beemer of choice.  

When the 1,802cc boxer twin engine is doing its thing, custom air-ride suspension lifts the bike up off the road, dropping it down onto pegs while stationary for a kick-stand free resting stance.

Only 13 will be made worldwide and yours is available to preorder (in kit form or preassembled) from $44,900 (about €38,800)


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6 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. Paulus

      My guess is they’re just making use of existing air suspension to do an additional job. Aren’t some Range Rovers jacked up and down in a similar manner?

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        My jammer has air suspension (not a Rangy) and it’s pretty fantastic I have to say. It’s a BEV so it’s a heavy car and air suspension is really a necessity in heavier cars. It also makes for a very stable and comfortable ride.

    2. goldenbrown


      the fancy air suspension? doubt it would deal well with the rash of 1,000 speedramps around my way anyways, ugh. made for america alright. also not convinced with the rubber it’s wearing, that thing is an out of control scud missile on damp tarmac

      although that engine….well now I know what the torque of an 800 or 1200GT/GS is like and I really can’t imagine what additional 600-odd cc does to the equation lol I would most certainly like to find out :)

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