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      1. just millie

        What do you find depressing?

        The fact that Ireland is an intolerant country is unpleasant hardly a surprise, nor does it make Sally Rooney’s gesture less valid. Is she only entitled to take a stand if she herself has flawless morals and ethics, coming from a nation equally peerless?

        1. Verbatim

          In this world of noise, fear, and division, there is ART, she is a writer, (when she’s not hanging around front pages of newspapers telling us how she hates being in the public eye…)
          But I digress, art is supposed to be universal, who is she to pick and choose who gets to read her latest opus?

          1. just millie

            I don’t really know much about her tbh. I haven’t yet read any of her books (though I hear they’re very good) and I found the TV programme dull, so I won’t comment on any of that.

            That said, it is, after all, her book and she is successful enough an author now that she can make those kinds of demands. I don’t know that I agree with her actions, even if it is taking a stand against the kind of agenda at play in Israel. It seems maybe well intentioned but poorly executed.

      2. Fergalito

        Her call ultimately though i tend to agree with Verbatim – “art” should be left to its own devices to be accessible to all who choose to do so or not as the case may be. Censorship in this country years ago didn’t serve us well at all though this is different of course as it is the author who is choosing not to make her work available in Hebrew so apologies for the clunky parallel drawn.

        Nick Cave doesn’t have a problem playing in Israel and gets subjected to hate-filled vitriol for it. Surely the purpose of art is to hold a mirror to nature/humanity, transcend borders and established formal identities and speak to the human in all of us?

        1. bisted

          …Nick Cave choose to defy pleas from fans and the BDS movement to observe the boycott on the apartheid zionist regime and take their blood money…Sally Rooney seems to have made the decision just because she knew it was right…fairplay Sally…

          1. Fergalito

            Don’t get me wrong for a minute, I abhor how Israel conducts itself as a political and military entity and my sympathies lie entirely with Palestinians subjected to the terror they have had to endure with not so much as a damn given for their human rights by the international community.

            I asked – ” Surely the purpose of art is to hold a mirror to nature/humanity, transcend borders and established formal identities and speak to the human in all of us?” Is that not the power of art?

          2. bisted

            …one of the first things Nelson Mandela did when he was freed from detention was visit the Dunne Stores strikers in Dublin…we should never underestimate the power of small gestures…especially how they are treasured by the defenceless.

            If you want to see art hold up a mirror, look at the work of Banksy in the region…Nick Cave took the zionist blood money.

          3. Fergalito

            I misunderstood, post further up clarified that it is not that she is refusing to publish in Hebrew rather she is not doing a deal with a particular publishing house to publish in Hebrew. No qualms whatsoever with that.

            Yeah, fair enough @bisted re: Nick Cave – they can listen to his records (how effin’ old am i?) until the scales fall from their eyes and the jackboot is removed from the throats of the oppressed.

  1. f_lawless

    Creep creep creep, boiling frog strategy.


    HSE Chief Clinical Officer, Colm Henry “can’t understand why a healthcare worker would choose not to be vaccinated” . Of course he can. He surely must have considered the possibility that a healthcare worker would be fully informed about the robust nature of naturally acquired immunity; that vaccines weren’t designed to prevent transmission and have been shown not to do just that. He would also be ware that certain front line care workers would have directly witnessed the serious adverse reactions experienced by some vaccine recipients – particularly back in Jan-Feb.

    On top of that he’s trying to assert that everyone in their 40s and over are now “highly vulnerable” to SARS-Cov-2. Pull the other one. This is politicised psuedoscience. The man is behaving like a sociopathic zealot

    1. John

      As per usual you are posting delusional paranoid nonsense. You are also posting abject lies and misinformation about the pandemic.

      Either you are viciously out to cause harm and hurt people or you are genuinely delusional.

      You should take a cold hard look at what you are posting.

      By the way delusional disorder is a type of serious mental illness in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined.

      So what are you? A gullible brainwashed sociopath out to cause harm or demonstrably mentally unwell and delusional?

      1. bisted

        …@John…good luck with trying to get a reply, I’ve been trying to get one since the pandemic hit Ireland…at least, the message is consistent…today it’s back to that old dependable, herd immunity gained from letting the virus rip…yesterday it was the same old quack remedies…your analysis is probably spot on but I think it just comes down to fear of needles…

    2. chris

      @f_lawless No jab no job… They’re trying to normalise it’s implementation in healthcare first. Then it will be other fields.

      Eventually they’ll want everyone on the twice yearly jab train in order to even function in society. Medical slavery conceived by psychopaths and implemented by their well paid lackey’s.

      Nigeria is implementing vaccination passes for every element of life, no vax pass, no bank account etc

          1. just millie

            You mean cults. No apostrophe.

            Cult’s = possesive
            Cults = plural

            Sorry, but some days the pisspoor grammar and punctuation online really gets up my snot.

          2. just millie

            Yes, of course. I spend more time spellchecking my own texts/emails/comments than I take to write them. Very frustrating.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        All those antivaxx Nigerian princes will be looking for Irish people to hold their millions for them while they arrange an alternative way of banking. You’ll be rich in no the for helping them!

    3. SOQ

      I was going to say its interesting but its actually not, it is entirely predictable that the personal attacks and bullying continue. This is an issue which has people on the streets in their millions right across the world but for some peculiar reason, in our parochial backwater, it’s shouldn’t even be discussed.

      Given that two of the most vaccinated countries in the world now have record numbers of infections and hospitalisations, there is absolutely no scientific reason for mandatory vaccinations- but that doesn’t stop these coviditots from launching their pig ignorant attacks.

      Forcing people to have medical procedures against their will is illegal and unethical, particularly as such reductions in staff will only harm patient care, whether they be CoVid-19 or not.

  2. Mr.T

    Carbon tax up -> cost of transport up -> cost of transporting all goods (incl food) up -> cost of food on supermarket shelves, up.

    Reminder that carbon taxes are not just for people driving their cars to work, this country’s truck based haulage all suffer the consequences too in higher overheads and reduced margins (in a sector already struggling with staffing issues due to cost and conditions)

    Expect the price of all imported goods to increase substantially year on year as haulage costs increase

    1. Nigel

      So the prices will reflect the actual costs. Is this not what people want? Half-measures that fall disproportionately on the middle and working class without investment in public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure or development of local sources of fresh food and veg? It must be, since that’s what our elected representatives keep giving us.

      1. hmmm

        Taxes don’t change the climate Nigel, no matter how much magical thinking you push.

        In fact the earth is just one big CO2 recycling machine – it it the stuff of life.

        Nobody wants your half-arsed ‘Scientism’.

        Name one Climate Doom prediction that has actually come through for you in the last 50 years?

        Just one…. I’ll wait.

        1. Nigel

          ‘Taxes don’t change the climate Nigel, no matter how much magical thinking you push.’

          The amount of magical thinking about taxes is feckin’ unreal. Taxes, apparently, educate people, fix them when they’re sick, find them jobs, build roads, plant trees, open museums, channel your sewage to plants for processing, and feed and clothe people with no other means of support. The pure fantasy of taxes!

          ‘Name one Climate Doom prediction that has actually come through for you in the last 50 years?’

          That the planet would warm by a few degrees leading to climate instability and unpredictability with severe storms and droughts and wildfires and melting Arctic ice and retreating glaciers and dying coral reefs and costly damage to infrastructure and loss of life and damage to biodiversity leading to food and water shortages and increased movement of people.


          1. Nigel

            This one in particular highlights how utterly complacent we’re being (my caps):


            ‘Wet heat waves are arriving in the world, BUT THIRTY YEARS IN ADVANCE, which alarms IPCC experts In its latest report, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is alarming. Already two regions in the world would be uninhabitable due to climatic conditions. The heat and humidity of these areas would make human life difficult, reports France Info . Jakobabad, Pakistan, and Ras Al Khaimah, in the Persian Gulf, are affected. There, temperatures can reach 35 ° C with a humidity of 90%’

          2. Nigel

            Yes, we were just discussing what a scam and a fraud that whole fake ‘scandal’ was yesterday, leading to the scientists involved being targeted for harassment and abuse.

      2. Mr.T

        Ah yes, the future where all our fresh oranges, bananas, wheat*, peppers, and salads are all grown locally

        *Yes, even our wheat for breadmaking is imported. 90% of the stuff grown domestically is not good enough for bread production, all imported from UK

        1. Nigel

          You can, in fact, grow all of those in Ireland (ok, not sure about bananas.) ‘Good enough for bread production’ in terms of what passes for bread on most shelves is not necessarily something to be worried about. We can grow perfectly good wheat for perfectly good bread.

          1. Mr.T

            Tomatoes and peppers are fine, oranges and bananas are not. Not unless you expend far more carbon in grow lights and heating than you ever would in transportation costs.

            Most of Irish bread is made from British wheat

          2. Nigel

            No, I think you could manage oranges during the summer in polytunnels, but I could be wrong. Just because we are getting most of our wheat from the UK doesn’t mean we can’t grow it ourselves with the right incentives, education and ag reform.

          3. Nigel

            I expect the answer to that would require an expert on how the Irish agricultural sector has ben developed since Independence.

    2. Rob_G

      Natural gas recently went up in cost 1,000% – decarbonising our economy now is going to cost a lot less than doing it later – this is outside of any climate change considerations.

  3. Johnny

    …he really is a international embarrassment at this point.

    Deadbeat Dennis.

    -The Guyanese Telecommunications Agency billed Digicel for these outstanding fees in September, requesting that they be paid within 30 days. Digicel, meanwhile, has also been accused of using spectrum illegally in some areas, affecting the ability of other providers to expand their services.

    However, Digicel, in response to the Jamaica Observer request for comment, said on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, that the matter is being thrashed out in court.

    “The matter is before the courts in Guyana and, as such, we are not in a position to make any further comments at this time,” a company statement said.-


    1. Johnny

      …he’s just so dreary and dreadful,FG’s preeminent businessman and international ambassador of gluttony.

      He said that through the series of actions by Digicel, the company is attempting to “unilaterally dictate government’s policy and usurp the decision-making process generally as it relates to assignment of spectrum.”

      Bout time a govt called him out,not a chance in Ireland,criminal charges here….


      1. johnny

        ah FFS,the whole arch and flow off the witty exchange, is just ruined,ruined i tell ya w/o Mary.
        i never really understood what mary did,to deserve being cancelled nor Charger,anyways your house.

    2. johnny

      Blood Money.
      “Speaking of Colm Delves, Digicel chair and founder Denis O’Brien said: “What marked him out in particular as an exceptional individual was his equal passion for giving back, particularly in poorer countries, and for identifying and nurturing young talent.””

      Himself and deadbeat dennis,striped out over 1 BILLION in dividends bankrupting it effectively,by ripping off the poorest people on the planet,no amount laundering with some poxy little lab will change that legacy.


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