16 thoughts on “Friday’s Papers

  1. Tom J

    GPs threaten to go on strike.
    From the front line to the picket line.
    Let’s hope it doesn’t spread over here.

    1. Fergalito

      He always was, it’s just Magnum PI was too much of a renegade and acted on instinct instead of listening to him when prudent to do so.

      That said Magnum always got results so who can say who was right or wrong in the round!?

    1. scottser

      Agreed, although I’m reminded of the first time I encountered the never ending poo of a week old baby. I mean it just didn’t stop. I called it a ‘poonami’.

  2. Shayna

    Just watched, “The View” BBCNi – Mark Carruthers at the helm. Main topic – the centenary thing today in Armagh.Jim O’Callaghan TD , FF was a guest and was clearly embarrassed that FF supplied a seat on the pew, in Armagh. Sinn Fein did not send a bottom to sit on a pew today. The SDLP had Colum Eastwood, not sure why he was there. Professor Diarmuid Ferritter, also appeared on the show – a New Ireland was the proposal, Professor Ferriter said, well I can’t quote him verbatim, I’ve too much respect for him to do otherwise, he did mention, “Stupid”, in reference to Boris Johnson. Whatever my respect for Professor Ferritter was previous to this interview, it’s ameliorated, since.

  3. Shayna

    A border, straw poll for a new Ireland is kinda disappointing.. We did think we won, not so long ago. Eire Nua. Shayna hopes for Eire Nua. All I get, currently is a shout out drive by, “You Fenian. Shayna.

  4. D-troll

    is the irish daily mail photoshopping pictures of ladies on the front page? seems like her assets have increased.

  5. SOQ

    Covid-19 clarification of the day- the ones asking to be left alone are not the extremists, they ones demanding we comply or lose all of our rights are the extremists.

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