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  1. galaxiapolizia

    so, farewell then, Mick Rock…


    1. John Smith

      If you are referring to nearly 57% of Ireland’s population wanting tighter restrictions, do your maths! Almost 57% of 2000* is approx 1140 and half of Ireland’s population is approx 2,500,000. As every schoolchild can calculate, 1140 is more than 2,500,000.

      *The survey involves a cohort of around 2000 – or it did when I stopped looking at it because the questions were so flawed, if the headings and labels on the charts really reflected what was asked – eg ‘will you continue to wash your hands when this is all over?’ Obviously, 100% could be expected to reply ‘yes’.

      1. Micko

        Covid is big business in Ireland. Especially in the media.

        So many government handouts. Gotta keep it rolling.

        1. Tom J

          No, the national socialist party were elected. Some members just happened to be fascists. And no Covid 19 virus in sight.

    1. Lilly

      Andrew McGinley says he has shut down a Facebook page dedicated to his children after “rancid” comments and “scandalous lies” were posted by some users.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are a blight and a danger. You’re leaving yourself wide open to all sorts of weirdos. Even commenting, incognito, on a site such as this, brings out weirdos like Boxy to vent his pent-up spleen kike a scattergun.


        1. Bitnboxy

          Ah Jaysus, GiggidyGums – the self proclaimed king of weirdos, deadbeats and mad auld lads is hardly in ANY position to level this slur at others.

          From anyone else!

          Thank you for the mirth Giggzster though!


          1. GiggidyGoo

            Scan the code Boxy.
            Bitty etc. The kelly’s baby. Has mumsie let you use the i-thingy?
            Haw haaaaw. There there there. You never let me down. and show up when called. Haw haaaawwwwwwwwwwww

          2. Bitnboxy

            Ha! I got to your feral-self before you clock on for the night shift GiggidyGums. I’m still in your head rent-free and delighted to be.

            You are mad as a bag of spanners as they say GiggidyGums and I’m totally here for it!

            Scan d’aul code for me weirdo, erra go on, shur you know you want to.



    2. Free Lunch

      Yet we have Vicky Phelan on the LLS making tasteless and insensitive comments about dying. Asking The Stunning to play a gig at her funeral on air.

      So many have watched their loved ones die behind glass and couldn’t even say goodbye in person and still grieve. This isn’t a gig.

  2. RuilleBuille

    Obviously the small percentage of the population who are ignorantly refusing vaccines are having an enormously bad impact on our society.

    1. paul

      I’d put people who close windows on buses, wear their mask under their nose and don’t wash their disgusting hands higher up on that list.

      If someone doesn’t want the vaccine but follows mask/distancing/hand-washing guidelines then they’re not really part of the problem.

  3. Johnny

    Dead Man Walking.

    … most birds lack any sense of smell , vultures can sniff out a dead critter from more than a mile away.

    The Malta Switch,would been very alarming to his lenders,it’s not like moving to the suburbs,what his his bag or money man on bail is just not a good look,but this…..
    …this solves that question iof who was the brains behind Treasury and some great developments,I can’t see him refinancing.

    …….Ardquade’s revenues were made up of €11.9 million in rent
    If it’s heavy on retail now very shaky or dodgy,unlike say irish social housing rent

    Performance related,so….

    ……‘management fees of €6.2m, other income of €2.73m and development cost recharges of €1m.‘

    This is like a bonus,hard underwrite when he just moved to Malta,how many days in Ireland to ‘manage’ the developments ?

    … The group last year recorded an operating loss of €15.68m and net interest payments of €16.46m contributed to the pre-tax loss of €30.34m.

    ….. The business owes credit institutions €191.9 million which have a term to January 2022 and attract interest.

    Owes 200 million backed by 12 million in rent and some bonus or performance income,which is less reliable or totally unreliable when oh say you move,to where ahem you have NO projects,try explaining that to yanks….offshore to them is problematic.

    HE WHAT HE MOVED TO WHERE-call the loans NOW:)


    Almost misty eyed reading this,it’s where he holds his and juniors assets,now owned by lenders.

    1. Johnny

      Filled in Irl-nada stateside.


      ‘WEEKEND WEDDING — Daire Hickey, co-founder of strategic advisory firm 150 Bond and co-founder of Web Summit, this weekend married Mark Grennan, a sales executive at Google’s New York office. The couple married at Château de Robernier in Provence and met at Trinity College Dublin 11 years ago.‘

      Politico New York Playbook.

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