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    1. f_lawless

      Ah yes whenever the Guardian doles out their next piece of regurgitated slop, there’ll always be those willing to chomp it down no questions asked.

      Guardian hit piece: “The Beast said sources close to Boros said he was gravely ill at his Key West home.”

      Beast hit piece: “Boros remained seriously ill at his Key West home, according to people who know him but who asked not to be identified”

      So the Guardian has come up with their own version – it’s now a “close” source as opposed to people who apparently just “know” him, and they’ve neglected to mention the alleged source is anonymous.. Also, for many, “gravely ill” is synonymous with “near death” which is another subtle embellishment. This looks to be about the same woeful standard of journalism as their fake news hit-piece in Sept about an Oklahoma hospital filling up with Ivermectin casualties.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          giant genetically modified nits …with five eyes, resistant to all fine tooth combs, in fact they eat them for breakfast

  1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Cork’s Docklands…how long?
    The state of them when living in that fine city in 1995-1996.
    The state of them when visiting in 2019.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        bullying is ugly, especially consistent relentless bullying, what’s wrong with you, we get it now leave off would you

    1. Cian

      With climate change and the rising sea levels and all that… is developing the docklands really a sensible idea?

  2. Steph Pinker

    Ugh, David Ginola’s astronomical sticky out belly-button is gross – there’ll be a planetary mass of fluff, dust and bacteria crawling to the surface and named after him in an obscure magazine sometime, somewhere in the future…*

    * I’d bet my Wendy House on it.

  3. f_lawless

    Last month, Barcelona player Sergio Aguero was rushed to hospital after suffering chest pains and breathing difficulties during a match. Since then it’s been reported that he’s set to retire due to heart problems.

    Yesterday there was this story:

    “Sheffield United’s John Fleck leaves stadium in ambulance after collapsing during match against Reading”


    “The play has passed Fleck when his team mates alerted medical staff and the referee as the midfielder lay on the ground with his legs visibly shaking.

    Medics from both clubs attended to the player, who received treatment on the pitch for ten minutes.

    The Scot got to his feet with an oxygen mask around his face before being put onto a stretcher and helped off the pitch.”

    1. Broadbag

      John Fleck had Covid in June…so was it the Covid or the vaccine (is he even vaccinated?) or neither, or both, or the protein shakes, or the air quality in Sheffield…nobody knows.

      Coincidentally Aguero also had Covid in June, so same as above, but air quality in Manchester/Barcelona rather than Sheffield…

      1. Broadbag

        Further reading tells me Aguero also had Covid in January, maybe that bout did the damage to his heart, maybe not…makes you think though.

        1. Fergalito

          Makes you think that in the absence of all relevant information you cannot really trust anything you read ….

    2. Mr.T

      Over 180 FIFA affiliated athletes have suffered heart related collapses mid-game this year – a normal year has less than 10!

    3. Cian

      Sergio Aguero has had Covid twice:
      January 10: skysports.com/football/news/11679/12204473/sergio-aguero-man-city-striker-fully-recovered-from-coronavirus-and-back-at-club-training-ground
      2 Jun 2021: mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-sergio-aguero-tests-positive-24237714

      Oh, and had a scare in November 2017 when he fainted on the pitch and went to hospital
      Referencing a previous heart problem, Argentinian team doctor Donato Villani told reporters: “He felt bad twice, and with the medical history he has, since he was operated on when he was 15, we wanted to be sure it was nothing.

      And, look, he had a heart operation when he was 15!

      But, yeah, iT wAs ThE vAcCiNe ThAt DoNe It

      1. Broadbag

        Makes you think though Cian, makes you think…maybe it was all the SHEDDERS… vaccine bad, make heart go boom!

      2. f_lawless

        You can’t expect to be taken seriously, if you’re resorting to that capital letters in the wrong places’ writing as a form of argument. It’s a form of discourse that’s symptomatic of the infantilisation of Western culture

        It would appear you’re having an emotional reaction and are unable to consider that the very real possibility a Covid vaccine may have contributed to his current problem. We don’t know for sure – it may have been down to Covid alone, it may have been a reaction to both the vaccine and exposure to Covid. It may have been neither in this case.

        It’s already been scientifically established that there’s a potential risk of heart inflammation in young people from the vaccines – higher than the risk of heart inflammation in young people from Covid itself. Virtually no one was familiar with the terms Myocarditis or Pericarditis until 2021 post vaccine roll out and media reports started to emerge. In the past 4 to 5 months there has been increased reports of young athletes collapsing above and beyond what would be considered normal. No formal investigations have been initiated. The authorities don’t want to know. Why is that? And when you draw attention this phenomenon you tend get emotional reactions: “how dare you even raise such a possibility without definitive proof?!” etc rather than reasonable debate.

        1. I can't stand the rain

          You have no evidence at all – none whatsoever – to back up your outlandish and absurd “claim”.

  4. Cookie

    Every headline is about OVERDUE retribution or IMMINENT repair…
    …and it keeps going on.

    Does anybody still buy these papers?
    It’s the same fear mongering EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Get on with your own lives
    Stay safe and you’ll be grand.
    Stop being afraid.

  5. Clampers Outside

    Hope all is well in BS Towers :) Sending love n’ hugs, and hoping it’s just technical issues that posts haven’t appeared yet.

  6. Johnny

    ….when ‘asked’ do something uncomfortable the help calls it ‘per client instructions’ or as directed,however,in this case,it’s unclear who gave the instructions-why ?

    NAMA and FFG were forced do this,which they then did negligently-who instructed them ?

    -Nama’s original auditor was the State’s own Comptroller and Auditor General but in 2017 the Government determined that a second auditor was needed in order to comply with European Union rules.-

    Is DOB now really running Ireland,even the auditors hired by NAMA can’t do their job,and WTF was the role of the State’s own Comptroller and Auditor General?

    Awful,the stink of corruption here is nauseating,with Mazars admitting guilt,yet haggling like two bit hustlers over the amount fine to pay.


    1. Johnny

      …this is the CFO at NAMA who is responsible,in a more normal work environment,like the one I live in,we would have Noellle fired this morning for cause,incompetence,she will probably just bumble along breaking things to become a partner at Mazars,after getting promoted,it’s Ireland,x KPMG of course-duh.

      Noelle Condon – Chief Financial Officer
      Ms. Condon is a Fellow Chartered accountant with over 20 years experience in banking and real estate. A graduate of University College Dublin, she trained with KPMG prior to holding roles in Finance and Regulatory Affairs with KBC Bank Ireland. Ms. Condon joined NAMA as Head of Finance in 2015 and is experienced in all areas of the Chief Financial Officer Division.

      The CFO Division has wide ranging administrative and strategic responsibilities, and incorporates the Finance, Systems, Operations and Audit & Risk functions.


      This is her partner in audit ‘crime’,is it criminal or civil,how could two,the best and brightest fook something so simple like this up,had be deliberate,had to be…..they got paid 300,000 and were a second pair eyes,dreadful stuff by a so called watchdog,hired and paid by the state,to do a F simpletons job.

      -Michael is a key member of the firm’s international financial services technical group, playing a significant role in development of the technical output and publications of the firm.-


      1. Cookie

        Kick it down the road if you can…
        …that’s what they do.

        Don’t let them make you feel feel guilty, just because you feel powerless.
        Stay strong. Be offensive, not defensive.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    “Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan told the Government that while primary and secondary schools remained “safe environments” in relation to Covid-19 there were too many risks associated with children being dropped off and picked up from schools.”

    Yet McGlynn tells us today that they never told us that schools were safe environments.

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