8 thoughts on “The Chamber Pot At The End Of The Rainbow

  1. Paulus

    Said he; ‘I’ve a poo I can’t hold.
    One of those that can’t be controlled’.
    But when I evacuated
    I soon was elated
    To find that I’d shat out pure gold!

    (I’ve let meself down again)

  2. Sailor Gerry

    Having looked at the Marxist doctrine, Klaus Shwab and his buddies at the WEF wish to install on the planet, I have come to a distinct conclusion.

    They do do not want to raise the poor down trodden of the world up, to what might be considered a working class level of the UK in the 70’s.

    What they want is us all to go back to a workhouse exploitive model, that Dickens described, competing on an international platform for crumbs not to starve.

    With my last few euros before cash is banned, pitch forks, petrol and rope are the things I will be loading up on.
    Resistance is an obligation, and freedom is dependant upon it.


  3. scottser

    You know you can never relax
    When a rainbow lands on the jax
    Cos when you look down
    You’ll exclaim with a frown
    ‘There’s a leprechaun caught in me kacks!’

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