In the Home Counties (or somesuch).



Previously: Nigella Lawson was in Dublin last night and discovered the deliciousness of Taytos (October, 2018)


Thanks ESB

10 thoughts on “Tayto Famine

  1. Paulus

    Was there ever a donna more bella
    Than that flirtatious cook Nigella?
    I imagine her kneading
    My puff-pastry while pleading
    For other things I couldn’t tell ya.

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    I’ll go straight to pork scratchings…do not pass go, or a nice pickled egg with my pint

  3. Fergalito

    Things haven’t been the same since they stopped making Sam Spudz Smokey Bacon Crinkled Crisps.

    I like both Tayto and King – Tayto are cleaner and nice for a solo nibble, King yer only man with a sandwich.

      1. tom2

        Another thing I never got is the jokey nationalism around it. Like people are kind of going along with it but never quite believe in it. Care packages of tayto and other poo when they move abroad but they’d never touch the stuff at home.

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