3 thoughts on “Micro Film

  1. galaxiapolizia

    strange flashbacks & hazy memorys,
    through a scanner darkly:
    the Nun Attax and the above reprobates
    falling out of veh-i-cles onto the footpath
    outside Dublin’s Magnet Bar, lysergically
    enhanced and needing help
    getting their amps & “axes” (lol)
    up the narrow stairs of the Mag’…
    (down which i had just fled)
    to the first-floor room with the “stage”
    wherein a waiting, seething, crowd of full-on 1980s
    Finglas, Ballymun & Coolock skinheads
    (far-gone on copious pints of Bulmers/Guinness
    snakebites and clearly in no mood for musical nuance
    or Zeitgeist-y Corkonian avant-garde “artistry”)
    awaited their matinee performance…

    “Hello Rascals”, indeed…

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