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Ham Sandwich – Electro-Wave

“Do you still feel like your life’s a Saturday night?”

Welcome back Ham Sandwich. Three years after their last single, Niamh (top), Podge and Brian return with a killer synth confection that beams us straight back to circa 1982. I’m not complaining!

Podge writes:

“Our main objective with Electro~Wave is to really explore unfamiliar territory vocally for us making our regular sound almost robotic in its delivery. Another was to try out out a punchier approach to our writing which we felt really suited us live with our previous single Bodies.”

And not forgetting the state-of-the-art video animation by Barry Chapman and Philip Donegan. Also, Niamh’s nifty face paint is by make-up artist Yvonne McDonald.

Look for a new album next year.

Nick says: Friends are indeed electric.

Ham Sandwich

1 thought on “You May Like This

  1. Hicksonian

    It’s a hummmm-dinger of Numan proportions. A brave move folks that sounds like it’s paid off. Extra electro please and don’t cut it in half.

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