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    1. Jdawgs

      With the world we live in I actually had to read a good few comments just to make sure it was people spoofing. So spot on. Really funny.

      1. bisted

        …phew…for a minute there I thought somebody would blame climate change or the national herd…

    1. benblack

      At the discretion of the judge.

      He decided to make headlines and be the best boy in class – must be looking for a promotion to the higher courts.

      Justice – when the law is an ass and an ambitious ass’s fool presides.


      1. Kali

        Actual criminals can walk free with convictions numbering in the hundreds, but dare to not put on a face mask in a shop and your off to jail. The Irish justice system is as much a shambles as our health system

          1. Kali

            It’s easy to see why people are turning against restrictions, the extreme lockdown types tend to throw out childish insults to anyone with a differing opinion. Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it

          2. SOQ

            They have never done anything else Kali.

            The biggest mobilisation of people across the planet in our lifetime, and they still don’t get it.

          3. uh oh

            That’s amazing how 1-2-1-2 somehow managed to get 5 of your ratlicker types to dance, they’re like the Pied Piper.

          4. uh oh

            What’s it to you, you whinnying billygoat? What do YOU get out of the incessant, unending whingeing, negging and plamásing of internet (mostly male) Dogfathers?

    1. Shayna

      Replying to my own comment? It’s gone a tad Covid- Centric on BS. Where’s ‘The Crying Chair’, ‘Defiant Tricolour’, “..a puddle that may look like Ireland”. I miss it!

        1. Shayna

          Go raibh maith agat, benblack. Yay! A new gravatar… I miss the commenter who replied to a “Nick’s Picks” , where he described himself sitting on his stair in his boxers, sobbing, eating a Mars Bar. How I long for those simpler days of yore.

          1. benblack

            Did he get to phone home?

            Please don’t introduce the premise of a story without providing the happy ending – preferably with bicycles silhouetted against a full moon.

            The year, 1982.

            Oh, look, my gravatar has transformed!

    1. Cian

      Did you not see Daisy’s post up the very top?

      Wexford Corporation
      a supposed “storm” is called barra is comin tomorrow. no doubt all da sheep will believe this and be wearing coats tomorrow. or staying indoors becoz met aaron and the governmint told dem to ask urself dis, who is aaron and why is he givin red warnins? and wen is da last time u died in a storm? All i know is ive never died in a storm before. Seriously, wen are ppl goin to wake up to this nonsense we’re holdin a big protest against the storm outside of da county council buildin tomor… no coats unless ur a little brainwashed sheep socks and jocks only

          1. bisted

            …here, Giggser…I know it was voluntary for you, but, was it mandatory for all you ratlickers to take the ‘hypocritic oath’…

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Odd isn’t it? Any time you’re asked why you’re so interested in my personal health, you run away.
            So – why are you so interested then?

          3. bisted

            …have to confess you are a total enigma Giggser…a vaxxed ratlicker…are you a member of Aontú…is your blood becoming purer with the waning efficacy of the vaccine…are you male or female…so many questions…

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Nice to see you’re triggered – my personal details must keep you awake (i was going to say ‘up’ – would that have been apt?) all day and night.
            Why do you want to know such information?

      1. Bitnboxy

        Are you describing yourself there mad auld lad GiggidyGums? Shur, I wouldn’t go that far. Although then again, from the gummy modern dentistry-shunning mouths of auld lads…Teehee.

        Did ya scan the code for me at all yet, Giggz? Erra, go on.


        1. GiggidyGoo

          Scan the nice coloured code Boxy. Just above the little letters of this post. Ah – the kellys baby. Nice cuddly feeling to that eh? Is the kiddies klub closed due to the weather? Ha Haaaaa.

    2. Cui Bono?

      You are only trying to conflate nonsense like “storm Barra is fake news by Bill Gates” with raw data and scientific studies from 1000s of doctors and scientists around the world, who have the courage to speak out, because you have lost the argument and are living in complete ignorance.

  1. V aka Frilly Keane


    sorry about this lads
    But I’m looking for historic Bank of Ireland ‘BIRG’ share prices

    In particular, the closing price 11.06.2011, date of YE 2010 AGM

    Coming up blank, so maybe they weren’t trading, which would make sense
    But it would still be a great help to get some closing prices before, and just after the Minister for Finance was the majority Shareholder

    the year 2011 is of real interest

    Email or DM if that helps

    Thanks in advance, V

    1. johnnny

      it was looked at/into but its FFG’s Ireland.
      “That’s because Ross and the other investors obtained stock in the company at the low price of 10 euro cents a share just months after the bank received a 3.5 billion euro bailout from the Irish Central Bank and a guarantee of up to 10 billion more. (The bank’s shares were trading at about 30 euro cents two months before the sale.) The Irish government’s decision “to sell a large chunk of Bank of Ireland at the bottom of the market” so soon after the government’s cash infusion had stabilized the institution “was on the face of it baffling,”


      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        Should have put a Spoiler Alert
        On that Johnny

        Hould’ yer whist
        And stuff

        btw Johnny, I’m fully aware of that MJ story, including the source, and it’s not all it appears to be. So be careful

  2. Jerr

    Had to smile at Boris the Beenie hat the police jumper riding up exposing the tie filmed at a drug raid in Liverpool
    He looked like a reveller after a few scoops after a football match
    He really loves to play the clown and maybe it’s an act
    Do not be fooled this guy is a thatcher
    If the EU thinks this guy will blink think again
    We saw how he closed down parliament then called an election and got as he said a stomping majority

    Hate him or not this guy will not play ball and this next year we might see no deal brexit which is disastrous for us and we have no political representatives in Europe that have a pair of balls to look after our interests

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