Win Nick’s New Year Esteem [Extended]

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Thank Frosty it’s Friday.

And a happy new year to all you good good people.

With snow falling on cedars and other trees today, there can be only one theme to this week’s voucher-less music chat: what’s your favourite song about or featuring snow?

Here’s mine.

Please include video links if possible.

Lines close on Saturday at Midday.


The Pogues & The Dubliners – The Irish Rover

Last month, I asked you for your favourite drinking song. Goldenbrown won my esteem with this entry:

“A great drinking song about the drink – and a great tale – I wanted it to be a true story LOL. And it’s my party trick when I’m out on the jar.”

Nick says: Thanks Goldenbrown and all who entered.

Pic: Freebird, Dublin

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35 thoughts on “Win Nick’s New Year Esteem [Extended]

  1. scottser

    there was a program on rte last sunday (?) evening about the wild rover, tracing its origins and playing multiple versions of it. the father-in-law was beat into it for an hour listening to the one song over and over again.

  2. Col

    It may be slightly Christmassy, but it is a beautiful and sombre melodic retreat for those of us who like to indulge our introversion after the festive season!

    “Now I don’t feel so all alone in the cold wonderin’ where I’m going today,
    For a snowflake fell and it felt like a kiss now I’m okay”

    A Snowflake Fell – Glasvegas

  3. Reasonable Commenter

    Thanks Nick, I really like your own choice, it’s one of those incredibly sad bordering on maudlin songs that gets inside your head. These verses are just great

    We drank a toast to innocence
    We drank a toast to now
    And tried to reach beyond the emptiness
    But neither one knew how
    She said she’d married her an architect
    Who kept her warm and safe and dry
    She would’ve liked to say she loved the man
    But she didn’t like to lie
    I said the years had been a friend to her
    And that her eyes were still as blue
    But in those eyes, I wasn’t sure if I
    Saw doubt or gratitude

  4. Reasonable Commenter

    I humbly submit this songwriting masterclass
    Merle Haggard ‘If we make it through December’

    I don’t mean to hate December
    It’s meant to be the happy time of year
    And my little girl don’t understand
    Why daddy can’t afford no Christmas here
    If we make it through December
    Everything’s gonna be alright, I know
    It’s the coldest time of winter
    And I shiver when I see the fallin’ snow

  5. Niall

    Christy Moore’s Easter Snow is a tribute to Seamus Ennis, a man he described as “ a giant of Irish music”.
    The tune on this song belongs to Seamus and Christy added his own lyrics recounting a drink soaked visit to Ennis’s house in The Naul.
    The pipes at the end are the highlight of the song for me.
    When I hear this it puts me in mind of fragility, the fragility of nature, people, talent, health, society. Most of us don’t truly understand how lucky we are….

  6. Tarfton Clax

    Black Sabbath Snowblind

    My eyes are blind, but I can see
    The snowflakes glisten on the tree
    The sun no longer sets me free
    I feel there’s no place freezing me

    Let the winter sun shine on
    Let me feel the frost of dawn
    Fill my dreams with flakes of snow
    Soon I’ll feel the chilling go
    Crystal world with winter flowers
    Turn my days to frozen hours
    Lying snowblind in the sun
    Will my ice age ever come?

  7. Liam Deliverance

    The Walkmen – While I Shovel The Snow

    Well they say, “Can’t please everyone”
    But I’m stuck on a winning streak
    Well today, there’s clarity
    And tonight, I see tomorrow
    All at once, the winter’s here
    All the lochs are frozen over
    As I look in back of me
    See a shape beside the walkway

    Half of my life, I’ve been watching
    Half of my life, I’ve been waking up
    Birds in the sky could warn me
    There’s no life like the slow life

    So for now, I’ll take my time
    For now, I can’t be bothered
    But I learned a lot of things
    And I fudged a lot of numbers

    Once again, the winter’s here
    All the lochs are frozen over
    So I look in back of me
    See a shape beside the walkway

    Half of my life, I’ve been watching
    Half of my life, I’ve been waking up
    Birds in the sky could warn me
    There’s no life like the slow life

  8. Lilly

    Nick wins this week, a helping of self-esteem for that perfect song. I wish they hadn’t run out of things to say.


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