What Does That Leave?

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Cat videos?

Things that look like Ireland?

This afternoon.

The government’s  ‘online safety’ bill is published.

Vague and unenforceable?

Or the end of social media as we have known it?

YOU decide.

Wednesday: Harmful Content Czar


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20 thoughts on “What Does That Leave?

      1. K.Cavan

        Cages can be used to protect, Papi. Perhaps some people prefer Protection to Freedom but that doesn’t justify imposing Protection on everyone. Imposed protection is very rarely a good direction to head off in, the final destination is invariably suffocation & totalitarianism.

    1. K.Cavan

      Daisy & Sara are children, they haven’t the wit to hurt. Nigel just drones you into a stupor with his off-the-shelf opinions. Millie has bit of entertaining bitchery about her, well, had.
      If anyone thinks the Irish Civil Service has the chops to enforce this, well, they’re probably a Civil Servant.
      This drivelling nonsense is simply a quick hand-job for Google & the rest of the Silicon Valley Wokie Nazi-schatze Brigade.
      Oh, look, they’ve come all over Meehaul & Leo’s expensive suit trousers. Bloody premature ejaculators, always coming & going & going & coming & always…..too soon.
      “Clean-up in aisle 6”.

    2. Fearganainm

      Only 75% of your hitlist is female. Vigils all over Ireland tonight and you want to drive some women off the site.


      Other Incels will be disappointed in you.

  1. Mr.T

    (b) – “fatphobia” is now a hate crime. Pointing out the link between obesity and poor health is now an offense

  2. K.Cavan

    Laws controlling the anti-social & inhumane activities of Vulture Funds, Cuckoo Funds & Financial Institutions? Legislation to facilitate the provision of Social Housing by putting manners on the lunatic County & City Managers who are stymieing it? Reorganization of our antiquated drug laws to actually deal with the problem? A set of bail restrictions that might prevent murderers & rapists reappearing on the streets to kill & rape again, while the bureaucracy crawls towards their trials?
    I could go on, I do go, the list could go on but nobody can fail to see this as the Hysterical Screaming Wokery it is. Still, when Silicon Valley & it’s allies in the EU say jump, our politicians answer “how high?”.
    The application of these laws is to be “determined on the balance of probabilities”. I mean, really?
    This is pathetic infantilism using the brute force of the State to impose it’s illiberal, puerile worldview.
    We might as well stick a fork in the ass of our Political Class & Liberal Democracy itself & turn it over.
    It’s done.

  3. Micko

    Isn’t the internet a compete an utter disaster though, particularly social media.

    Part of me hopes that the more restrictions and laws that are placed on it will lead to it’s eventual demise.

    The other part of me is hopelessly addicted to it ;-)

    But maybe, just maybe, someday, it’ll be like that time they changed Itchy & Scratchy – I’ll get me hoop and stick.



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