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  1. Steph Pinker

    There’s something very sexy, smoldering yet invigorating about Brian Blessed, he’s akin to Laurence Olivier and Jack Nicholson in that regard. It’s as if the only acting he needs to do is when he’s not on stage or in front of a camera.

    1. :-Joe

      Yes exactly, haha… there is something other-worldly about that man’s energy, always instantantly lighting up the cold fireplace in your mind with a mere greeting… a faint expression…

      An inalienable positive force of the universe that even Jor-el, despite Viva Zapata credentials, is only dull, muted and soggy as a potential higher power in comparison.

      Even renowned and adored shouty / quiet characters of popular iconography like Hannibal Lector and Richard the turd can only scramble to do nothing but shrink in his presence…

      Helloooooo…. Sold.
      -You had me with whatever is going on in the valleys… haha…


    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Brian Blessed doing snooker commentary is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

      1. paul

        he hosted an episode of Have I Got News For You that was pretty funny. The show swings between ‘meh’ and ‘heh’ but his involvement turned it around.

        If you can find him telling the story of his mountain climbing poo, it’s worth a listen… though not over breakfast.

  2. TenPin Terry

    Interesting letter in this morning’s Torygraph which might be of interest to all those getting ready to dance on Boris’s grave.
    Remember – Twitter and the Westminster Bubble is not real life.

    SIR – I’ve read of Conservative MPs supposedly inundated with messages and emails from constituents and local Conservative association members calling for the Prime Minister to quit. Apparently the Lichfield Conservative Association (Andrew Mitchell is their MP) thinks Boris Johnson should resign as party leader and PM.
    As Chairman of the Spelthorne Conservative Association I haven’t had a single message, email, letter or telephone call from members criticising Boris Johnson.
    A local Conservative councillor told me she was rung on Friday by a journalist who asked whether she’d like to be interviewed on television. She politely declined. The journalist sighed, saying she had contacted over 200 Conservative activists, none of whom would criticise the PM.
    People are rightly concerned about the juvenile antics of some, but not all, staffers in No 10. Based on my own experience these past few days, and having spoken to other Conservative association chairs, most Conservative activists see no desire for change.
    Conservative MPs should tread carefully over the coming weeks. They can stand for seats and defend them as Conservative candidates because their associations select them. If their associations lose faith in them, the associations have every right
    to question whether their MPs deserve to serve under the Conservative banner.

    Michael J Brennan
    Chairman, Spelthorne Conservative Association
    Lower Halliford, Surrey

      1. :-Joe

        Oh giggidy, I like the way you work it, got to bag it up…. bag it up.. Yeah! -Piano rumble..

        Is there anyone without an official peer reviewed science based certifiable excuse for a mental dysfunction and/or an unfortunate lack of basic awareness or intelligence on the subject of reality that can honestly justify the existance of the chief representative of the tory scum party..

        a.k.a bojo the once hapless clown / now a.k.a the fake developmentally disabled golden retriever in a tumble dryer distraction, eroding politics for the singapore on thames cretin elite and all that it entails,
        i.e the abject intentional destruction of mass intelligence, democracy, humanity et all… but most of all, unbridaled G.R.E.E.D..

        Wu-Tang C.R.EA.M seems like a donation to the homeless victims of arson by comparison..


        Oh no.. Wait, what, far more importantly .. beZ has Covid? WTF?…

        It must be time to get the vaccine…The last chance?
        -Triple guaranteed oirish-made-amercian-neoliberal-fake-capitalist–corporate-hipocrasy-nightmare-greed jab please… Tank Yooo!… nom-nom-good consumerism…


      1. scottser

        on any other day, charger would criticise our media for not holding our government to account, yet here he is wetting his nappy because the tan media is reporting on box-office boris’s boozy blowouts.
        some on here make the mistake of taking what he posts at face value and replying directly to him. all i can see is his hypocrisy and double standards and leave him off for the most part; he’s too obvious a troll.
        oh and bodger/john can someone explain how chager became unbanned? despite numerous requests from many commenters on here, ye’re all very quiet on the subject.

        1. The Millie Obnoxious™

          I too would like to know why charger seems to have been given a carte blanche.

          If you’re letting him back in, then let memes back. Let all the mad bastards back in. It’ll make a nice change from the same five lads all just roaring abuse at each other.

          1. Bodger

            I never banned Charger. He’s completely harmless in my view. You, Papi, on the other, are a thorough dose.

          2. bisted

            …in fairness, he has a sense of humour…his description of Allison O’Connor below is spot-on and quite unique…

          3. johnny-ny

            …for me,its that i don’t know his birthday,as he knows i dont care,i dont know if he has kids,again he know’s i dont care nor does he over share the mundane paint drying boring life of a mum and her white girl problems with sitters,as he knows i dont come on here for that rubbish.

          4. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            the one that kills all your brain cells and increases your misogyny, sectarianism, immaturity and classism.

          5. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            ah johnny,
            19 years does not make me a Parisian just an Irish woman in Paris, you however have become a full blown thick yank, you’re unwittingly the most entertaining simpleton on here….little white boy problems.

          6. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            and my exposure to drugs or assumed lack there of doesn’t make a person cool, most people stop thinking that when their balls drop…oh wait.

          7. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            I know
            I don’t really give a fupp when it comes to Johnny,
            he’s so unpleasant, abusive, offensive, misogynist and juvenile,
            he also comes looking for fights see above,
            I’d rather ten chargers, David’s or memes than his high completely lacking self aware dribble,
            there’s only so many other cheeks to turn Oro, I’m no Saint.

          8. Oro


            I personally don’t see that side of Johnny (either through subjectivity or maybe I’m missing some of the posting) – but a least fav is a least fav. I know I have mine lol. I also didn’t mind Memes so much, but I think I had paused reading for David’s tenure – maybe I should do some archival catch-up.

          9. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            ah he has got some of the nastier comments deleted or publicly told to reign in the misogynist comments,
            he’s also got some weird issues with Mum’s….less said about that the better,
            I’m not a raging feminist but he flies way to close to unacceptable for me

          10. The Millie Obnoxious™

            Well this was an interesting carcrash. Handbags at dawn etc.

            Thanks for clarifying btw Bodge.

          11. Reasonable Commenter

            What I find hilarious and horrifying in equal measure is how many of you feel that Bodger is somehow accountable to you all. Mother of divine Jaysus.

    1. goldenbrown

      yeah the rotten heart of the rotten British establishment is rotten

      but really who gives a fupp?

      wouldn’t we be far better off discussing the rotten heart of our own state here?

      (sorry Charger – forgot you’re meant to be some sort of redtrouser-expat-westbrit caricature, suggest you might find yourself some more lively Tory banter on the Chipping Norton mumsnet innit)

  3. Janet, dreams of all the cake

    Charger sorry Boris looks like he literally just took of his trousers and is running in his manky boxer shorts, tbe only good thing about that man is his dog.

    1. f_lawless

      The Irish Times present us the elite view in an anonymous editorial. Not enough of us stupid plebs are going for the boosters, it seems.


      “The Irish Times view on surplus vaccines: doses going to waste”

      Final paragraph:
      “we have seen from previous restrictions on the unvaccinated that making life difficult for the hold-outs is also highly effective. When restrictions begin to be eased in the coming weeks, there will be a strong argument for retaining the Covid cert – with a booster requirement – for some time to come”

      To me, that’s further evidence of previously aired conclusions: a primary end goal of the technocratic elites at the top of the hierarchy has always been the perpetuation, consolidation and expansion of the biosecurity surveillance state. Whatever pretext that can be used to try to string the public along will do. First the “unvaxxed” were scapegoated. Now the “unboosted” have been added to the list. And it’s now deemed acceptable to state openly that the certs are there as a tool of medical coercion.

      Non compliance on a mass scale is the only way forward

      1. SOQ


        It was predicted by virologists who studied global infection patterns, that SARS-CoV-2 would have a two season swipe before it burnt out, and that is now coming to pass.

        As the excuses fall away, it should become apparent to more and more what the real agenda is. The combination of very weakened virus and leaky vaccines will hopefully speed this process up.

        The is a quote at the begining of this madness from Sweden’s State Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell I am trying to find, where he warned of the dangers of letting these authoritarian nut cases loose.

        Even back then he understood what the repercussion would be- he is a very clever man.

  4. Mr.T

    Boris pissed someone off, so they are pushing the westminster parties relentlessly in an attempt to get him to step down.

    He’s done worse in the past, but was fine. Of all the things to go for though, garden parties in No. 10?
    It stinks of manufactured controversy

      1. Truthy

        A new conspiracy theory based on nothing, other than the hard-on you seem to give yourself for thinking you know something that everyone else doesn’t, eh lads? Now that the globalist vaccine genocide agenda seems to winding down, must find new X-Files material … Rock on!

        1. SOQ

          It is not a conspiracy to say that both the media and the police / security services knew about these parties.

          It is not a conspiracy to say that in the world of politics, all sorts of power plays and moves occur in order to remove leaders- history is littered with such examples.

          Do you even know who leaked the story?

          Rishi Sunak is tipped as next leader- his wife is a billionaire for a start.

  5. TenPin Terry

    Ashling Murphy’s death is a terrible tragedy for her family but it is becoming increasingly nauseous watching Dublin’s half-witted female hacks queue up to rob her death of any dignity by using it to push their own feminist agenda.
    While the Murphy family have remained dignified and reserved at a time of overwhelming grief the media has metaphorically used her killing like modern-day Burke and Hares to make the murder all about them and make a few quid into the bargain.
    It’s all about their fears, their anger, their tears.
    It is stomach-churning to watch them twist the narrative simply to suit their agenda.
    And, of course, it’s men who are getting it in the neck from these harridans and their camp followers like the ludicrous Sam McConkey – why is that cretin being wheeled out to opine on how men should behave ?
    He is so starved of the limelight now COVID is on the wane that he’s desperate to become this nation’s Gary Lineker.
    Last night’s Claire Byrne show predictably followed the men-bashing script and had just about everything except Alison O’Connor ululating while whipping herself with a string of tampons.
    Give it a rest will you and show some decency.
    Let the Murphy family mourn in private and allow the police to uncover the real truth.
    Don’t worry – there’ll be another taxi on the rank soon to take you to the scene of the next event where you can put the me in media.

    1. :-Joe

      Is that Blowhard Fishslap?.. Still going on and on, eh?…

      I spoke to An Garda and they are ready for you to attend the live online video lineup with a 100X zoom mugshot stream of your exposed groin / genital area.

      Assuming you’re innocent of course, you don’t need to show your face at first but you may be required to jerk yourself off…

      It should be easy enough as you seem to have no problem doing it on here every other day.

      Also I spoke to Jordan Peterson and your membership to the Proud”To be incels”Bhoy/infantile intellect club has been cancelled as you’re too dim-witted even for their target market demographic of the lowest standards imaginable.



    2. TenPin Terry

      Inevitably the Indo’s ‘ parenting expert ‘gets in on the act.
      ” What we can do as parents to ensure our sons don’t grow up to be men that hurt women ”

      Here are the facts – according to OECD data on violence against women Ireland has one of the best records in the world.


  6. V aka Frilly Keane

    Hon’ Charage

    You never lost it Bhoy

    And for everyone else
    Papi is the only lad around there in the last while dropping funnies

    Like proper lols
    Which is what brought us all here – back in the day anyway

    And btw
    all open forums are about clicks
    If not intended or the motivation, they still end up being about the clicks

        1. Reasonable Commenter

          Your commentary is generally puerile, abusive, offensive and reactionary.
          Other than that I like you.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        Ah you just haven’t given yourself a chance to get to me Mad

        Shur’ you’re only here a fortnight (◔‿◔)

        And if indeed Bodger is in agreement with ya
        He’s more than welcome to strip all my contributions off the gaff

          1. Reasonable Commenter

            Yet every time someone pulls you up on your passive aggressive puerile bullying, you tend to threaten to throw all your pram toys askew, or threaten Bodger to cancel you.
            Get a man, FFS.

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            pretty warped to convince yourself
            – that Bodger was welcome to strip all my contributions
            into to throwing toys and threatening Bodger

            that’s JFK Jr is alive and running as Trump’s VP in 2024
            (the real one now not the double that’s at the Arizona rally (⊙_(⊙_⊙)_⊙)
            level warped

            You really do know how to pick ’em Bodger
            It must have been the name – Reasonable Commenter
            +the inherent sexism generally leads to clusters anyway

  7. TenPin Terry

    Anyone up at the crack of dawn today had their first chance to tune into GBNews’ new policy of playing the National Anthem at the start of their day’s coverage.
    Before it plunged headfirst into a Deadpool of wokery the BBC used to start and finish their days playing God Save The Queen.
    In much the same way as Irish pub bands always ended their gigs with Amhrán na bhFiann as the punters swayed gently at attention clutching their pint for support.
    Good times.


    1. scottser

      Could have been a lot worse. Thomas Moore’s ‘let erin remember’ was the first official anthem from 1923-26 and played at our first olympics in Paris 1924:
      Now there’s a dose of a tune.
      personally, i like to finish the evening with ‘the men behind the wire’.

  8. Nigel

    You have to feel a little sorry for the NWO Fascist Technocrat Overlords taking over the world via the vaccines just in time for it to start cooking everybody alive.

    ‘Australia ties Southern Hemisphere’s all-time heat record of 123°F; epic heat cooks Argentina. The Southern Hemisphere heat record was 62 years old; the heat wave in Argentina is a threat to a key world grain-producing breadbasket.’


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