This morning.

Was it all just a bad dream?

Via RTÉ News:

Early indications suggest that a new closing time for bars, restaurants and cultural venues could be set at midnight from the end of this month or in early February.

A further easing of restrictions would then take place at a later date when the requirement on premises would possibly be scaled back to just checking Covid passes.

More people could also be allowed to attend weddings soon, while a gradual return to the workplace might get under way at some point next month.

There are also suggestions that outdoor sports venues could return to full capacity.

While no decision has been made yet about when Government might sign-off on any planned changes, many within its ranks believe it could happen as early as Friday.

NPHET expected to recommend easing of Covid restrictions (RTÉ)



Last night.

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46 thoughts on “Soft Landing

      1. Janet, dreams of all the cake

        yes indeed,
        I also caught the kids well preteens doing constant knick nacks and waking the baby last night, they won’t be back :)
        am I faster than an electric scooter, well yes I am !

          1. Fergalito

            No, i want one of those tiny little silent electric bikes that the teenage boys (since Christmas 2020) now roam the urban prairie on … “eat yerself fitter” per Mark E Smith !

        1. The Millie Obnoxious™

          I hope you have them a good slap round the head for their trouble. And that you got the cake you so dream of :)

          1. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            let’s just say they now understand there are ugly consequences to ugly actions

  1. ANO

    It does feel more and more like we’ll be back to normal by summer, which is great.

    Thanks to everyone who’s made sacrifices to get us to this point.

    1. SOQ

      O’Dea knows which way the wind is blowing. He’s the first FF TD to publicly say this but you can be certain there is plenty in the background who feel the same. England is about to open everything up again- so the pressure will continue to grow from here on.

  2. Nilbert

    As predicted by so many on here, these fascist dictator SCUM will NEVER remove the restrictions, the sheeple will never have their FREEDUMS restored

    wake Up!!1!!!!


    1. Micko

      “ A further easing of restrictions would then take place at a later date when (when indeed?) the requirement on premises would POSSIBLY be scaled back to JUST checking Covid passes.”

      Yep, sounds like total freedom there…

      1. SOQ

        It is no coincidence that Vaccine Passports are the last thing to go- if ever. IMO the only thing that is going to remove them is mass non compliance.

        1. E'Matty

          It’s always been about normalising a pass society. They’ll cling onto these passes as long as they can. I also wouldn’t count out a new “crisis” emerging over the next two months either. They’re losing the dressing room after Omicron and when that happens, invariably they present another scare to herd the public back in line.

        2. Micko

          Which is what I think will happen. They will eventually become uncool.

          I really don’t think the majority of Irish want them.

          You probably still need them in certain places, like the big restaurant chains. Which is good – give your biz to the independent businesses. ;-)

        3. Nilbert

          Or perhaps when its medically safe, which seems to be any time soon thanks to the vaccinations!
          Hurray for medical science and public health initiatives!!
          Boo for attention seeking spreaders of nonsense on the internet!!

        4. George

          What will remove them is when there are very few people who don’t have a pass either due to recovery from Covid-19 or vaccination.

      2. Nilbert

        Poor Old Micko (6’2”)…how will you get your kicks when you can’t leer your mask-less gob into the faces of defenseless shopkeepers.

        something tells me our hero will find something!!


          1. John Smith

            ‘Don’t you find it odd that the most useless restriction of all is left to last?’

            The two most useless restrictions, as regards any benefit to health: face coverings – unless these are included in the other restrictions to be eased, which I doubt – and Covid passports. It couldn’t be because these are the two things that most blatantly continue the system of control and are constant reminders of the requirement for unthinking obedience, could it?

        1. Micko

          Hehehe Nilbert.

          I really annoy you clowns don’t I?

          Good stuff.

          Love it.

          “Vhy von’t he follow ze rules?”

          1. johnny

            the things we do in the dark.

            “I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty…”


          2. Nilbert

            Actually no Micko, I haven’t been on here in ages – its boring as f**k these days.
            I just wondered if the same tragic cases were still here, still bleating away for attention.
            Lo and behold, here you all are!
            It seems that the grown-ups have left you to it though. left you behind, backslapping each other like a tailgate party at a MAGA rally.
            Enjoy it!

          3. Micko

            “… willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law”

            Word ;)

          4. Johnny

            Is that the sheet on the Telly link,that you did not have the balls go on.
            Courage Micko,I believe the cannabis laws were and are unjust,I was and am willing accept the penalties for growing it,but I don’t spark up like a A hole in non smoking areas.
            Gird your loins Micko,you appear lack any conviction or courage.

    2. Cui Bono?

      The covid passes were always the end goal and there’s no sign of them going until the majority stop using them and completely reject them.

        1. E'Matty

          Here they are talking about them in 2018
          European Commission


          1. “Examine the feasibility of developing a common vaccination card/passport for EU citizens“

          2. “Develop EU guidance for establishing comprehensive electronic immunization information systems for effective monitoring of immunization programmes.”

          3. “overcome the legal and technical barriers impeding the interoperability of national immunisation information systems”

          But, but, there was no Covid around then?

          Then there’s ID2020 and the Mastercard Wellness Pass trialled in Africa….

          1. Kim The Cardassian

            But, but, but, Covid isn’t the first disease we have a vaccine for either. What’s your point? Do tell.

          2. SOQ

            SARS-CoV-2 is the first virus where we have had this kind of gene therapy. Already the fatalities and injuries dwarf all others in the past twenty years- and no medium or long term data as yet.

            IMO we are witnessing the unfolding of the biggest medical scandal of our lifetimes.

  3. SailorGerry

    Some decent articles covering the plandemic from the link below.

    The boot will only come off the neck for a brief moment and will put back with renewed vigour under some new false pretence. It was never about a disease, but it is all about control, subjugation and behavioural modification with mass psychosis.

    1. Kim The Cardassian

      When all the restrictions including vaccine passports are lifted, which they inevitably will be, what yarn will you be spinning then? Will you change your username from SailorGerry to ParanoidPete?

      1. Micko

        I will throw my hands up in the air and party like it’s 1999 (again). ;)

        The pints will be on me and I’ll be happy to tell everyone I was wrong.

        I don’t think the passes and masks are going anywhere though – at least not officially.

        1. SOQ

          The problem is that the precedent has been set. Even if they are lifted there is no reason why they cannot be forced down again.

          That is how conditioning works.

      2. f_lawless

        There’s no indication that it will be inevitable at all. It’s certainly no going to happen without a serious and sustained push back from ordinary citizens around the world. What’s happening now is more of a tactical retreat in the context of the arrival of the Omicron variant which has been exposing all the interventions to be as good as useless while at the same time bringing the case fatality rate for Covid down from really low to extremely low.

        You won’t still be able to travel internationally without proving your health status and crucially they don’t want to let go of masks entirely. These are the visual cues which keep people in a state of paranoia and unless they go completely, many people will be unable to properly move on and let go of the fear.

        From this evening:

        “Mr Varadkar also said there will be future variants and restrictions may be brought in again in the winter when hospitals are under pressure.

        He said masks may remain needed in certain circumstances, such as in crowded places, staying at home when symptomatic and for international travel.

        He also said that the country must be prepared for a “new severe variant of concern” later in 2022 and that this may mean another round of vaccination. ‘

        Why would a politician let alone an epidemiologist make a statement like that with such conviction? Especially as no naturally occurring respiratory viral pandemic has ever lasted this long in history. I think the elephant in the room here is the threat bioterrorism. All these psychopathic elites need to do is to get their scientists to perform some more of the so called ‘gain-of-function’ work on current variants to make them more vaccine-resistant/virulent and then they have the pretext they need to try to take things up where they left off.

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