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9 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. SOQ

    If that is the case then it is an outright bribe.

    Many frontline staff have already been exposed to the virus and will have antibodies, so it is perfectly understandable why they would not want to risk those vaccines. I don’t know about ROI but in the UK, all medical staff can avail of a free antibody test.

    If there is one voice which has been silenced, it is of these doctors and nurses. They are medical professionals who would rather lose their careers that take those shots- why?

  2. Johnny

    No it does not.
    It says anyone who received a vaccine under the front line cohort. That is any HSE worker who received a vaccine in rollout to that front line worker cohort circa Jan 2021.
    That is all of the HSE, front line or not.
    Everyone HSE related were in that cohort, they didn’t differentiate
    And if this indo story is accurate, everyone HSE related will be in the bonus cohort. They won’t differentiate.

    Well done back office admin staff who worked from home for the past 2yrs. Bravo.

  3. ANO

    It’s a poorly written sentence, it suggests that if you don’t fit into the first group (nurses, doctors etc.) but are otherwise a front line worker who’s been vaccinated then you’ll qualify for the bonus.

    The only argument I could see for that would be that unvaccinated people would have been removed from patient facing roles and so faced less of a risk. To that I’d counter that they spent a significant amount of time, pre-vaccine rollout, putting themselves at risk and so deserve at least a % of any associated bonus.

  4. SK

    Government notice clearly states those working from home are not eligible.
    Front line staff in CLINICAL settings – hospitals, nursing homes, vaccination centres, testing centres.

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