Dee Platformed


This morning/afternoon.

Public Accounts Committee.

Seemed to go well.

RTÉ in talks with Google about payment for its content, but household broadcasting charge faces boycott (


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53 thoughts on “Dee Platformed

    1. Steph Pinker

      Bear in mind, Skeptic, that old age pensioners are entitled to a free TV licence under the HBP, so there probably wouldn’t be too much opposition from that sizable demographic, however, a broadcasting charge for every household as well as a TV licence fee? That’d be a different story.

  1. ANO

    I’m one of those saps who pays the TV license, between news and sports and the (very) occasional home produced drama series I think I just about get what I pay for.

    If I was running the show I might look at scrapping RTE 2 and focusing purely on home grown content (Inc news and sports) for what would be the one national state broadcaster TV channel. If you want to watch Eastenders or a Scandinavian crime drama then there are plenty of other options available.

    Now I can say that as I’m fortunate to be in a position where I can afford those other options but you have to have a clear mission statement for the national broadcaster so mine would be 100% Irish content.

    So advertising would probably dry up in 2 weeks with the station closing shortly there after but hey, Netflix will always be there and Broadsheet could fill their regular Late, Late Show slot with something about vaccinated people growing extra thumbs or whatever.

    1. Termagant

      You could axe every TV station except One & News, and every radio station except 1 & Lyric, and I don’t think anyone would care or even notice.

      1. The Millie Obnoxious™

        I’d stick rte jr in there too. You see a lot of home grown educational content on there, lots about native trees and animals, about our coasts and waterways, as well as some really excellent Irish animated fare.

        But other than that, totally agree with your comment.

          1. jungleman

            The gaa is surely the worst part of the whole thing. Why don’t the gaa set up their own tv channel and leave the rest of us alone. I include Ireland’s fittest family in that one btw.

        1. jonjoker

          An acquaintance once applied for a job in RTÉ, a long time ago.
          He told me that on the final page there was a section that read “Name two family members who work for RTÉ”.
          I never saw the form, so I don’t know how true it is; but a classmate of his with family connections who didn’t meet the educational requirements got a job with RTÉ while my acquaintance – lacking such connections but fulfilling the educational requirements – stayed out in the cold.

  2. bell

    haha everyone falling for this spoofer’s spiel.

    RTE always does and always has made a profit (income over expenditure). Accountancy lets them show a loss which is not illegal

    But, they are supposed to be bankrupt yet the headcount increased last year.
    Also, they don’t actually make any programming these days so the numbers employed in what their business actually is should be miniscule

    1. Cian

      “Also, they don’t actually make any programming these days”
      wow. is this the level of knowledge about RTE?

  3. Gavin

    Don’t watch it, don’t have cable, why should I fund exuberant salaries and crap programming ( I assume its still the same incestuous nonsense)

    1. Micko

      There’s a loophole (or there used to be) that if your to isn’t capable of receiving a TV signal then you don’t have to pay it.

      So you could argue that if you had a big monitor display or the tuner in your TV was knackered or removed you don’t have to pay.

      They’d love to bring in a general media licence, where any device you own, phone, laptop could fall under the TV licence.

      1. Gavin

        Yes I did use this in the past, TV inspector left the house very confused when I showed him a raspberry pi and a monitor.

          1. Steph Pinker

            George: ‘Facts have no agenda, Real news has value.’

            Have you ever played Where’s Wally?


      2. paul

        a computer monitor slips through that crack, used it while living in an apartment and had a very aggressive inspector insist he knew the rule better than the license website.

        A broken television (as ridiculous as it sounds) still requires a license as it has the potential to be repaired and used as a television.

          1. Robert Warren

            I had a sky dish on my house (bungalow). I told him it wasnt in use and dont have a TV.
            I had to take the cable out of the dish.
            He was satisfied on his next visit and never came around again.

  4. paul

    Dose Forbes. You’re being paid the big bucks to find solutions to these problems instead of ‘let’s have people who don’t have a television paper over the cracks in RTE’.

  5. Praetorian

    I’m 21yrs in my current home…21yrs i haven’t paid for that sheetshow station….got a firestick last year so all antenna removed from the house so no evidence of tv on the premises…unless the inspector climbs the fence or electric gates he has nothing to say i have a tv on the premises.
    It’s just a constant stream of repeats after repeats,no effort made to make anything decent.
    Forbes should be grilled as to what she has achieved during her €300k a year tenure other than bleat about her percieved underfunding and poor managment.

  6. Skeptik

    Not to mention their huge campus sitting on some of the most valuable real estate in the country, vs a small industrial unit out in Ballymount a la Virgin.
    I’m sure there’s a disused warehouse down in Carlow or wherever that could house all their actual productive staff.

    1. Robert Warren

      But then the gravy train in carlow doesnt taste as nice compared to D4.
      Its media. Its all about image.

  7. D-troll

    licence fee is well outdated. suggest a reduced fee that comes out of the property tax which pays for the news and some current affairs. rte buying in usa drama series based on licence fee is a joke.

  8. Ellie Campbell

    Here’s a tip; get a journo to throw an eye over the radio drama dept’s taxi account, and see who does well out of it. Very well indeed…

  9. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    even if I had either a TV or license before the glee they took terrifying old people all through Covid, I wouldn’t now, shame on them.

  10. DOC

    I am not picking on Ryan Tubridy but he is on a salary of 495,000 Thousand a Year
    That is THREE TIMES the salary of what the Taoiseach earns
    A compete Joke

  11. Paulus

    Makes you long for auld Telefís Eireann
    Sure with it, there was no comparin’.
    You could sit on yer hole
    Watching Garda Patrol
    Or admire what Thelma Mansfield was wearin’

    1. Mad

      Up to me balls in Baskin
      Bibi, seeing as you’re askin
      Is where I’d rather be
      Than watch RTÉ
      Ah sure lookit, let’s try multitasking

  12. Nullzero

    I saw the Angela Scanlon show a few months back for the first and only time.
    What I wound up witnessing was Jedward hitting a Pinata. It didn’t stay in long.
    More funding? When you have washed up twits wearing blindfolds hitting piñatas on prime time Saturday night television and you’re at the same time paying your presenters hundreds of thousands of euros a year your position in terms of demanding increased funding becomes somewhat compromised.

  13. Optimus Grime

    Radical thinking from Dee Forbes – People who may not use our service should pay for our service!

  14. Cian

    When the TV was a “new technology” it made sense to only charge those (rich people) that used it – in the form of a TV licence. Now that it is ubiquitous it should come out of general taxation.

    One side effect of that is that AnPost would lose revenue.. which is another nail in the coffin of the local Post Office, one fewer “social service” available in towns across Ireland. Which will cause a political backlash…

  15. Steph Pinker

    Bodger, on a related note, any joy with YT and sourcing the episode of BSOTT which was removed?

  16. V aka Frilly Keane


    Don’t say ye weren’t warned

    Makes me wonder now what would have come out if I bothered with the RTÉ 2021 Annual / YE 20 accounts
    That said
    Doubt anything isn’t coming out now that wasn’t already called out

    Btw I’ve got glasses like that Frank
    Eff off ou’ that

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