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29 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. The Millie Obnoxious™

    Dear ‘Sick of it All’,

    It sounds like your wife is a saint.

    Kind regards,
    A Concerned Citizen.

  2. Micko

    Compartmentalise the last two years.

    Remember that it’s been a weird fupped up time for everyone and that your friends agree with you on 99% of things and the pandemic was just one thing you disagreed on.

    Plus, today is National Hugging Day ;-)

  3. Ellie Campbell

    If I may remove the Twanker crown from Eamonn Ryan’s head for a moment and place it on today’s winner’s head…

  4. ANO

    I’m thinking his other half will have a fine time out and about without his weird moany arse being around to bring her and everyone else down

    First round’s on me, Mrs SickOfItAll, for your troubles like.

  5. bisted

    …why would you want to ask a Broadsheet reader…especially a ratlicker…they seemed to be dining out and pinting without any vaccine passes…could you imagine the whingeing otherwise…all of the four horsemen who have regaled us daily with constant misinformation may already be in danger from obesity and alcoholism…

  6. SOQ

    There has been rifts created all over the place to the point where unvaccinated are now gathering in parks to meet on a Sunday morning- it really has got that bad.

    If it was the case that his friends fully availed of the privileges such discrimination brought, then it is understandable that he would view them differently now- I know I certainly would.

    But fortunately most people are not like that and despite the propaganda, even when entertainment venues were operating at full capacity, numbers were way down.

    Passports were a deeply unpopular restriction because everyone knows someone who is not vaccinated, and hopefully we will never see them again- although, we most likely will.

    1. George

      Covid passes weren’t unpopular, the policy had strong support.

      People have been meeting up in parks for nearly two years.

      I know a guy who had his job was affected by Covid19. He has taken his anger out on his friends and others around him and has shunned his friends over use of the vaccine pass and for having disagreeing with him over any aspect of the pandemic. He has only harmed himself.

      1. SOQ

        Covid passes never had strong support because if they did, then there was no reason why businesses could not have taken in initiative themselves. A few did try in the south of England, but quickly reversed their decision once the tills stopped ringing.

        Some people did meet yes, but the number of locations and attendees have grown massively since then. Given the lack of scientific evidence supporting their introduction- they were and are a tool of coercion.

        Why else are they still needed for night clubs in NI? Because the vaccination rates for that demographic are still low.

        1. George

          Monitoring covid passes costs money so that’s why pubs didn’t do it before the rules came in. Pubs were closed entirely at the time covid passes were introduced so could not bring it in.

          Different governments make their own rules.

          Your claim about more people meeting up outside is just laughable nonsense.

          1. SOQ

            It may cost the price of a kid standing at a door on minimum wage but if it was so popular then surely it would have increased trade? People vote with their hard earned on such things.

            As for the park events, just because it doesn’t suit your opinion doesn’t mean anything- they are happening, in creasing numbers, and Telegram is awash with such.

            Likewise a number of venues which ignored the passport nonsense. They are the ones who will now have the good will of people going forward of course.

  7. K.Cavan

    Dear Sickofitall,
    Try to be charitable. Your friends are the salt of the earth, honest, hardworking folks, the plain people of Ireland, you know, morons. Like a lot of dumbos, the elephant in the room was invisible to them, they went along to get along, they believed the unbelievable, they lodged their tongue deep in the crack of the government’s ass & refused to stop licking, they looked like lunatics in the stupid facerags, like fascists with their quaxx pass, they may yet look like waxworks in a box, since they got treble-quaxxed. Sure, they’re stupid, sure they’re a bit Nazi-schatze, sure they assuaged their guilt by labeling opponents of fascism “The Far Roishe”, sure, they’re delusional as well as collusional but they’re idiots, they knew no better, they haven’t the brains of a bucket of hair, they mumbled through their asses about “asymetric infection” & used “Coronavirus” when they meant “Covid”, “Covid” when they meant “Sars02”, their arse when they meant their elbow & jibbered about all sorts of Fake Science & mumbo jumbo & what’s worse, they probably believed it all. No, really.
    But Sickofitall, just look at their little piggy faces, no wonder they liked masks, look at how their partners dominate & humiliate them, small wonder they morphed into pathetic bullies, look at their beer-bellies, their saggy boobs, actually, stop that, it’s nauseating. Look, they’re your friends, you never chose them because they were the brightest, the best looking, the most intellectually curious & yes, you survived 2 years without them in your life but now….d’ya know what, you’re right, they’re a bunch of tools, f*ck ’em.

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