Early House [Updated]



Doheny and Nesbitt’s, Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

Turn that off.


Right so.



This evening.


This afternoon.

It’s a new dawn.

It’s a new day.

And I’m feeling good.


Cabinet set to end almost all Covid restrictions from 6am Saturday (irish Times)



Ah here.

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88 thoughts on “Early House [Updated]

    1. SOQ

      Is there some sort of serious legal challenge coming I wonder?

      I do know that there is a legal group going around police stations in London alerting them to potential criminal activity occurring at vaccination sites.

      Several police stations have confirmed that they have accepted those complaints, but no indication yet as to if an investigation will occur.

      1. freewheeling

        Several of them! If not here, certainly in other countries and international jurisdictions.

        Data is also there now of negative immunity effects of vaccines, endangering lives, and the higher risk to benefit in kids. If they continue with it, with that data out there, they will be provably complicit in mass-murder, and they know it, and they know that we know it.

        They’ll try to move on and get it out of people’s minds quickly, thinking a pint and a bank holiday will make us think “this isn’t so bad, sure what was all the fuss about.. cheers!” Never forget. Hold them to account.

      2. andrew

        Now you want a legal challenge at the removal of the restrictions that you wanted legally challenged?

        Seriously, are you alright in the head?

    2. TenPin Terry

      ” Humans are social beings and we Irish are more social than most. ”
      What an embarrassing jackass.

    1. Mr.T

      Supposedly they cant have legislation backdated so the removal cant take effect until tomorrow or something
      But I’d imagine they’ll just say to gardai not to enforce it tonight

    1. ANO

      Anti-5G and climate change denial and something about Trump still being the US president.

      And that’s before a drop has touched their lips!

    2. Kali

      We’ll demand a lockdown for the next flu variant backed up by cherry picked science, condescend to anyone who disagrees without point of view, demand children be vilified for playing outdoors and remind people daily of our moral superiority.

      Since the Catholic church no longer breathes down your neck, we will be filling the void.

      1. Niallo

        Are we really that easily appeased ?
        “Have one extra day off, once, so you go and take a mortgage out to buy a pint. And Oh, Dont forget to vote for us now ! We seen ya right”

  1. PointofOrder

    Is it just me or did this all go from ‘You have to close at 8pm to stop the spread of this deadly disease’ to ‘What do you mean you’re not back in the office yet’? ‘What pandemic’?, in the space of about 48 hours…
    I need months to mentally prepare for a return back to the bloody office.

    1. gallantman

      What happened is that while trying to implement restrictions that weren’t working anymore work we inadvertently achieved herd immunity :)

    2. Kali

      This government is all about the u-turns but this one is flabbergasting. It was on it’s way but the speed at which this went from ‘looking into mandating vaccines’ to ‘let’s open everything ‘ is really surprising.

      Spare a thought for poor ole Pat Kenny who must be having a stroke at the thoughts of all those people slobbering, coughing and wheezing over each other in confined/open air spaces.

      I thought anyone who went outside after 8 was a rat licking granny killer. I guess it’s safe to crawl out from under our beds now that Tony has given his approval

    3. Niallo

      I’ve been prepared for it for over a year, its a very simple strategy.
      I’m not going.
      You have more power over your employer than you think, dont be browbeaten, we kept their door open while fully remote all through this thing, without us they would cease to exist.
      Stand your ground.

  2. TenPin Terry

    I shall be out celebrating in a short while as I get together with the chaps in our regular Friday Five 0’Clock Floppers club.
    Not just the ending of restrictions but news that the OECD is forecasting 4.9% GDP growth for the UK next year, the fastest in the G-7.
    And growth this year will be better than the OECD previously estimated at 6.9% rather than 6.7%.
    What’s that you say ?
    Despite Brexit ?
    The pound is now higher than it was before the referendum, foreign direct investment in the UK is still massively out-performing continental rivals and the unemployment rate in the UK is half that of the Eurozone.
    What a marvellous start to the weekend.

    1. Daniel

      Day before the referendum in 2016 1 gbp was €1.3 euro. It’s €1.2 today. Check your facts before posting rubbish.

  3. Kim The Cardassian

    “Going for a pint tonight?”

    “Can’t. Have to delete all those tweets where I said this isn’t about public health, its about control. They’ve aged badly”

    1. Mr.T

      Looks like the saying is true after all:
      “Never ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity”

    2. K.Cavan

      When “Public Health” is being defended by police shooting protesters, only an idiot would fail to see what’s going on. You are a card, Kim.

    3. f_lawless

      I’m going to go out on a limb here Kim and suggest to you that maybe, just maybe, you’re being a bit hasty in taking that stance? Given the domestic pass surveillance system is currently being ramped up in much of Europe, that the surveillance system is still very much in place on an international level so we still can’t leave the country without having to submit to being part of it; not to mention the government’s tendency to contradict themselves and flip-flop on policy, maybe it’s wise to reserve judgement for longer than a day. What will your reaction by next coronavirus season if they announce its time to switch the domestic vax pass system on again?

        1. Kali

          And prisoners in gulags merely had a barcode tattooed on their wrist. Surely they were just crybabies for not complying with a simple barcode

      1. Steph Pinker

        f_lawless: the irony of this is literally on and in people’s faces; it’s like beating a dog, feeding it through a muzzle, then, on a whim taking the muzzle off.

        The lack of imagination, intelligence, understanding and empathy which wantonly has legally displayed and been worn as a badge by so many through the past couple of years has genuinely scared me because it hasn’t been questioned.

  4. SOQ

    Ohh so an all nighter party in Smithfield and then dive into The Chancery to mingle with Dublin’s early wildlife- that really brings me back.

    Seriously- an early house is the most random group you can find. It ranges from the ‘mad out of it’ crew to the gays and drag queens, night workers, oul fellas with the shakes and coked up South Dubbers- plus the odd confused tourist couple.

    All getting along and all havin a craic.

    1. andrew

      That’s the way to do it! Just pretend all the crazy stuff from you over the last while never happened. Just talk about parties and boozing and having the craic.

      1. SOQ

        andrew- have you ever even been to the early house Chancery? If not then STFU you idiot.

        Some of the klingons on this site are very trying, and no- they are not bots.

  5. Yoji

    They gave up all that ‘control’ very quickly when they were given the green light by the docs who also wanted all the ‘control’.

    Strange that. Almost as of it was about something other than ‘control’. Never really got a good definition of what that meant anyway. In a year or so when we haven’t all died from the vaccines they’ll have nothing other than the dribbles on their chins and what ever new idiocy they take up.

      1. Ronnie

        So as we were chatting about the other night, how is this all about state control or for it actually fighting against a biological pandemic, which happen naturally every so often. zero

        no certs, no control. give up.

  6. bell

    Les jeux sont faits!

    Sequence of events leading up to this decision:

    30th December: Over 90% of people in hospital and intensive care with COVID-19 are there for the management of COVID-19. Tony Holohan

    11th January: According to a review by those who actually work in hospitals, only 42 per cent of people in hospital had symptoms of the disease at presentation.

    20th January: Holohan realises that he’s been found out for the bluffer that he actually is and removes all restrictions.

    So all along the numbers in Hospital for Covid treatment were overegged by up to 60%?

    There were 31,134 deaths registered in 2019
    There were 31,765 deaths registered in 2020
    There were 16,264 deaths registered in the first 6 months of 2021.
    So, no increase.

    And before you repy, bear this in mind.

    According to the government, The role of the CMO is:
    Responsibility for provision of strategic leadership and evidence-based analysis and expert medical advice to the department, government, broader health system and regulatory and professional bodies; leads the development and coordination of health and wellbeing policy including the development of policy to address communicable diseases, immunisation, vaccination, smoking, alcohol misuse, bioethical issues; providing secretarial support to NPHET in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

    When did anyone ever hear Holohan speak out about:
    Patient safety in Hospitals
    Lack of ICU beds
    Lack of consultants
    Lack of Mental Healthcare

    Also, if you look at the members of nphet, they are all HSE employees and are therefore primarily concerned with protecting their own organisation.

    Oh, and let’s not forget Dr Cillian de Gascun, director of the National Virus Reference Laboratory in UCD, an organisation who have received just short of €1,000,000,000 of taxpayers money for PCR testing and have now suspended testing for other critical illnesses, (including HIV for 6 months), but not PCR testing.

    1. K.Cavan

      Imagine a disease so deadly that if you turn up at your doctor’s surgery with it, you’ll be told to go home & take some tablets. If you present at an A & E, they’ll send you home too. Imagine a disease so deadly that all the well-tested, safe treatments were withdrawn, deliberately, to allow emergency use of untested injections, which as expected, did little but kill over 40,000 and injure 6.6 million, and counting, failing utterly, otherwise.
      Yes, you’re in the Twilight Zone.
      Now that the government know the calibre of their electorate, watch them run with this. Indigestion Lockdowns? Mandated injections for dandruff? Wear blindfolds to stop dust getting into your eyes? Social distancing to avoid smelling farts?

    2. Cian

      So based on deaths Ireland has done really well?

      Unlike, the US, UK, France, Italy, and in fact, most of the rest of Europe.

      Thank you NPHET!

      1. Kali

        NPHET counted deaths as per WHO instructions in a pandemic. Even if you only test positive for the disease upon death its counted as a Covid death. Imagine they were told anyone that wore brown shoes before dying would be counted as a brown shoe related death, we would have a brown shoe pandemic and everyone would need to start wearing other colour shoes.

        This is how ridiculous the deaths were counted. An epileptic 12 year old in the US becomes the youngest Covid death after having an epileptic fit in the shower, falling and banging her head in the shower. She was later found to have covid therefore counted as a covid death despite it having nothing to do with her death.

        Back in early 2020 an Italian doctor stated that 88% of the covid deaths were not caused by covid but simply had to be counted as such. Many doctors globally have said this was the case in their country.

        If you counted the Irish death rate as similar, the actual covid deaths would be roughly 500 over two years. This would be roughly the same as the mysteriously absent flu. And as Ireland had no excess deaths for either 2020 or 2021, this would give credence to the statement that the pandemic was complete media driven hysterical bullshit and the majority of those that believed it was were uneducated masses who do not understand any form of data analytics and think ‘independant thinkers’ are somehow below them in the intellectual chain

  7. andrew

    So can we take it that SOQ, MICKO, EMATTY, BODGER and the other loo-lahs who told us it was a gradual slide into totalitarianism and nothing to do with a non-existent virus feel like utter fupping idiots right now?

    1. Micko

      Actually, my point was that it was an overreaction and that it was a money making exercise.

      I was pretty feckin consistent about too. Never delved into the more extreme ends of the theories. (Go check – I’ll wait)

      That and we shouldn’t give emergency use drugs to people who don’t need it.

      I’m sure that’ll work out just fine…

      1. andrew

        Liar and a coward on top of being an all-round dunderhead.

        I distinctly recall a series of puerile comments about how masks and social distancing etcetera were the thin edge of an imminent towards control of the populace.

        Just own it and stop being such a wet and spineless little child

        1. Micko

          If I remember that was about the masking of children.

          Which is wrong.

          And how us complying to wear masks was the “thin end of the wedge to allow that.

          But I’m sure you can go find it there. Go on. Pop off there. Just search for that “thin end” phrase and my name.

        2. Micko

          Also, you’re a very angry chappy…

          Is that because I showed you up a while back for plagiarising someone else’s words?

          Ye looked pretty silly that day eh? ;P

    2. Kali

      The complete opposite would seem true. All those that said the daily case numbers meant nothing are suddenly vindicated, while those who cried lockdown because ‘the number 500 is big’ in reference to daily cases suddenly look like numpties as the government open up with >10k daily cases

  8. Dhaughton99

    I noticed yesterday that RTÉ has stopped sending the daily numbers through their app notifications.

      1. Kali

        Or maybe the government just reacted to what they thought would be favourable in the panicked publics eyes. They knew there was no real danger, hence their own continued flaunting of the ridiculous rules. But if a large portion of the public are screaming ‘LOCKDOWN NOW’ on social media they are in the position.

        1 lockdown and pretend you care about public health (ignoring the shambles that is the HSE)

        2 don’t lockdown and be blamed for ‘countless’ deaths (even though there were no excess deaths)

        FF and FG have their eyes on the most important goal for any political party, get reelected. Don’t kid yourself in thinking they actually care about the citizens more than lining their own pockets.

  9. No more Maura

    What the f is going on? Surely this is some sort of trap or their afraid that people are copping on that it was a scam all along? Or do they just want everyone drunk and on drugs so they can blame all the vaccine deaths that are coming on that? I dont know really what to think but am definitely tempted to go to the pub tomorrow but cautious also.

    1. Ronnie

      A trap? A trap for what? you people give out about it all the time and yet when the government announce something positive you still turn on them. what’s this trap you speak of?

  10. ce

    I for one am very much looking forward to seeing all the severely hungover folks sitting bedraggled in their cars in the awful, awful ,awful, traffic on Monday morning… living our best lives…

  11. GiggidyGoo

    Whatever will Claire Byrne do for her pantomimes now?
    What now for Luke O’Neill? No starring role?

    1. SOQ

      How dare you suggest that the crème de la crème of Irish broadcasting talent within RTÉ might run out of original and creative ideas- how very dare you !

  12. SailorGerry

    If the govt really has jabbed 90% of Ireland with an injection that contains a graphene oxide, and then roles out 5G that excites graphene in the blood, I think it might be easy to create the next wave of whatever they want to call dangerous.

    Happy days for normal hours, but this shit show is far from over.

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