Gutter Sniper



Dalkey’s Gutter Bookshop.

Firm but fair?

Or pettiness not befitting a bookseller?

Only you can decide.

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94 thoughts on “Gutter Sniper

  1. Doxxy Chainsaw

    They are the current rules, a reminder to patrons who may have confused the UK and Irish changes to still follow the rules in Ireland.

    Antimaskers are such precious snowflakes with their victim complexes!

  2. K.Cavan

    Given the possibility that the ugliness of the comments of the Pro-Lockdown Brigade regularly paraded on BS are indicative of their facial features, perhaps it would be better if they stayed masked? One doesn’t desire to have their visit to a bookshop disturbed by the cries of horror from book-buying punters as they enter, unmasked. Yikes!

  3. Rominick

    Unfortunately it’s a statutory instrument (S.I. No. 296/2020).
    However anyone can self-exempt under section 5a (ii).
    “5. Without prejudice to the generality of what constitutes reasonable excuse for the purposes of Regulation 4(1), a person has reasonable excuse if –

    (a) the person cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering –

    (i) because of any physical or mental illness, impairment or disability, or

    (ii) without severe distress,”

    You still may get scowls from members of the public.

  4. newsjustin

    All the anti-vax people on twitter huffing and puffing about how they’ll never go back to their local cafe/pub/shop/cinema because of the way they were scandalised during COVID are hilarious.

    Here’s a tip for you – no one wants you to come back….you were no doubt a head-the-ball before this and you’ll be a head-the-ball after this.

    1. SOQ

      Nice of you to speak on behalf of those business owners but pretty sure they don’t want to you to.

      Whatever side of this stupid muzzle debate they were on, going forawrd I think that like the rest they just want to put the whole sorry mess behind them and move on- and that means, not turning away any customers.

  5. goldenbrown

    the proprietor is entitled to do whatever they want with their signage….but I think the books cost a bit more there so why would you anyway

    ps. that David McWilliams place?

    1. The Millie Obnoxious™


      I worked with the guy who owns the place once upon a time. McWilliams he is not. Nice guy, actually, all the same.

  6. Paulus

    I was in there once with several other people; a few of us were perusing books written by celebs:

    We were all in the Gutter, but some of us were looking at the stars.

    (Coat fully buttoned and hat jammed firmly down on head).

  7. Cobweb

    That sign is such compelling reading I’m finding it hard to put it down.
    BTW… not wearing a face mask a book-able offence?

  8. freewheeling

    Some business owners are going to find it very hard to let go of this mask stuff, even after the legal mandate ends.

          1. SOQ

            My Mother had chronic COPD for 12 years so I am very familiar with what being vulnerable entails. Not once did she, or we, expect other people to give up their freedoms in order to protect her- because that was our job, nobody else’s.

            This is far from the first time in history that people had to shield during a flu season, some people have to do it every year- and another coronavirus will make very little difference.

          2. Nigel

            ‘Wearing a mask while in indoor public places’ is not giving up freedom.

            You may not have expected pandemic measures to protect people and the health service, but we did it anyway, beause covid is not the flu.

          3. SOQ

            No its not the same as the flu- the current strain may be more infectious but is a lot less virulent than the flu.

            My point is that some people had to shield long before this outbreak but I very much doubt they concerned you.

          4. Nigel

            That’s twice I’ve seen that argument used tonight to justify not taking measures during a pandemic. It’s a weird one.

        1. Micko

          “They have nothing to worry about?”

          Yes Nigel.

          “They” and their families have a LOT to worry about.

          So, unfortunately same as always.

          You are not responsible for them.

          1. Nigel

            ‘So, unfortunately same as always.’

            No, there’s a highly contagious airoborne disease circulating througout the country, so not normal at all, and to pretend otherwise is to either lie, or buy into the ‘pandemic is fake’ stuff. There’s no middle ground there. The pandemic is either real, or it isn’t.

            You don’t know what I am or am not responsible for, or what sense of social responsibility I feel. I find your stance of affected indifference unconvincing as a countrer-argument

          2. Micko

            “or what sense of social responsibility I feel.’

            Going on your feelings now are we?

            Good stuff…

          3. Nigel

            Something wrong with feelings? Haven’t you frequently boasted how going to cafes and restaurants make you feel all strong and manly?

          4. Micko


            If you think going to cafes and restaurants is boasting, you REALLY need to get out more man.

            I’m sure your 4th booster will facilitate that…

            someday… we live hope


          5. Nigel

            You boasted about how brave and manly you were for going out to cafes and reatsurants. It was pretty cringe, but you did it.

          6. Micko


            For the best part of a year here you’ve been rabbiting on about getting the vaccine and it’s protection, wearing masks and hand washing etc. That’s fine – that’s your bag – grand. All in the past.

            But today, you say your going to STILL gonna follow everything when restrictions are limited.

            Oh man

            I can see it now; :P

            “Ok Nigel we got the vaccine – now what?”

            “Well, continue to socially distance, sanitise your hands, wear a mask and take Covid tests regularly.”

            “Oh… but people are saying it’s over and the new variant is grand – only a cold”

            “Well now, it’s even MORE important to continue to socially distance, sanitise your hands, wear a mask and take Covid tests regularly.”



            I can see why someone stepping outside their house would seem brave and manly to you Nidger…

            Wait until you have to go back to the office. Oh man… the bedwetting.

          7. Nigel

            No, you boasted about how going out was brave and manly. You did. If you’re embarrased by it now, fine, but you did.

            Yeah, you can see all that, from your supposedly reasonable middle ground that apparenlty can’t exist without sustained exaggeration and mockery, but what’s actually happening is the virus is still in circulation, and vulnerable people still need to be careful. But to you they’re cowardly bedwetters, apparenlty.

          8. Micko

            No, you boasted about how going out was brave and manly. You did. If you’re embarrased by it now, fine, but you did.”

            Citation needed perhaps? And why the hell would I be embarrassed? It’s the internet ffs

            (Suppose it shows how much your online persona is tied into you, that you’d even contemplate embarrassment. No one else here gives two craps)

            But, before you pop of there and scour Broadsheet for my offending post about my “maleness”, I believe I said something like;

            “that all it took to get into a restaurant with a fake covid pass was some balls” or something to that effect.

            The morons here have ramped that up to another level – but alas – morons. What can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            But off you pop anyway…

            “they’re cowardly bedwetters”

            Emmm no…

            I’m talking about you.


            As In YOU, “Sir Nigelus of Broadsheet” are a big ol bedwetting scardy pants.

          9. Nigel

            Deny it all you like, Micko, you did it.

            ‘As In YOU, “Sir Nigelus of Broadsheet” are a big ol bedwetting scardy pants.’

            And this is essentially the same thing.

            ‘I’m talking about you. ‘

            Why? To make yourself feel big and brave and strong?

          10. Micko

            (Citation needed)

            There was another clown here the other day who said I said something I didn’t

            He schnaked off too when asked for proof.

            As will you…

          11. Nigel

            You quoted one yourself, though you tried to downplay it, and there’s your comments about me here in this very thread, all showing your association of going out with bravery and manliness and mocking taking basic measures against a highly contagious airborne virus, even if there might be someone vulnerable affected, as cowardly. It’s quite repellant.

          12. Micko

            Still playing the “I care about the vulnerable ” card eh?

            You didn’t give a fupp about the flu and the vulnerable, but as soon as something that could hurt you personally came along. Well, then it’s all about the vulnerable.

            It’s quite repellant indeed

          13. Nigel

            So, you have expressed indifference about the vulnerable, but it’s really me who doesn’t give a fupp about the vulnerable. You’ve boasted about being brave for going out, but it’s really me who thinks it’s brave to go out. Detecting a pattern.

        1. bisted

          …ah Giggser…it’s yourself…do you mean protestants, as in that flavour of christian who likes to define themselves by religion or prods who are a different beast altogether…prods being those who are not Irish…they call me fenian or taig…even though I’m nelther…but you know yourself, any taig will do…

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Why do you hate them? After all you were proclaiming your hatred of them a couple of days ago.

  9. Kim The Cardassian

    So let’s be honest here. Maria is a fecking gobsheen, trying to appease online bots and foreign accounts with likes with her ill thought out comment.

    So she wont shop in the Gutter. Grand.

    Where will she go? Easons? Nope. Chapters? Dubray? Books Upstairs? None of them either, they have to follow the law too.

    Instead, assuming she can actually read anything longer than 280 characters, will buy her books online on Amazon.

    You’re a martyr Maria. A fecking martyr.

    A modern day Rosa Parks.

    1. Kali

      I love the saltiness of all the covid karen maskholes that come to broadsheet to cry. Does it sting to know your time of pontificating and telling everybody how they should behave has come to an end now that the world is moving on?

    2. Kali

      I love the saltiness of all the covid karen maskholes that come to broadsheet to complain about the content. Does it sting to know your time of pontificating and telling everybody how they should behave has come to an end now that the world is moving on?

      1. Nigel

        Wait, who’s the ‘karen’ here? The one trying to socially shame a shop for having a mask policy in place while a highly contagious airborne disease is still circulating?

        1. Doxxy Chainsaw

          I’ve seen this lately. The antis have adopted Karen as a slur against people who follow simple things like social distancing and wearing a mask… Another psyop or mass formation psychosis event where they parrot what they’re told by some shifty Telegram poster with a bitchute or tiktok video.

          We all know Karen is the person who goes into shops unmasked and squalks about der freedumbs.

          1. Micko

            You literally call people snowflakes / mopes / anti-everything / freedumbers etc etc on a daily basis.

            But Karen? “That’s too far!!! TOO FAR!!”

            What are ya like?

          2. Doxxy Chainsaw

            It seems I have triggered you into a fairly hysterical outburst.

            Please point out where I said that Karen is “too far”.

        2. SOQ

          Nope you are definitely the Karen.

          It will be a long time before the mask rule is dropped but in the mean people will just forget about it. It is silly and it is stupid that you have to wear it in a shop but not in the pub next door.

          That is what is happening in England right now and that is what will happen here too. You got a problem with that, then stay at home.

          1. Nigel

            ‘Nope you are definitely the Karen. ‘

            I’m not the person tryomg to do the social shaming here.

          2. Micko

            Still thinking you’re smart while continuing to argue on the internet eh?

            How many hours is that today smart boy?

          3. Nigel

            ‘Bedwetter,’ ‘smart boy’ – um.

            Never mind. Next thing you’ll be challenging me to a fight at lunchtime.

          4. Micko

            Getting flashbacks from school are we Nigel?


            “fag hags”? Mr Mad. “fag hags?” WTF?

            You can’t help poor old Nigel with slurs like that ye know! He’s in a pickle now does he ignore you or take your assistance. ;P

            He’ll have to check his Woke Bible to see if that’s acceptable or not!

            Normal service will resume soon….

          5. Mad

            a heterosexual woman who spends much of her time with gay men.

            Ok, fair enough I guess you are pre-op trans Micko

          6. Micko


            Can we have a ruling!

            Is “fag hag” acceptable on de Internets?

            We await your wokeness oh wokey one


            Holy F*&k – he just said “pre op trans” too!! :-O

            What the hell is going on? Are you trying to break Broadsheet Mr Mad!

            Help us Nigel, you’re our only hope and we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!

          7. Mad

            Micko your gay BFF SOQ used that term last week freely here, you are SO NOT ON POINT Darling!

            Will you keep your big balls in a saucer or a cookie jar after your vaginoplasty?

          8. Nigel

            ‘We await your wokeness oh wokey one’

            Try to imagine what someone with basic common decency would do, and copy it.

          9. Micko

            I’m afraid until the woke one has given a ruling, I cannot engage with you Mr Mad.

            Wouldn’t wanna get cancelled or nuthin… ;P

            “Try to imagine what someone with basic common decency would do, and copy it.”

            And anger “the Wokerati” Are you cracked sir?

          10. Micko

            Now now Nigel.

            Don’t be trying to sneak off topic.

            Will you accept Mr Mad’s assistance or not?

            He’s a fun mad ol chappy, but may not fit in with your “modern sensibilities”.

            I can see how this might be difficult for you, you’re almost trapped in some type of “Woke Phantom Zone”, unable to interact, just floating off into space like General Zod and pals, in that weird diamond shaped thing.*

            So, Nigel,

            Calling someone a Fag Hag? Ok or not?

            And calling someone a “pre-op trans” as a slur.
            Is that cool?

            Will you call HIM out on my behalf?

            I await your ruling ;P

            * Actually while I think of it, when the feck could Superman throw his ‘S’ symbol like that? Or erase minds with a kiss… wtf?

            Superman 2 was messed up man!

      1. Micko

        “Also, we sell face mask and hand sanitiser” – on that very web page. HA HA HA HA HA! Classic stuff pal…

        What a coincidence… a business selling Facemasks is interested in promoting their use – oh Christ!

        Thanks for that laugh Nigel. You really are unique

        1. Nigel

          So, two things that amaze you, things being named and shops selling things. You’ve, uh, really cracked this one wide open, Holmes.

          1. Micko

            “two things that amaze you”

            You’re confusing amazement with ridicule…

            I thought you were an “Intellectual?”

          2. Nigel

            Yeah, you have to do a lot of exaggerarated performative ridicule about unremarkable stuff in the middle ground, don’t you?

          3. Micko


            You’re reaching there. Preeeeeety lame response Nigel.
            Listen, if you’re not gonna bring your ‘A’ game – let’s call it an evening?

            Maybe you should pop off and do an antigen test if you’re not feeling up to it.

            Ye never know… “It could be you”. ;-)

          4. Nigel

            I’m not the one pretending that things being named and shops selling stuff is worthy of exaggerated performative mockery. But then, that is your A game.

        1. Micko

          It might be interesting for a while after the final restrictions are lifted.

          Two different types of shops perhaps? Those that will continue with restrictions and masks and those who won’t.

          And then once and for all, we’ll see that this thing is mostly political.

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Except for the signage in the window and outside where you sometimes have to queue, aside from both of those signes there’s no signs.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Nope – I don’t see any passive aggressive signs at their doors, in their windows, or outside.
        Send a photo please Karen :-)

  10. SailorGerry

    I clean my cess pit once every two years and barely give it a thought in between interventions.

    You allude to enjoying the stench but have no Lavender to add to the conversation?

    Enlighten me.

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