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    1. SOQ

      What does that even mean? The call is for the relinquishing of emergency powers and the removal of mask mandates- two things which should and will happen. Unfortunately we will probably have to wait for England to go first- again.

      1. TheWhiteWolf

        It means that these idiots and those like them think their barking scared away the bad postman and are huffing and puffing around as if some sort of victory is theirs.

        Whereas the postman did his job, delivered the mail and is going about his day without a moments thought of a yappy pup.

        And, if there’s mail tomorrow, he’ll be back again. The dog will bark, but the mail will still be delivered.

        I’m sure you can tease out the analogy from there.

        (In this story, our protagonist identifies as male)

        1. SOQ

          I assume you don’t approve of street protests at all then? People are protesting all over the world in numbers never seen before but you think it is all a waste of time- it is not. It is the one thing which cannot be hidden by media spin and bluster, because the numbers do not lie.

          And, more to the point, unlike the French who would protest because they have nothing to protest about, when the Irish take to the streets it is serious. The last time was the water protests and that decision was subsequently reversed.

          1. TheWhiteWolf

            It’s no skin off my nose if they protest or not. It’s just a such a comically futile thing for such a small scraggy dog to be barking at. If the mail needs delivering, it’ll be delivered no matter their barking. You said it yourself. Everything can be reimposed in a heartbeat and there’s nothing – nothing – that lot can do about it.

        2. K.Cavan

          Having to explain your analogy exposes how excruciatingly dumb it is, you’re less like a “White Wolf” & more like a mongrel licking it’s own balls. I’m sure you enjoy it but it would be less embarrassing if you didn’t do it front of the dinner guests.

  1. The Millie Obnoxious™

    So they’re protesting the end of restrictions…….? Weren’t they just out protesting the restrictions last week?

    Good for them.

    1. SOQ

      As above Millie- until the emergency powers are relinquished everything can be reimposed in a heartbeat. As for forcing children to wear masks while adults can slobber all over each other in pubs, that defies all logic.

        1. SOQ

          Given the state of people all over the country on Saturday night / Sunday morning- you can be certain there was plenty of slobbering going on. Dublin City centre was a ghost town last night- most bizarre.

          1. SOQ

            Yeah I know but what I find bizarre is that everyone rushed out on the one night? It was like Paddys day * 2 apparently.

            I suppose it shows how fed up people are with the whole thing but queuing for an hour then to be shoved around the place is not what I would consider to be a good night out.

      1. JDizzle

        This has been an emergency. These planks protesting are clowns. They wouldn’t understand what the word tyranny means.

          1. Joan Burton

            Or a very well managed one , who knows what state of chasis we would have end up in the that scruffy tin foil lot in the pics had been in charge

          2. SOQ

            In exactly the same situation if the data out of the US is anything to go by. States which were and are wide open have the same if not lower rates.

            Of course the Covid Cult will never admit to this.

          3. JDizzle

            Where did you get that information? there was an increase in deaths and a report was issued. i know of multiple people who died with COVID, two had underlying health conditions but one had none and was 48 years of age. I’m not promoting COVID restrictions as a great thing, but pretending that this wasn’t a serious pandemic. look up the Herman Cain awards, plenty of people who were in denial were struck down with the illness, and most would have probably wished they had.

          4. Micko


            Those Herman Cain awards are pretty sick stuff.

            Remember when “every life mattered”. We heard that a lot here.

            Only lives that agree with us though… if you think differently – then FU pal.

          5. SOQ

            herman cain awards- that is just sick.

            There are plenty of people who were very vocal in support of vaccines then died not just from CoVid-19 but the actual vaccines themselves.

            What has happened to us that we have sunk so low as to gloat over another person’s death?

          6. Nigel

            It’s in poor taste all right, but it’s a variation of the Darwin Awards, and the deaths by covid of people who opposed pandemic measures, opposed the vaccines, downplayed or even denied the reality if the pandemic are unavoidably ironic, and in the US where a political party is making it illegal to protect people from the pandemic, thereby causing illness and death, it’s more than a simple disagreement.

        1. Johnny

          Yeah what we have witnessed over the last 2 years totally hasn’t been tyrannical or anything, what utter planks! Needing to show your papers to have a pint, being bullied into taking a “vaccine” you mightn’t want, being restricted to 5km of your house, not being allowed to leave the country without risking a massive fine, the unvaxxed demonised at every opportunity by the media and politicians, and having your business closed are all totally normal things, and absolutely are not tyrannical or governmental overreach in any way.

          Oh, and if you think differently, and perhaps think needing to have a pass to have a pint is a bad thing, or maybe you think kids shouldn’t be shivering in the freezing cold wearing masks at school, then you’re obviously an idiot, aren’t you! There has been an emergency, didn’t you hear?

        2. K.Cavan

          It was an emergency in your wee head Dizzle. Like a lot of what you see on your goggle-box it was entirely fictional, designed to take in the weak-minded, the gormlessly compliant & the Shy Fascist types which, as we know, predominate in Direland & that’s exactly what it did. I used to bristle at anti-Irish jokes which implied we weren’t the sharpest tools in the box but God bless your little brains if you didn’t embarrass us, again.

          1. JDizzle

            There is no point in arguing over who was right/wrong. The Virus didn’t give a flying Fu@k about any of our opinion, it was only delighted when people socialized and spread it. Regardless if you thought we should have no restrictions on movement, again the virus was delighted and spread even more and found the weak. Look at the Councillor is Donegal, dead because of his stupididy to leave the hospital. The Herman Cain awards may have been in bad taste but it shone a light on the needless amount of people dying, and great they made their bed and werent willing to be vaccinated. The Brits attempted to keep the economy open and see if Herd immunity would work (seems to be a lot with that opinion in here) and changed their minds when the hospitals filled up. We had 5000+ deaths in Ireland, excess death was up 33% also, so that’s what my opinion is based on.

      2. Kim The Cardassian

        This could be the first time we see eye to eye on something. Completely agree with your comment on adults in pubs vs kids in school. Bonkers stuff

        1. Micko

          Yup, makes no sense alright.

          Hopefully the March 28th deadline will happen and they will be gone.

          Although over the last few days I’ve seen different reporting on it. Ranging from “Masks will definitely be gone on kids on March 28th” to “NPHET will think about it”

          It’s pretty weird either way. Adults able to do what they want in pubs and kids can’t sit in school without them? Makes no sense.

          1. SOQ

            Especially as children are regarded as the lowest risk from serious CoVid-19.

            But the same arises with shops where people are in nowhere near as close proximity for anywhere near the same length of time as in pubs.

            I did read an interesting suggestion about why they are so keen to inject children- that the goal is to get it into the children’s vaccine program. From a Pharma perspective that would then be an ongoing revenue stream.

          2. K.Cavan

            A search-engine enquiry for the USA’s schedule of childhood vaccinations is worth a look, SOQ, they are pumping their kids full of injections for diseases most people have never even heard of, it’s pretty astonishing. They use their kids as lab rats & cash machines for Big Pharma & the result? An average life-span that’s a decade less than most European countries & has recently stalled & begun to fall, completely out of line with most of the planet, where life expectancy is climbing. This is exactly what the unelected fascist goons of the EU would love to impose on Europe, under Van der Layen, with her Big Pharma executive husband.

      3. Gorty

        It’s called public health measures
        I could imagine if Ebola hit us or the bubonic plague that for our protection idiots are prevented from spread it around
        Hence rules so rules are needed

    1. Gorty

      No point at all ,with a juvenile health service that was close to collapse before COVID was flagged as a corona virus not a beer

    1. K.Cavan

      Trans Women are Women, old boy, learn the Chant Of The Ever-Circling Woke Singletons & repeat it daily until you believe it.

  2. P Ryan

    These people need to find a new cause, bless them, they clearly need something to keep them busy

    I wonder if they’ve heard about Climate Change?!?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      They’ve decided that isn’t real.. despite the fact that c.11,000 years ago Dublin was under a mile of ice.. and will be again in c.55,000 years from now.

    2. K.Cavan

      Yes, P Ryan, it will soon take the place of the Fake Pandemic on the goon-show “News”, announcing the fact that the climate has been changing for far too long & we need to put a stop to it by dying out.

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Poor Muppets, always used as a perjorative. The Muppets deserve better than being compared to that lot.

    2. K.Cavan

      Oooh, Kim, such cutting satire, did anyone ever tell you you’d give Oscar Wilde a run for his money? No, didn’t think so. A truly pathetic comment, even by your dire standards.
      Why do these fascist goons bother? Because, living alone, they have no-one to bully & brutalise, probably. Yawn.

  3. Dr.Fart

    its funny.. the people backing up why they’re protesting when restrictions were already lifted. Just look at the signs in the pics, they are things that are gone. Dont take the kill shot. You don’t have to. Making you say yes to the shot to get other freedoms.. you don’t have to. No vaccine passports needed now. Forcing kids to get shots? also not happening.

    Paint it up anyway you like. The fact is, a lot of these people are lost and bewildered in general, and this gave them a sense of belonging and purpose. So even tho restrictions are ended, its actually not about that for most of these. It’s just something to do, and protests are a day out. Hugely evident in the sign “this isn’t over until government (crossed out) WE say its over” .. that tells you everything. They just wanna shout and complain and feel oppressed… together. I don’t hate them for it, I don’t hate them for what they think. I just think its silly. and a lot of them are silly. protesting for no reason. Get behind something that matters, something that needs voices behind it. Get out and protest the state of healthcare, direct provision, housing.. don’t just protest for the craic.

    1. ANO

      Silly is a good word for it.

      Silly during a global pandemic can activately put people’s lives at risk but as we’re coming out the other side of this we can now at least enjoy their silliness for what it is without having to worry about them endangering others.

      It’ll be interesting to see how many continue their journey down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory nonsense while the rest of us are trying to deal with the very many, very real issues facing the country.

      1. Johnny

        Hey ANO, what “silliness” is that and what conspiracy theories are you talking about? Can you name either please? Interesting that the tyrannical governmental overreach we’ve seen over the last two years and the formation of a “papers please” society where the government has the right to dictate what goes into your own body, that somehow doesn’t count as a “real issue”


        1. ANO

          There was a global pandemic that necessitated the implementation of public health safety measures.

          That’s the reality, simple as, denying reality is silly.

        2. f_lawless

          I wonder in years to come, assuming the fog of Covid finally lifts, will be people be astonished to look back on how easily we discarded the need to require proper evidence for policy interventions and how, two years into this thing, the majority of people haven’t demonstrated any real curiosity in the costs and benefits of those interventions being adequately quantified.

          Too many succumbed to the allure of putting blind trust in authoritarian figures rather than holding them up to proper scrutiny and demanding accountability.

          1. Nigel

            People are going to be pretty astonished at people decided that declaring a pandemic not real was sufficient for a pandemic to not be real and who declared the whole thing a hypercapitalist plot while objecting to any and all pandemic measures that dared to interrupt the processes of capitalism.

          2. jungleman

            How do you not see that you display a consistent pattern of paranoid delusions?

            What’s your view on the moon landings? Just out of curiosity..

    2. Johnny

      Bloody hell, what utter nonsense.

      You do get that the reason they are protesting is to ensure this never happens again, did you not read the headline? Yes, vaccine passports are gone. But they can never return. That’s why they are there.You do understand this, don’t you?

      *Paint it up anyway you like. The fact is, a lot of these people are lost and bewildered in general, and this gave them a sense of belonging and purpose*

      Is that so? So I supposedly am “lost” and “bewildered” if I find the idea of the government telling me I need to take a vaccine or else some of my freedoms are limited? Do you know how stupid that sounds?

      *So even tho restrictions are ended, its actually not about that for most of these. It’s just something to do, and protests are a day out*

      Imagine being this completely ignorant to think that those people are there for a “day out”.

      *Get behind something that matters, something that needs voices behind it. Get out and protest the state of healthcare, direct provision, housing.. don’t just protest for the craic*

      Who are you to tell anyone “what matters?” We (and I) will decide that, NOT you.

      Ah yes, unless it’s one of my trendy, Leftie causes dear to MY heart, it “doesn’t matter’. How typical of people like you. Little things like freedom and governmental overreach, naaah, who cares about them.

    3. Doxxy Chainsaw

      They can go back to being plain old racists and bigots now, bringing nooses and flags wrapped in 2x4s to their bigotfest to attack people who oppose them.

        1. Doxxy Chainsaw

          I see you always have to use a foreign protest to claim Irish marches aren’t organised by right wing bigots, capitalising on the stupidity of gullible idiots.

          It doesn’t make the point you think it does.

          1. SOQ

            What evidence do you have that that protest was organised by “right wing bigots”? Dr. Vincent Carroll is not right wing anything and you can be certain he would not be associated with such.

            As for the many ordinary people who turned up- did it ever occur to you that they feel strongly about the issue?

            Dismissing them as “gullible idiots” says a lot more about you than anyone else.

          2. Micko

            “What evidence do you have that that protest was organised by “right wing bigots”?”

            Coz De Beacon said so… so they did. And Daisy loves dem.

            And then they went on to link the response of some people to Aisling Murphy’s murder to the far right.

            https://the-beacon.ie/2022/01/18/in-the-wake-of-ashling-murphys-murder-the-far-right-only-saw-an-opportunity/. (While also providing high quality ads and requests for money)

            I’m sure all those locals outside the courthouse looking for that Slovakian fellah’s blood were all far right too.

            Actually, the whole Aisling Murphy thing has calmed down eh?

            Who coulda predicted that…?

          3. Doxxy Chainsaw

            The Beacon at least tries to find out who actually organises these events, as opposed to the dimwits who hear the dogwhistle and turn up. I thought you were all into dOiNg dUh ReSuRch!!1!eleventy!!

          4. Doxxy Chainsaw

            Was he a PsyOps plant Bodger?

            Is he the agent going around antivaxx/antimask rallies sticking people with the vaccine?

    4. K.Cavan

      Another brain-fart from the doctor! The poor lamb is so feeble-minded that it’s forgotten the last two years already. Quality.

    1. Johnny

      Everyone who doesn’t like the idea of the government limiting freedoms unless you take a “vaccine” “always looks like poo”

      And you are talking about “lack of mental wellness?”

    2. SOQ

      Interesting that the smears and sneers of ‘far right’ have been dropped these days. So we have moved on to questing mental health now is it? That is a hell of a lot of crazy people in the one place don’t you think?

      How dismissive and patronising.

      1. Doxxy Chainsaw

        It’s not a smear if it’s true. Who are the people behind these rallies? Why do they hide behind hastily created, anonymous astroturf groups?

          1. Doxxy Chainsaw

            So you can’t tell me who organises these rallies, but like the good little groupthink sheeple you are, you turn up and make yourselves look like usless idiots for the fash.

            Well done (golf clap)

          2. SOQ

            You are the one making the accusations dear- therefore it is up to you to name names surely?

            I mean you appear to be very certain- so who?

          3. Doxxy Chainsaw

            Sounds like I’ve hit a nerve. Surely if you’re attending a protest you know the name of at least One person who organised it? I mean, what kind of unthinking dolt would turn up to a rally without that kind of information? is it because you do know the fash groups behind it?

          4. SOQ

            You are the one hurling abuse and making offensive accusations- don’t you think you should be certain of your facts first?

    3. K.Cavan

      You visibly see it, do you tom2, as opposed to audibly seeing it, eh?
      Watch out folks, the Brains Trust is throwing its brain fat around.

    1. Johnny

      Imagine being this stupid and brainwashed to think that 7% of the population is responsible for the “longer than necessary restrictions” and not the government and NPHET.

    2. K.Cavan

      Absolutely, Ruille, sure it was their idea in the first place. Unfortunate that they’re the government, isn’t it?

    1. Micko

      Ahhh that was actually pretty funny. I always like the concept of the McGruber sketches, the execution is always a bit off though.

      Although when McGruber was asked about the hole in his mask he could have replied with “One hole? There’s millions of them baby”


  4. I can't stand the rain

    You seem to see the same 3 or 4 smelly old hairy hippies at all of these, no matter the ’cause’.
    Soap exists, people.

      1. Duncan Wheeler

        I must have missed the scratch and smell photo of said smelly hippy.
        What’s wrong with smelly hippies?
        I’m one and enjoy my yearly bath of moonbeam crystals.

  5. K.Cavan

    Luckily for those Walter Mitty types so deeply devoted to the Covid Cult that you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms, the government is considering taking over one of the unoccupied islands off our West coast & setting up a refuge for your zombie movie fantasies. It’ll be called Covidy Island & all it’s denizens will be required to wear masks & social distance 24/7, lockdown will be permanently enforced from January to December & a special TV & radio service will be set up to broadcast round-the-clock news about anyone on the island having a cough or sneeze, which will be monitored via cameras & mics in every house, street & shop.
    There will be a pub, Coughey’s Bar but it will be permanently closed. As soon as you’re all safely transported there, special teams will burn every seaworthy boat in the locality, then the mooring rope will be cut & you can all drift off to the Southern hemisphere, where Jacinda Ardern & Dan, Dan, Dan Andrews will march you off to National Resilience Centres, for your own safety. There, you can stay, forever, safe, happy, little hypochondriacs.
    Off yiz go, now & live yer best lives.

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Purveyor of statement that he’s been spiked with the vaccine calls others Walter Mitty.

      Irony is dead.

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