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Neil Young Demands Spotify Remove His Music Over ‘False Information About Vaccines’ (Rolling Stone)

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25 thoughts on “Heart Of Gold

  1. Verbatim

    Hmmmmm, wonder who will win this hand wrestle

    I could listen to Joe Rogan for 2 hours, 5 minutes of Neil Young is more than enough of his whiny voice and suicide inducing songs.

    1. DNA and Dan

      You got the first part wrong by about 2 hours, but you were only 4 minutes and 50 seconds off with the Neil Young part.

      You win a Leonard Cohen Box-Set and a complimmentory rope that you can do whatever you want with.

    2. Col

      To be fair, he’s not giving an ultimatum, he’s not going up against Rogan, he said “I want all my music off their platform”.

  2. Micko

    While I do like Neil Young

    Neil Young – 6 million monthly listens

    Joe Rogan – 200 million monthly listens

    Nuff said…

    1. DNA and Dan

      Who sold the most albums?
      Who was actually most listened to?

      Apples and Oranges bro…
      Apples and Oranges

      1. Micko


        But Spotify don’t make albums.

        And as you say, Neil Young fans probably already bought Neil’s albums. Those albums don’t contain any new information.

        Rogan will win out. Rightly or wrongly.

        Now – if a few artists did it. Then there might be a chance.

          1. Johnny-ny.

            (Spotify’s Neil Young page said he has more than 6 million monthly listeners, and his top three songs combined have received more than half a billion listens on the service.)

            Rogan claims he has 200 million listeners,but he makes lots false claims.

          2. Johnny-ny.

            ….it’s kinda funny in that I never ever come across Rogan,he’s just not relevant in NY/LA maybe he’s big in Ohio or Florida..,,.and ,north Dublin but he does have a BIG fanboy on here,at what point do grow ups just stop fanboying it’s a bit cringy.

  3. ANO

    Can respect him for putting his money where his mouth is but as others have said, this isn’t a hard choice for Spotify!

    1. Nigel

      Well Spotify paid Joe Rogan a lot, and they ony pay musical artists a little, which is pretty messed up.

      1. ANO

        I was going to touch on that, 6 million plays on Spotify probably nets an artist just enough for a cheap lunch!

        Joe Rogan, while a gobpoo, brings a big audience so I’m sure he’s well worth the outlay for Spotify.

    2. DNA and Dan

      Old Fruit vs Rotten Vegetables.

      One will suck… One will seed.
      Who will succeed?

      tip : (Neil Young)

  4. Lush

    I have absolutely no idea who Joe Rogan is.
    I’m getting the impression that I’m better off that way.

  5. E'Matty

    Young was part of the Laurel Canyon crew who are super dodge. Saw him play in Kilkenny a few years ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. Would throw a pint of pish and poops at the stage after this.

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