Running Of The Bull


Anti-vaccine passport protest in Barcelona, Spain earlier this month

This morning.

Via Catalan News:

The Catalan government will scrap the obligatory use of Covid passports to enter bars, restaurants, cultural events, and all other establishments, from Thursday at midnight into Friday.

The executive had initially planned on extending their use, but on Wednesday evening, it was confirmed that they will no longer be required.

After a late meeting of the government officials in charge of Covid, authorities came to this decision on the basis that the measure worked when the Delta variant was prevalent, but now that the much more transmissible Omicron strain of the coronavirus is dominant in Catalonia, and because the vaccine seems to prevent severe illness but not prevent transmission, then the use of the Covid passport to enter establishments is rendered somewhat redundant.


Any excuse.

Any excuse 2

Use of Covid passports in bars to be scrapped from Thursday (CatalanNews)



No need for the language.

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49 thoughts on “Running Of The Bull

    1. goldenbrown

      dunno much about the chitter

      but in a certain era the original DI Burnside was a serious icon and much loved character…many’s the early evening an entire workforce enjoying The Bill followed by post episode analysis on the smoke break the following day

      I bet he’d have upset some of the more delicate souls today lol

  1. Cui Bono?

    Good news. Let’s hope all measures end everywhere once and for all.

    The vaccines did not stop the Delta variant. Summer time was what was stopping severe illness and death during the summer months, not the vaccines.

          1. SOQ

            True but just like flu- the degree of impact of CoVid-19 varies greatly. For some it is a light head cold, some heavy, right through to being completely laid up for a couple of weeks- or worse.

            The main difference appears to be that obesity plays a huge part in how seriously ill you become with CoVid-19, while flu is more of an equal opportunities employer.

            But on a positive note- the daffodils are popping their heads up, and the evenings are starting to get brighter- roll on the spring.

          2. The Millie Obnoxious™

            I expect in the next 5 or so years we’ll see more detail and understanding of what the contributing factors are in determining who is more susceptible to covid, more at risk etc.

          3. SOQ

            It’s a coronavirus and they have a two year seasonal sweep before they settle down into an endemic phase.

            Unless it behaves differently to the rest of course, but from what I gather, it hasn’t up until now.

      1. Cui Bono?

        Another illogical ad hominem remark from Cian. It’s all you have now.

        You’re a data denier.

          1. hmmm

            80% of people have natural immunity to corona viruses (from prior infection – seasonal colds and flu)

            Unless you’ve taken the stab of course.

          2. Nigel

            ‘It’s inevitable.’

            Not much point boasting of natural immunity that’ll protect from catching covid if you had to catch covid to get it.

            ‘seasonal colds and flu’

            So the millions of people who caught covid all over the world never had colds or flus?

          3. Nigel

            The potato vaccines work. Nobody’s complaining of catching potatoes. Except you. There’s a plot of them growing in your brain, apparently.

  2. SailorGerry

    Great news for the Spanish; we just need Austria, Canada, Australia and the rest of the power drunk freaks to quit with their mandates that are ineffective at best.

  3. K.Cavan

    Burnside hit the nail on the head about the bourgeoisie & their onanistic ways. Their pronouns, their facerags, their quaxxes, their quaxx-pass apps on their iphones, their desire to fill working class areas with immigrants, their delight when their son or daughter thinks they’re their daughter or son, or neither & their angsty anti-social behaviour reflecting their lack of real humanity.
    Woke, of which the Fake Pandemic is a symptom, is the Middle-Classes having a brain-farting, pearl-clutching nervous breakdown, childishly aping the whitebread bourgeoisie of the US, following them down the rabbit-hole of fake university courses in diversity gibberish by fake professors, to get fake jobs, paid for by taxpayers & customers, mourning the deaths of crackhead criminals, while creating a mountain of trans waffle, hysterical screaming wokery, gender nonsense & attempting to share their guilt-trips for past crimes with people who happen to share their nationality but not their irrationality.
    These people really need to get over themselves. Stick a fork in their ass & turn ’em over, they’re done. And the Irish are the most excessively aspirational towards bourgeois faux-respectibilty, ever see them trying to enjoy themselves? It’s hilarious, they can’t even dance. I live in a middle-class area but at least it’s on the Northside, where the women have fake jewellery & real orgasms.

    1. Nigel

      Fantastic encapsulation of current right-wing hysterical reactionary rage and paranoia against the threat of any kind of social and systemic change.

        1. Nigel

          Are the goosesteopers coming for the secret cabal controlling finance, media and tech while spreading disease and medicines that are really poison?

    2. SOQ

      Reply to that tweet by LyraValdo8 @LValdo84 sums it up.

      “Weird how when you go to Lidl, Asda etc there aren’t as many panic-eyed mask wearers as in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. What’s that all about? Do you think ‘worrying’ about Covid is a luxury that the middle classes are clinging on to?”

      1. Nigel

        Astonishing that you’ve put yourself in the position where you’ve joined in the politcisation of people worrying aout getting sick during a pandemic, expressed via hatred of the middle class.

          1. SOQ

            In what way made up? I know personally that M&S had mask wearer long before anywhere else. They do some great knock down Vegan salads btw.

            They were also the first in the UK to ban plastic bags of course- even though their cooked food is the most over packaged I have seen anywhere- but that is another argument.

          2. Nigel

            ‘Panic eyed.’ ‘Luxury.’ Disparaging people who don’t want to get sick or risk spreading sickness, claiming it’s a middle class concern, and therefore a middle class privelege. Classist nonsense with added belligerent invective.

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