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  1. Cato

    Russia has been utilising “useful idiots” to stoke division in Ireland. Remember that every time you decide to comment on this site.

      1. Hughie Luas

        Russia doesn’t need to rely on “useful idiots.” It’s congenital with the usual suspects on this site now. For more information read all the comments that follow – COVID vaccinations are bad, Ukraine is Nazi central, the UK consists of England and is totally brilliant. Usual 12 loser commentators doing their best to see Broadsheet.ie taken over by Gript.ie for 8 euros by copying and pasting links relating to 3 subjects and overdoing sixth form essays. And when the conversation flags, let’s have someone bodger up all sense of redemption with a post about trucks in Canada, or what’s happened in arseendofwhere outback, or free PR for RTE and fast fashion tat. The other subjects, more than 50% of the posts last week received NO comments at all.

        1. f_lawless

          For someone who apparently loathes the website so much, you sure are keeping close tabs on it. It doesn’t come across as particularly healthy behaviour. If it’s making you feel so bitter, then why spend so much time visiting it – or why bother visiting it at all? Can I suggest a possible explanation might be that there’s something causing you a lot of frustration in your own personal life and that you’ve latched on to Broadsheet as an object of loathing and an outlet to try and vent that frustration? Just a thought. Could be wrong.

          Alternatively, be the change you want to see and instead of moaning and attacking others, try writing balanced counterarguments or hey, you could even try to get some conversations going on those 50% of posts with no comments at all.

          1. anti bot

            Or alternatively d heads like you constantly spouting absolute sxxte. Spout but never reply. ah go go queenie, I dare you to reply. You never do for some reason

          2. anti bot

            I do have a life. Isn’t that the point. I don’t all day reading right wing websites and spout pure shxxte on here, and then failing to debate. BTW, where did you come from?

        2. Mad

          I think that was the point of KN’s missive as well, and Bodger seemed to get the joke though I noted it sailed over most peoples heads.

          Like it or not Hughie these are are worrying and stressful times for all, and the sort of extreme positions taken by some which you are highlighting are the natural counterpart to this – to me I don’t mind people presenting non mainstream opinions or perspectives. Maybe the oneupmanship grates with some but that’s always been a feature (not a bug) of the site.

          I don’t rely on Broadsheet or any single source for all my current affairs information.
          But occasionally one does find some very useful links here like the other week when Bisted posted about human trafficking or yesterday when someone posted an Australia Spectator article about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

          People should stay open-minded is my hot take, and Broadsheet alone in the Irish media allows us to do that.

          And as f_lawless says, better light a candle that curse the darkness! With this in mind I am campaigning for the immediate reinstatement of Frilly’s bake off articles!

          And the puns Hughie. We need more of those.

          Get Your Aprons On In April!

          Failing that, get on April in her apron.

          If this is it Hughie, please let me know.

          1. SOQ

            I don’t agree that one-upmanship is a feature of this site. It is a feature of certain individuals who think they have right to abuse anyone who dares have an opinion they disagree with. The same self-entitled brats whom will scream bullying at the slightest in return.

            But, there are clearly paid actors at play whom at every opportunity should be called out- not just for what they are, but WHO they are. Just look at the comments from last night.

            Do not tell me that an individual who took the time to critique and criticise the current topics does not have an agenda. The irony of such lecturing Irish people on which opinions they should hold in a war- should not be lost.

            There are also several others of very questionable motives, like the one who spends his time elbowing into conversations and- the latest who just coincidentally popped up as Ukraine was kicking off.

            So here is a message for you pay rolled rodents- if you don’t like what is happening here then take yourself somewhere else. Better still, set up you own site and see how you get on.

          2. Tom J

            Just so you know, I am not a paid shill, whatever that is. I am also not an actor and I disagree with 99% of the bull poo you post on this site.

          3. anti bot

            Not a paid shill. Just a commentator call you out on your bs anti covid, anti Ukraine comments. Ah go on grow a pair and debate

          4. Mad

            I think you misunderstood me a bit SOQ but also in fairness I have been reading a site a bit longer than you as I recall. We’ve always had highly tendentious individuals here with clear primary motives, whether paid or not (for me that is less relevant). Remember we had that awful guy who used to comment on any abortion story all the time? But on very little else.

            So for me Bodger and co have always had a live and let live attitude. Even with David. One of the most consistently annoying people and yet he’s somehow been rehabilitated in recent weeks.
            Similarly memes was allowed to abuse people for far too long, as was Charger, before they were both banned in those guises. Today’s villain in that role is Cavan, and so on. This is by design. It’s because bodger and his co-founders clearly believe it’s better to live and let live and err on the side of letting dissenting voices be heard. For that they should be commended and admired in my opinion. I genuinely think this is their primary motivation, unlike other well known havens of online abuse, where it’s ALL about clicks, page views and “engagement”. Of course it’s about some of that here too, but as Hughie pointed out above, it is a business driven by metrics of engagement. That is simply a fact.

          5. SOQ

            Actually no I don’t think Cavan is the worst by any means- I think he gives as good as he gets.

            The standards are very different where anyone who was against the mask/lockdown/vaccine tyranny was fair game for all sorts of bullying and abuse- while howls of indigitation at the slightest push back.

            As for payments, I think that is a very important point, THE most important actually. In particular as to who is paying for what- and why.

            It doesn’t take a rocket scientist- or for the past two years an epidemiologist- to spot the paid actors, and their disingenuous shilling. Especially when they are not very good at it.

          6. anti bot

            Why did you pile in on the invasion of Ukraine then. Surely you are just a Trump supporter in disguise.

          7. Mad

            Yea I take your point, you’d be happier knowing SOQ. All the same don’t you think most intelligent people can see the posts from those kinds of people for what they are? Isn’t it quite easy to tell who the “real” people are? I think so? Anyway ..

        3. Kali

          Off to the journal with you so. You’ll find lots of like minded lockdown loving, pro azov lads there. It shouldn’t take you long to realise that they’ll agree with all your points, especially if you start blaming foreigners and minorities for all of Ireland’s problems. Have a think about who you’ve thrown your lot in with there, guys that herald jedward as an example of great Irish minds

      2. stephen moran

        Ah yes the apologists for Putra’s war crimes should be along presently with more guff about biolabs and bluster about Nazi’s – they are just dipping their quills in blood and checking the latest crackpot QAnon
        nonsense on Infowars.

        As we say, the best bit of Putin slid down the inside of his mother leg.

        1. jonjoker

          It seems like that last comment of yours could be better applied to yourself, Mr Moron.

          As a general rule, it is a wise move not to underestimate your enemies. You on the contrary continually look down on those you disagree with, and insult them; you might do better to try to understand what makes them tick and why they act as they do, as this sort of understanding could help you to see their mistakes and counter their actions.

          1. stephen moran

            how original – childish insults – if I had a € for every time I heard that I’d have retied – coming form someone who’d would be lucky to get a NG in pass LC Economics judging by the voodoo gibberish you’ve been listening to regarding the € – adult education is a wonderful thing. I didn’t insult anyone. It a fair reflection on the quality of the input here – hackneyed conspiracy theories a teenager could see through mixed in with a die hard anti Americanism which makes people totally blind to see that Putin represents every inch the imperialism they claim to loathe

      1. Me So Harney

        What, you mean the cheapo ready to be decommissioned junk?

        Putin neutralised NATO and its twat gammon mercenaries with junk..


  2. SailorGerry

    Ooh Cato, can I put my hand up, not with the right arm at 40 degrees, fingers straight and enthusiastic, but a little more slow and tentatively vertical, and say with a weak trembling voice, “you mean me sir?”

    I think if you analysed historically the country that has primarily been sowing division in Ireland, England might actually be a rather a long way in front of everybody else combined.

    Now where did I put my slippers, and who finished my wine whilst I was typing……


    1. jonjoker

      It’s a hoot isn’t it, the way we are told by a certain type of person that England/Britain/the UK has spent so much of its time protecting us from Hitler/Stalin/Russia and how grateful we should be to them.

      When even today they are occupying part of our country, invaded us again and again over the centuries, ran the country as a series of very large ranches and committed several genocides against the Irish people. But we should tug the forelock and thank them for “protecting” us against people who never did us any harm.

      1. TenPin Terry

        That’s about it.
        But first of all you need to get off your knees and stop being a snivelling whingebag.
        And make sure you have your homework done before school on Monday.

        1. SOQ

          You can be engaging when you drop this goading anti Irish bs- but that you need to hide behind a character at all is pretty pathetic.

          1. TenPin Terry

            Just to remind everyone you’re the joker who speculated that Mehole faked getting COVID in the US so he could avoid meeting Biden in the White House for Paddy’s Day in case Putin bombed Dublin for being part of the Western response to the invasion of Ukraine.
            And that was one of your more sensible conspiracy theories.

          2. bisted

            …talking about jokers…weren’t you on here crowing about a brit missile shooting down a helicopter…how do you reckon they supplied that…smuggled in under the guise of delivering humanitarian aid…sure the gallant RAF would crash more than that in peacetime…

          3. TenPin Terry

            Why would they smuggle it in under the guise of humanitarian aid you imbecile ?
            Blighty has been quite open about supplying arms at the request of Ukraine and its international borders are open.
            The Ukrainians know perfectly well which friends have come to their aid in their hour of need – Boris is a legend in that country and the missile that brought down the Russkie chopper was made by Thales in Belfast and fired by a Ukrainian soldier trained by British forces.
            Stop your snivelling.

          4. bisted

            …I think any attempt to supply weaponry to the facist regime in Ukraine would be useful target practice for the Russians…like the NATO training camp last week…were the British Forces who trained the Ukrainian rocket man among the dead at the camp…did they get the Wootten Bassett treatment…

          5. SOQ

            I posted a joke yesterday- made by a Jew about Germany and gas- which was removed because the site deemed it appropriate. Even though TikTok had no issue with it, fair enough, but why then are you allowed to continue with your sectarian goading?

            You may cloak it in an OTT stereotyped caricature but it is not edgy and its not funny. That you cannot just come on here and converse like a normal human being is as I said, pathetic.

          6. TenPin Terry

            Except no British service personnel have been killed or injured in the Ukraine war.
            I try not to perpetuate the stereotype about the thick Irishman but you don’t help the case by being such a half-wit.
            You really should have tried harder to gain some third-level education.
            Now you’re just doomed to a lifetime of sore dragged knuckles.

          7. bisted

            …so the three brits killed in the air strike launched from Russia were mercenaries…didn’t get the bertie bassett farewell…I stand corrected…

          8. TenPin Terry

            Queenie simpers about people not coming on here and conversing like a normal human being.
            A quick reminder of one of his kinder, gentler posts from yesterday.

            ” Do one you ignorant one handed typer. ”

            Stop your snivelling™

          9. GiggidyGoo

            @ Charger.
            No – but those brave ex-Special Forces boyos weren’t so clever though.
            And the fellow from Lemmington Spa who went out, and did a quick about turn. That’s the problem with the blighters and their penchant for slouching in the armchair playing video games. When push comes to shove, they’re cowards. The real world is quite different. Similar to the blighters who engross themselves so much in Sunway brochures to escape from reality

          10. TenPin Terry

            Attention Knuckle-Dragger™
            It’s Royal Wootton Bassett to give it its correct name and spelling.

          11. bisted

            …the democratic regime in Ukraine was changed when the facist mob attacked the Capitol building…the present regime is democratic only when seen through the perverted lens of Democrats…onwards to Moscow…eh Nigel…

          12. Nigel

            ‘the present regime is democratic only when seen through the perverted lens of Democrats’

            Ah yes, inasmuch as there have been elections since the overthrow of the guy who tried to sell the country out to Russia.

          13. SOQ

            What is interesting is that for someone not connected to this site- Charger / TenPin Terry / whatever pays great attention to other people’s comments, which means one of two things- a paid actor as above or some sort of psychiatric issues- and I don’t float that second possibility lightly.

            Either way- another actor attempting to shoehorn debates into predefined narratives- in this case, sectarian.

          14. TenPin Terry

            Queenie – you just got called out for your hypocrisy.
            Take the full portion like a man.
            And if I’m going to be a paid actor can you make it Will Ferrell ?
            Talladega Nights – The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is one of my favourite movies.
            Best scene ever.


  3. ce


    But did the sex include whips…
    … Boom, Boom!!!

    1. stephen moran

      But imagine what Ed Miliband gets up to in his private life – the chaos

      We’d best open up a fresh faux front on the culture wars as that will distract and deflect the hapless subjects, serfs and peasants 30 second attention span from not being able to pay the gas bill and feed the kids.

        1. jonjoker

          In other words, you can’t be sure where that photo came from.

          It’s called propaganda.

    1. stephen moran

      As I’ve said on here before this is atop of the country having absolutely dire demographics – I mean dying out as a race bad with a negative net fertility rate – it would take a generation to try and even stem this sort of decline never mind turn it round even without the current ahem headwinds and the ongoing massive brain drain which will turn into a flood – the dependency ratios are skyrocketing – they are about 500,000 troops shy of what would be required to occupy and contain an well armed and supplied insurgency in Ukraine btw based on Rand Corp COIN numbers but given they are now working an a much less ambitious project to in order to stave off a humiliating defeat and withdrawal those numbers are largely irrelevant

      When there’s more people on the stage than in the audience you have a problem

      1. E'Matty

        Yes, you are correct that Russian troops numbers are wholly deficient to occupy Ukraine. Do you think the Russians can’t count or perhaps occupation was never part of the plan? Are you perhaps basing your view of Russia’s success or otherwise purely on Western commentators with a vested interest in presenting a very negative picture for the Russians? Are they not doing exactly what they set out to do? 1. Demilitarise Ukraine and especially its Nazi battalions. Yup. Once they neutralise those Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, which is controlled by the Nazi Azov Battalion you adore, and the forces hemmed in in the East, the final part of that plan is achieved. The Ukrainians can’t even provide small arms and ammunition to their foreign idiot brigade, nevermind body armour at this stage, so they’re not in good shape. 2. Take control of the Donbas region properly and create a landbridge to Crimea. Almost complete too. 3. Prevent Ukraine joining NATO. Zelenskiy has already indicated the Ukrainians are open to this being a term in any peace settlement. When their forces in the East are neutralised, its game over militarily for them and a negotiated settlement is their only option.

        Yes, Russia undoubtedly have suffered significant losses in lives and armour, but they were invading a country with 260,000 active duty Ukrainian military personnel, most of whom have been trained by NATO in the past eight years to NATO standards. They also have 310,000 reservists and security forces. Normally in the military if you want to launch an offensive operation, you want a three-to-one advantage as defenders always hold the stronger position, once the element of surprise is lost. Russia went into Ukraine with a three to one disadvantage! And yet, Russia is winning on the battlefield. They are advancing at a rate faster than the German army advanced during the Blitzkrieg of World War II!

        There was no need to take cities and engage in street battles and house to house, which exacta a huge toll on any invading force. Just squeeze the Ukrainians into those cities and set about annihilating their armed forces and securing total control of the East. Pretty successful operation so far, albeit certainly at some cost, it would appear. Russia is very clearly winning this war. The calls for a no fly zone only reinforce this point.

        Attempts to squeeze Russia economically are failing as Russia’s oil and gas exports continue unabated, but at record high prices. The losses of the oligarchs are a significant power gain for Putin. If he can contain his wealthier middle class, who will be hit hardest financially, as he pivots Russia East, Russia will cone out of this much stronger and free of any dependence on the West.

        1. jonjoker

          Ukraine is divided in two by the Dnieper river, which runs from the Belorus border down through Kiiv, and then SE before turning SW to the Black Sea.
          Nowadays, the river is essentially a series of long reservoirs feeding power stations, with the occasional crossing point.
          This website has a map of the conflict – https://liveuamap.com/ – where you can clearly see the Dnieper. It is a pro-Ukranian website, BTW.
          As I understand it, the bridges have been blown up, isolating the eastern 40% of the country from the rest. Russian air power decides who and what crosses into the east, meaning they essentially control 40% of the territory.

          Any discussion of how the war is going for the Russians, or for the Ukranians, for that matter – should bear this in mind.

        2. Nigel

          There’s a LOT of post facto strategising going on there, some Comical Ali claims of ‘they meant to do that.’ And, no, the Blitzkriegs were faster, but what a weird comparison to want to make.

          1. E'Matty

            OK Nigel. Do you believe Russia intended to occupy all of Ukraine long term,and if so, what is that position based on? Do you disagree that Russia have effectively surrounded and almost finished cutting off approx 70-90,000 Ukrainian troops in the East or that the Azov Battalion are controlling Mariupol? Do you deny that Zelenskiy has publicly stated that non NATO membership could be part of a settlement agreement? Could you debate the points made instead of your usual infantile responses?

          2. jonjoker

            I’ve no idea what the Russian strategy is or was at any time in this war.
            I don’t know what their hoped-for endgame is.

            I do know that they didn’t communicate their strategy to NATO though, so NATO’s commentators don’t know the Russian intentions either. I can read a map though, and so can anyone else who cares to look. The string of reservoirs across the centre of Ukraine is very noticeable if you look at google maps.

            I also remember the Syrian conflict. When the Turks invaded, they drove SE for El Bab trying to get past Aleppo and reach the Euphrates; ISIS was supplying Turkey with oil via a route to the west of the river. The Syrians cut them off by slicing through ISIS territory and reaching the Euphrates at a point further south, making the Turks advance pointless and closing off their access to the oilfields further south.
            Interestingly, the Euphrates is dammed and there is a huge reservoir at that point, maybe 70km long – very like the situation with the Dnieper in Ukraine. The similarity is quite striking.

          3. Nigel

            I feel like you guys using the idea of the Russians as unquestionably brilliant at war, knowing exactly what they’re doing and being supercompetent as your starting point and reasoning backwards from there.

          4. Nigel

            E’matty, whatever the Russian objectives were, I think they thought they’d have most of tthem acheived in a couple of days. I also suspect that whatever they were, they won’t necessarily have much to do with whatever the Russians decide allows them to declare victory. Beyond that, it’s just ongoing dragged-out mass murder.

          5. Mad

            Nigel do you have a counter factual analysis or are you really going to keep flogging this dead horse?

          6. Nigel

            But the ‘everything is obviously going according to plan’ horse is dead, and deserves to be flogged.

          7. Mad

            The fact is you had four goes right there Nigel and not one of them contained a credible counter argument. The lads here might well be Putin fanboys for all I care, you are convincing nobody

  4. TenPin Terry

    If I may be so bold, brain drain is over-egging the pudding somewhat.
    It’s mainly just ordinary folk who see a better lives for themselves in Blighty and other first world countries rather than festering in a mainly agricultural, stuck in the 1970s timewarp that is Ireland.
    Face it mate, outside of the toilet that is Dublin Ireland is mostly Craggy Island with an out of town Lidl store frequented by half-wit locals with nothing else to do but gaze upon the middle aisle with slack-jawed envy before buying a yoga mat and a pair of polyester tracksuit bottoms.
    And the girl on the till taking their money is East European and 60 pounds lighter than them laughing inside at the gurning gombeen buying the unnecessary crap because they’re too brain-dead to think of anything else to do.
    You know I’m right.
    Just admit it and save yourself the embarrassment.

      1. jonjoker

        He’s a very sad case. Either a brit with his nose firmly out of joint or a Bandon protestant who has not yet come to terms with Irish independence from Britain.

        Last time I was over there, I took the kids into a caff for a meal, and it looked as if it was still firmly in the 1950s. The epithet “greasy spoon” was never so fitting.

        1. Mad

          Well that’s just it
          Go for a meal in some town in Mid Wales next time.
          Or in central Liverpool.
          I dare you.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Chargers Sure Have Inferiority Troubles meter at max already. The damp, squalid, urine-drenched carpet Cork bedsit is taking its toll. The old holiday brochures have been put up for a few months, to be taken down during the summer for another bout of Mittyworld dreams. Where will it be this time? Ah sure we’ll try Italy.

      In the meantime there’s nothing much left for Charger to do except feet the inferiority complex.

      What a sad little man.

      1. Mad

        Infertile I suspect.
        You notice how he never mentions children.
        Fires blanks.
        Oh well chin up, old chap

    2. ce

      True – “brain-drain” is a bit of a troubling phrase – just people trying to get by, and there will be plenty of people back in the homestead trying to get on with things, and maybe protesting openly or in their own way, or too tired to give a poo, or frankly able to remember the 1990’s and are worried about the end to Putin… life is complicated

      But Russia has a big demographic issues – even more that many other ‘western’ countries – and the Ukrainian killing spree is not helping anybody.

      As for Dublin and Craggy-Island, I agree – reminds me a lot of most of Britain outside of a couple of London Boroughs … take back control…

      1. TenPin Terry

        Lady TenPin and I are in Brighton at the moment.
        You’d like it here.
        Thriving social scene, the unofficial Gay capital of the country, wonderful pubs and restaurants, lots of tourists even at this time of year and serious money in the town and the surrounding countryside.
        1970s time-warp Craggy Island it ain’t.
        Tomorrow we’re visiting an Irish chum in the Cotswolds to say a last goodbye before the drugs for his advanced cancer render him unable to talk.
        You’d like the Cotswold too.

        1. TenPin Terry

          According to David McWilliams Ireland’s young people are still deserting this country in their droves and heading for the comforting bosom of Britannia.
          As did their parents and their parents’ parents.
          Brexit, eh ?

          ‘ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to escape the manure-scented monotony of 1970s Craggy Ireland™ ‘


        2. GiggidyGoo

          Sure call into Pig-man Cameron for some bitty on your way. He’s well home from his, ahem, soujourn in Poland. After that you can proceed along via Windrush. That name might jog your memory.

  5. Cú Chulainn

    Meanwhile: Charlie chicken ‘make it all about me’ Bird.. the mountain is within.. now, feck off.. better luck next time… discovering your soul..

  6. stephen moran

    Yo would suspect that Putra has a well documented and very thick rainy day file on quite a few more of Boris’s voting fodder Tory MPs who have had no qualms or scruples over the past decade + excepting the “hospitality” and bribes from his Oligarchs chums with the FSB in toe with a few audio visual recording devices – I’d expect quite a drip feed of these stories (now the modus vivendi between the Tories and Russia has soured) – a sort of party gate with class A dugs / brassers and Tory MPs penchant for a bit of the old boarding school fantasy B&D and S&M is well documented

    1. TenPin Terry

      More bashing the bishop over Boris from One Vowel™ and not a peep about the 2,000 deaths a year in Ireland from chronic waiting times in A&E.
      Thousands of sick and elderly people every month waiting more than 24 hours on trolleys and in chairs until a bed becomes available – if they don’t die before then.
      Oh, of course, it’s the Brit Mail on Sunday that’s reporting them so it can’t be true.
      Pretend they don’t happen
      Move along.
      Nothing to see here.
      Boris, Brexit blah blah blah.
      Rinse and repeat.
      Get off your knees™

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Can’t deal with the subject matter then Charger? As a poster said here a long time ago – you can be judged by the posts/questions you don’t answer.

        On your own little ranty mc rant……..

        What’s the waiting time in the UK to even get an appointment to see a GP? 10 days.
        In excess of 6,000,000 on UK waiting lists.
        122,000 people waited over 4 hours for treatment on a ward. Not bad , until you read that
        at least 16,500 of them waited over 12 hours – many either stuck on trolleys in corridors or in A&E bays because wards were full.
        We know why the uk blighters don’t get off their knees – they can’t. Too much pain waiting 10 days just for an appointment to see a GP.

        Sure Have Inferiority Troubles meter steady at 100% this morning for Charger.

      2. Duncan Wheeler

        That is an excellent description One Vowel tm (computer naffness means I can’t do the little floating capital’s). Made me chuckle.
        On a seperate note, a thank you to the Bodge for deleting some of my more rabid postings. No more looking back in embarrassment at the out of control ravings.

  7. SailorGerry

    Short little rant from an eloquent woman that understands the reset and explains it rather succinctly, linked below.

    The 13bn blackhole alluded to in Business Post will likely be taken care of as private property is abolished in favour of the collective.

    Some interesting questions on the current census forms like, how many rooms do you have, how do you heat your house, do you own it, private water source, sewage treatment solution? If I was a state planning to confiscate and reallocate private property, for the collective good of course, due to exceptional circumstances, it is the information I would be looking for to reassign accommodation based on a perceived need. It would not surprise me in the slightest to see refugees housed forcibly with people that built a bigger house than they actually need, or with empty nesters, after the holiday homes are all full of course.


  8. SailorGerry

    Short little rant from an eloquent woman that understands the reset and explains it rather succinctly.

    The 13bn blackhole alluded to in Business Post will likely be taken care of as private property is abolished in favour of the collective.

    Some interesting questions on the current census forms like, how many rooms do you have, how do you heat your house, do you own it, private water source, sewage treatment solution? If I was a state planning to confiscate and reallocate private property, for the collective good of course, due to exceptional circumstances, it is the information I would be looking for to reassign accommodation based on a perceived need. It would not surprise me in the slightest to see refugees housed forcibly with people that built a bigger house than they actually need, or with empty nesters, after the holiday homes are all full of course.


          1. GiggidyGoo

            FFS Nigel, cop on to yourself.
            ‘ The whole idea of the census is to create an historical archive.’
            Will you ever go away and try get some knowledge before you write such tripe.

  9. johnny

    NYT on Malone.

    ..Dr. Malone has twisted legitimate policy debates to use them as cover for continuing to spread misinformation and to advance claims about the pandemic that are demonstrably incorrect…..

    “Robert Malone is exploiting the fact that data-driven course correction is inherent to the scientific process to peddle disinformation,” Dr. Rasmussen said. “It’s extraordinarily dishonest and morally bankrupt.”


  10. SOQ

    I posted another link yesterday but for some reason it disappeared- so all the more reason to try again.

    Alex Christoforou is a journalist who runs The Duran website out of Cyprus. He has some very insightful observations on the Ukrainian situation. He posts a lot so well worth following his channel.

    He is predicting a chemical false flag- which is a horrendous prospect.


      1. SOQ

        This from the individual whom just last Sunday attempted to smear the journalist reporting on the body of a tortured woman with a swastika carved into her body?

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Right. Some “journalist” who has never been heard of beyond conspiraloon circles. And if a nazi was killed, isn’t denazification Putin’s raison d’etre and something for you to celebrate?

          1. SOQ

            Patrick Lancaster is a journalist who been reporting out the Ukraine for the past eight years. Like others these days, the fact he is not on the “approved” list is to his credit. Nobody ever claimed he was totally impartial- but none of them ever are.

            The point is you couldn’t have had time to watch the damned thing before rushing off to smear, And, even if he was you claimed- that does not diminish the horror of the war crime that took place. One which has since been widely reported.

            So pardon me if I take you “background checks” with a pinch of salt. Like many others I am perceptibly capable of engaging my critical faculties on such matters- in fact, I am actually quite good at it.

            Alex Christoforou is on the ball.

          2. anti bot

            So Putin is not killing innocent people in Urkania. Answer the question chicken shxt.

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            I never watch your links, my little SOQPuppet because they are, without exception, complete malarkey.

          4. SOQ

            Well you claimed to have watched that one? Except it must have been with a time machine.

            Same as the goading BS about leper passes and vaccines. I don’t wish harm on anyone but if there is to be vaccine injuries then it should be to people like you- because you bloody well deserve it.

          5. Daisy Chainsaw

            A quick google of the charlatan you’re promoting usually does enough.

            Strange to see you so worked up over a nazi being eradicated. Isn’t that what this invasion is all about?

          6. SOQ

            The satisfaction of what? Rushing to cover up the torture and murder of an innocent woman by Nazis? Sneering and sniping at people who didn’t feel comfortable taking the clot shots?

            Now dismissing a credible commentator as a paid Russian shill for no other reason other than just because she doesn’t like his predictions? That the US have done it before doesn’t seem to register at all.

            I am sick of these idiots- they can see no further than the end of their own propaganda fed noses.

          7. SOQ

            What evidence do you have that Alex Christoforou is a paid Russian shill? Put you money where your big mouth is.

          8. Daisy Chainsaw

            A Putinista conspiraloon like you wouldn’t believe anything I could provide.

          9. Mad

            Fascist Daisy would rather you give her some advice on what type of strap on are hot right now.

          10. SOQ

            So you have no evidence then- you probably never even heard of the man before today.

            The usual smearing and sneering so- pathetic.

          11. Daisy Chainsaw

            Oh my furious little SOQpuppet. How fun to see you froth over your rabid defence of fake news peddlers.

          12. SOQ

            You actually think you got one over eh? You have no clue what you are talking about, not more than when attempting to bully certain Dr on twitter.

    1. SOQ

      So it looks the journalist in question is being blocked- or at least shadow banned- which is all the more reason to go follow him. This person cuts right through the propaganda BS, and makes some really insightful observations.

      1. E'Matty

        Thanks for the link SOQ. Subscribed. He’s on the right track for sure. The Russians are on the verge of annihilating the Neo-Nazi elements in the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainians (with the US) will stage a false flag chemical attack and attribute it to Russia, thereby escalating the conflict dramatically. The past week has seen lots of talk from US officials, including Dementia Joe, on a chemical weapons threat from Russia. Setting the stage for a hoax similar to the ones they ran successfully in Syria.

        1. Nigel

          Either that or, more likely, this is setting the stage for a Russian chemical attack they will immediately blame on the Ukrainians or the US.

          1. f_lawless

            Can you suggest a credible explanation as to why the Russians would see that as an advantageous strategic move to make? I don’t see it myself. It seems clear that the great majority of western publics readily consume western corporate media narratives without really probing too deeply – especially when it comes to highly emotive issues such as war.

            If a chemical weapons attack were to occur, it will be automatically used by said media to whip up an even greater frenzy of anti-Russian public sentiment regardless of whether Russia were to claim it was done by Ukrainians or the US.The western war hawks would then have the pretext they desire to further escalate the war and NATO involvement.

          2. Nigel

            If one can be used by the west to whip up blah blah blah one can be used by Russia likewise. Frankly claims that NATO wants to go to war with Russia seem just plain stupid, whereas with the threat of nukes Russia can do what it likes in Ukraine with no risk of military retaliation or escalation. A punitive chemical terror attack on Ukraine as payback for Russian humiliation on the global stage is way more likely.

          3. f_lawless

            In other words you’re not able to suggest why Russia would see it as a good strategic move to carry out such an attack and instead content yourself with the narrative that Putin will do it because he’s an impetuous, unhinged evil-doer who feels humiliated by Ukraine on the global stage. I think that’s a really cartoonish interpretation of the situation.

            Similarly this sentence I don’t think you’ve thought too deeply on: “If one can be used by the west to whip up blah blah blah one can be used by Russia likewise.”

            The reality is western corporate media is going to take an anti-Russian stance even it means reporting fabricated narratives. So Russia is unable to whip up pro-Russian sentiment amongst western publics via western corporate media. They may be able to whip up anti-Ukrainian/NATO sentiment amongst the Russian public via Russian media outlets but that would be neither here nor there if western corporate media were bleating in unison for greater NATO involvement off the back of a chemical weapons incident blamed on Russia. Again, it would make no sense as a Russian military strategy.

            “Frankly claims that NATO wants to go to war with Russia seem just plain stupid”
            There’s clearly elements within NATO – and other elements that hold sway over it (eg military industrial complex, WEF globalists) – which very much do not want the war to end any time soon and are strategising ways to prolong it. A long, drawn out war would suit their vested interests.

            Even Zelensky referenced it in a recent interview:
            ‘Mr Zelensky divides NATO into five camps. First are those who “don’t mind a long war because it would mean exhausting Russia, even if this means the demise of Ukraine and comes at the cost of Ukrainian lives”…’

            ‘don’t mind’ is of course a euphemism

          4. Nigel

            ‘Putin will do it because he’s an impetuous, unhinged evil-doer who feels humiliated by Ukraine on the global stage’

            Is that any worse than saying Biden will do it because he wants to make Putin look worse AND start world war III? We’re taking about a hypothetical attack, not an actual one. If one does happen, someone will by definition have had some sot of motivation to do it.

            ‘So Russia is unable to whip up pro-Russian sentiment amongst western publics via western corporate media.’

            That’s why they rely on people ike you and SOQ to do it for them. Also Fox News and the entire Republican Party.

            ‘Again, it would make no sense as a Russian military strategy.’

            Saying it makes no sense therefore if it happens then the west must have done is just not good enough because the motivations you attribute to the west don’t make any sense either on that level.

            ‘which very much do not want the war to end any time soon and are strategising ways to prolong it.’

            Not what you said, you said escalate to more direct military confrontation with NATO. Since getting involved with fighting a prolonged insurgency in Ukraine would be an incredibly damaging unforced error on Putin’s part, I can well believe some western strategists are keen to encourage him, and Zelensky would do well to be wary of those guys, but since Putin’s showing no signs of either completeing the invasion or giving up and getting the hell out, a faked chemical attack to somehow make that happen seems redundant at best.

    1. Me So Harney

      “Dozens of troops said to be..”

      “Ukraine’s intelligence agency has said..”


      1. Nigel

        Starting to look like you’ll be lolling at reported Russian atrocitioes full time for a while.

  11. SOQ

    Clear from the beginning therapeutics were not going to get the light of day no matter how much illness and suffering fell on Americans. The plan was for one of three products taken on a regular basis either electively or by force. Drug after drug was overlooked as people died.


    These people have blood on their hands- as has the prostitutes who championed such in the media- and yes, some on this site.

  12. Johnny

    ….would you ever give the BS a rest,which “Americans” where,who,you are wrong,who are you mourning,who….
    Link above.
    … Months ago, he was promoting the drugs hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for treatment of Covid-19, despite several studies and scientific trials showing a lack of evidence that the drugs improved the conditions of Covid patients. Dr. Malone said that early on in the pandemic, he believed that what he could contribute was bringing repurposed drugs to market.…

  13. SOQ

    Tennis world shocked after scores of players drop out of Miami Open

    Fifteen players have already dropped out of the Miami Open, an unprecedented number for a major sports event.

    The tennis world reacted with shock after favorites Paula Badosa and Jannik Sinner had to retire during the quarterfinals of the Miami Open. Badosa, soon to be the number three in the world, became unwell during her match against Jessica Pegula and left the court in tears.


    We really must do something about this climate change thing- it is really starting to affect people now.

    1. Vlad X. Novichok

      I’ll say it again. I really do appreciate the way TPT has all you Toady Choads all in a spin with your cricket jibes.

      Thinking you’re bowling for ducks but in reality your the best you can do is cock one off the splice yet every time he stumps you.

        1. Vlad X. Novichok

          You see, there you go again… this time sent early for tea by a golden duck. A lame one at that.

          1. Vlad X. Novichok

            Tell you what, with all those misses I’ll get you a piano and see if you can play that.

  14. SailorGerry

    Nigel, do you honestly think that those tennis players dropped out due to flu like illness, that we all get kind of once every 2 years on average?

    It is one thing to be ignorant of the harms these injections do en masse.

    If you are deliberately shilling for big pharma then may you have a warm spot in hell.


    1. Nigel

      I don’t know what was the cause of their dropping out, nor do you. Nor does SOQ. If you are deliberately pushing vaccine scare stories based on supposition that warm spot’s all yours.

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