Win Nick’s Esteem [Extended]


How are things in Glocca Morra?

This week the theme of our voucher-less music chinwag is a sombre one.

It was chosen by ace Broadsheet film correspondent Andy Pipkin who is mourning the loss of two of his old work colleagues.

We send our condolences out to Andy and the friends and families of the departed.

Andy writes:

“At both funerals I met up with old workmates; we all had a passion for music and it bore through at the funerals as the music choice was both sad and uplifting as it was chosen by the deceased before they passed away.

“We all spoke about the music and what we’d have played at our funeral. So if it’s not too dark and as a celebration of their life…What song would you like to be played at your funeral and why?”

Here’s Andy’s choice.

And here’s mine.

Lines close on Saturday at Midnight.

Please include video links if possible.

Now, two weeks ago I asked you to name your favourite punk anthem. You answered in your tens. Stephen Moran won my esteem with this entry.

The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog

Stephen writes:

“We always associate punk with the class of ’77. But there were many precursors to the CBGBs crew and The Clash. I’d date it to the class of ’69 and The Stooges and The MC5.”

Nick says: Congrats Stephen and thanks to everyone who entered.

Previously: Win Nick’s Esteem

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68 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Esteem [Extended]

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Sorry for your loss Andy.

    I know a guy who insists he’s being cremated and when the curtain goes across at the end, he’s having the Countdown theme played.

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    Condoléances Andy and actually I think it’s a great theme, I’ll be along with my cremation requests later this evening :)

  3. eamonn

    the first one that pops into my otherwise empty head this instant is
    break on through
    I am liking the notion of wicker caskets under newlly planted oaks –
    back to filling my head with information for distillation.
    One Love
    Ohm Shanti

  4. Ian - oG

    Condolences Andy.

    Adagio in D Minor by John Murphy.

    Both very sad and very uplifting at once, which I think is some feat.

    The version from the Cillian Murphy movie Sunlight (which I think is where I first hear it) is probably the one you hear most often but have heard it done by others as well.

  5. stephen moran

    I recall seeing the late Warren Zevon live in the Olympia many years ago and thinking the punters had been short changed by a fairly ramshackle subpar performance. It was only when I heard the news later that he was terminally ill that it made sense and I felt guilty.

    Here is his tearjerker ode to himself written when he knew that he was not long for the Parish of “Lawyers, Guns and Money”

    Warren Zevon with the touching “Keep me in your heart for a while”

    “You know I’m tied to you like the buttons on your blouse. Keep me in your heart for a while.”

    Play it all night long

    1. Ian - oG

      Very underrated singer I think but I guess a lot of people only know him for the werewolves of London song.

      Lovely song choice.

    2. Tarfton Clax

      Pretty sure I was at that gig. His voice was a bit shot, and he did a lot of flying fret work to make up for it. he commented that he had missed the gig in England because he was sick, as was somewhat sardonic about the big cheers that went up at that. He also said it was his first time playing Clean/Sober in Ireland on neither methadone nor Murphy’s.

      I loved his track “My S***’s F****d up”

    3. Harry

      Had the pleasure of seeing Jonnie thunders in Dublin playing a rehearsal for the gig that never happened in new inn
      It was in the wildebeest in the early 90s
      He was supported by two guys to hold him up and then he sang and my god he came alive for the half hour set
      Not only a metamorphosis but true brilliance
      Next night when he was supposed to play he never turned up
      That night smiley burger was not smiling

      1. :-J

        “You can’t put your arms around a mem-o-ree…… Don’t tryyyy…..”

        Lucky man, herself is even more jealous than me too..


  6. Fergalito

    I’ve thought about this before! There’s a playlist to be curated from my deathbed if I’m lucky enough to have one and a bit of time to manoeuvre, assuming of course I’m not instantaneously done for when the moment does arrive.

    Death not something I tend to dwell on much anymore though when my thoughts are taken with it I find I’m consumed more with the idea of losing love rather than countenancing the void. It’s almost too much to bear sometimes. Grief is the contraction of love as someone very dear to me once said.

    This one comes to mind right now.

    Smog – “Dress Sexy at my Funeral”

  7. Tarfton Clax

    I’ve thought about this a lot. Killed by Death by Motorhead has always been my choice.

    “Goin’ Down”, and “hell ain’t a bad place to be” would do the trick too…

    Only problem is I have to outlive my wife because she is not keen on the idea!

    1. Harry

      Even better john prine
      Sam stone a song so relevant as to what’s happening as the world heads to WW3

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        David this thread is usually politics free….tunes and good vibes ya know ;)

  8. SOQ

    As someone who has cleared both Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C at the one time without pharmaceutical intervention- I should be dead and buried a long time ago.

    But, I am very much alive and kicking- thank God.

    Written by my musical partner and I after the first ceasefire up north- a cover would be nice.

    Apologies for the sound quality as it is a bit all over the place.

  9. TenPin Terry

    My Dad was a talented musician. He left strict instructions that when he died he wanted a brass band version of Edward Elgar’s Nimrod played at his funeral just as his coffin was being carried out of the church by his old muckers.
    We went one better and got a real brass band in to play it.
    I’ve asked my family if they’d do the same honours when I turn my toes up – but without the band.
    I really like this version recorded during lockdown by the legendary Black Dyke Mills Band.
    Just the most wonderful piece of reflective and inspiring music.
    Dammit, I must have something in my eye.

  10. Dave

    The old man by Finbar Fury, I lost my da when I was 9 and never had the chance to say goodbye

  11. gorugeen

    I’d have the Banana boat song by Harry Belafonte played. I love this song because it can always cut through my darkness and find my joy. I don’t want a gloomy funeral. I’d like my last contribution to life be making folks smile.

    1. Verbatim

      The only song played at my sister’s funeral was Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah – it felt terribly ironic!

  12. Slightly Bemused

    Deepest sympathies, Andy, and to the families and other friends of your passed mates.

    I had to think about this. Years ago it was easy: Man of the World by Fleetwood Mac, leading into Albatross. Sort of a twofer, if you like.

    More recently my world view has changed, a lot to do with the arrival of a certain Little one, who has grown to be a wonderful not so little one. I have watched her grow into something amazing, watched her look at the stars. Pondered in amazement as she planned our way around the zoo so she could see all the best places, despite she had been there many times before, but I had not. She did not want me to miss out.

    Whatever I did, she will do greater, of that I have no doubt. And because I have no sense of timing, I hope she dances.

    Lee Ann Womack:

  13. Andy Pipkin

    Thank you all for your condolences and kind words.I’ll make sure to pass them on to both families.

    I’ve learnt life is way too short for bickering and arguing about s*1t .

    So give your loved ones an extra hug and tell them how much you love them!!

    Love you all, you crazy bunch of commentators and thank you for input every Friday for Nicks competition, stay safe!!

    May your God Bless You,

    Andy Pipkin

    1. Mad

      Thank you Andy and also for your ongoing tremendous picks and great theme suggestion this week.

      When I was reading your comment here I was (ironically) thinking “there’s a time and a place for everything and a way it should be done” :)

      I would think this and Cats in the Cradle would be strong contenders for own send off, say it all really

      Harry Chapin
      “Flowers are Red”

  14. Maura

    Condolences Andy and to your friends.

    Have thought on this, full list not yet complete but some definites – catholic beginning with Lead Kindly Light; somewhere during RC Mass, Something Inside So Strong, Labi Siffre, Ó Riada’s Ár n-Athair and definitely going out on The Mason’s Apron – preferably played by my brother who’s a mean fiddler, if not then by a session-full who’ll give it bhascaí (con brio)! Sorry no links but easily found online if interested.

    Then off to be cremated …

    1. Mad

      Great stuff
      We had a similar theme at my mothers interment and there was not a dry eye in the place as you can imagine

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        my Mother is very specific and I will follow her instructions to the letter or I’m sure she will make good her threat to ” haunt me to my own death bed ” she wants washed and laid out in her own living room and oddly for a teetotaler she wants is all to have a proper wake with the poitin from under her bed and someone better do the highland fling, there’s a list of people she cannae abide I’m to not allow near her funeral, she wants wild flowers, the false idol of the recent cross added to the church covered up for the day that’s in it and piped out of the church, so not too many requests ;)

        1. Mad

          The poitin is a classy touch, she sounds like a real lady, thinking of others even at that time

  15. johnny

    My Mum believed i should be exposed to some spirituality growing up,she had long turned her back on the church.So quite a few Sunday morning’s often dying from the nite before,she would first can’t wash that dirt off (like she could read my soul),then play Elvis Gospel Songs.
    Elvis Presley – Amazing Grace

  16. :-J

    It’s a bit egocentric but…

    Exactly T-10 seconds before the body is dumped over a cliff into the sea …..

    The final countdown – Europe.

    The why?
    Suggests Rocking / Travelling through space, Off to another dimension, Space aliens, BIIIG Hair, Ludicrously Tight Spandex etc. Everyone laughing at the idea, Hilarious…

    I think we’re alone now – Tiffany

    The look on people’s faces when dada da da da da da.. starts playing…

    Alternative in case of double youthinasea / suicide / homicide / nuclear blast / climate crisis event…

    We’re off to see the Wizard – The wizard of OZ

    The certainty of never ever meeting an old, male, white bearded, mean-spirited, spiteful, vengeful, neglectful, celestial dictator or even, in my case.. A horny devil in the burning ninth circle of hell.
    – Without being alive and well and overdosing on LSD.

    Live long and prosper?
    You’ll defiinitely live short so do it with as much healthy fun as possible..


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