Brothers In Arms




Get a room.

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14 thoughts on “Brothers In Arms

    1. Kin

      And he cheers on zelensky whose people are the ultimate victims of this blood bath
      Millions of lives destroyed and more and more suffering

    2. K. Cavan

      Bono passed his Leaving,
      Billy went to college,
      Only for a month or two,
      Acquiring little knowledge.
      but now he is an expert
      In viruses and stuff
      Money, just like loo roll
      you can never have too much…

  1. K. Cavan

    Ah, it’s terrible that these two giants of philanthropy have such toxic brands that even those on this forum who agree with everything they stand for feel they cannot express their love & admiration.
    The love that dare not speak it’s name, indeed.

    1. Kin

      Jealous of their wealth wow
      Sleep at night with a clear conscious more like it
      It’s the bull poo that gets up one’s nose

  2. eamonn

    hard to fathom why their wealth makes their opinions any more useful or helpful.
    got to admire their ability to make money though.
    just wish they would lay off the trying to steer the planet , just stay in the counting house and be quiet.
    happy birthday bono – see paul heaton’s example for a birthday gesture.
    Happy Hour

  3. Kin

    Jealous of their wealth wow
    Sleep at night with a clear conscious more like it
    It’s the bull poo that gets up one’s nose
    Do we see bono offering his home to refugees ? No
    But he preaches about morals of war
    While he made his wealth rattling on about the USA bombing Latin American nations
    Bullet in a blue sky
    A guy comes up to me with a face as red as a royal flush laying down those dollar bills one hundred two hundred and I see those fighter planes I see them fighter planes through the quiet city streets yards yada
    Outside is america outside is america
    No mention of Russia then
    And all those arms all that suffering all delivered by america
    At the end of this Russia and Ukraine will be the ones who have to live in peace and the longer the suffering goes on and the poor schmuck that does the fighting will suffer no matter if zelensky is in power or the bear sits on the throne
    And nothing will change
    Ukraine will be cut adrift
    And all the lives lost as bono cheers on the resistance and the death is the only result but he knows that
    The rich profit the poor suffer and nothing else is relevant

  4. eamonn

    I reckon bill gates who spent so much time and energy enriching Himself suddenly doing a 180 and caring about anybody else is hard to swallow. Compliance through the removal of choice is one of the hallmarks of Microsoft – the imposition of that same philosophy on the planet via the WHO or WEF or Pandemic Defence Force I really don’t like the sound of.

    Wouldn’t be a big fan of the other lad either.

    Stay at home boys and count your shekels

  5. Mad

    Bill Gates created software that every single day in the world billions of people use. Bono can write a tune and hold one. You guys writing on this are the real enemy.

    1. Chris

      Bill Gates III grandfather was a part of the Federal Reserve. His mother was on the board of IBM. Bezos’ grandfather was in charge of DARPA.

      These aren’t self made men but part of power dynasties. And Bono was always a pox – but also allowed into the club, an early investor in the CIAs Facebook.

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