First Order Of Business


This morning.

Via RTE News

The first order of business will then be the election of a new Speaker and two deputies. This requires the support of a majority of all Members of the Assembly as well as a majority of the nationalist and unionist designations.

DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson has confirmed that his party will not support these appointments as part of his campaign against the Northern Ireland Protocol.

In a statement to Belfast’s daily Unionist newspaper the News Letter, he said the protocol is eroding the very foundations that devolution has been built upon.

The decision means the Assembly cannot even discuss the appointment of a First and Deputy First Minister.

DUP to block election of speaker when Assembly meets (RTE)

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22 thoughts on “First Order Of Business

    1. Kine

      Sad thing is that is Irish politics parties that have to be frog marched to stormont and do what they are paid for
      Both still blaming each other
      Just a big kindergarten or crèche

      Whoops on the naughty step again but I must say a had a good run for a few weeks

  1. SOQ

    The DUP never supported the GFA in the first place.

    But, they really are shooting themselves in the foot with this carryon, because the alternative is joint rule- and who is set to be the Irish Government? Sinn Féin would probably rather deal with the British government anyways, because the Ulster Taliban can be a bit unpredictable at times.

    So the DUP’s choice is to work with Sinn Féin, or be governed BY Sinn Féin- but most of them can’t see beyond the end of their own noses, so I doubt if they are even thinking that far ahead.

    1. Kine

      And neither did Sinn Fein
      Both lots had to be dragged screaming to the table
      The brits dragged the unionists and the yanks dragged the Sinn Fein lot
      Remember the nightmare George Mitchel had to endure with the disarmament

      1. Fearganainm

        Tell us about Mitchell’s ‘nightmare’.

        Then maybe tell us when the Good Friday Agreement was signed, and when the first IRA decommissioning occurred.

      2. SOQ

        Nobody said hammering out the GFA was easy Kine, but Adams and McGuinness showed real leadership in convincing their physical force people to sign.

        More importantly, to their credit, they kept them on board throughout some very difficult and challenging times.

        Jim Molyneaux once said the biggest threat to Northern Ireland was peace, and if you understood the scale of the military based economy back then, you would know why that was, and still is, a truism.

        The loyalists never really decommissioned of course, but they were never really paramilitary organisations anyway- more just armed puppets of the British state.

  2. johnny

    The US is the UK’s single largest export destination, UK-US total trade was valued at more than £220bn in 2020.

    (thats all you need to know:)

    Have a great trip Richie Neal and keep up the good work.

  3. Dr.Fart

    it’s the perfect model to show how the DUP are and have always been contrary for the sake of it. The protocol grants NI businesses the ability to do business with companies in the EU without suffering the effects of Brexit.. but the DUP would prefer all those business to suffer in order just to… seem a little more British. It’s the dumb straw that broke the idiot camels stupid back. Can’t believe it took so long for people to see, but this seems to really have shown what the DUP are about; arguing for agues sake.

    if you went to the DUP right now and asked them everything they want on their Wishlist and then granted every single thing exactly how they want it, they would still be slamming their fists on podiums shouting and complaining how its not enough and theyre being overlooked and prejudiced against. Ya have to just cut them loose and let them shout at each other, they’ve no business being in politics.

    1. scottser

      if you have occasion to stroll along the walls of derry city, you’ll come across a small loyalist housing estate with a large mural on view likening the estate to Gaza. their capacity to feel offended really outweighs any logic, resulting in the most incredible of facepalms.
      they do quite a nifty matching kerbstone-and-lampost combination though, in fairness.

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