Blame It On The Boogie?


Only you can decide.

Last night.

Turin, Italy.



Yesterday: Derry Girl

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15 thoughts on “Blame It On The Boogie?

  1. TenPin Terry

    Christ Almighty – was that really Ireland’s entry ?
    Without Auto-Tune the karaoke singers are really exposed.

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    well she was lacking the punch and confidence of the rte show

    1. Cú Chulainn

      The Ole ole ole was cringe inducing.. and in Italy of all places… here’s the thing: Brooke gave as good as she’s got, and it was a fine performance by her, and the song was grand even if I couldn’t decipher any lyrics – which didn’t help her. However, the Eurovision is not for the Alphas or Betas (with the odd exception) it’s for the next lot. It’s a world that cares about different things to most of us. What’s she wearing, that’s so last season that’s so next season. That’s a new move, that was done by Moldova in 1998. Everyone of those performers and teams supporting them has had to endure ridicule and derision to be who they are. That makes them strong and sharp. We sent a 1980’s tamangos ascetic, white boots and outfits, hair from Neolithic times, absolutely zero game from the choreography, I have to say that again: zero game from the choreography. It’s not enough to give it your all, you have to open and join in the conversation of what’s happening and team Ireland is literally tone deaf. There is a whole world happening around and they can’t see it or join in with it. I’m embarrassed for Brooke and her dancers, but I feel real anger at their team and RTÉ who do not have a clue and are so full of mediocrity they don’t even know they don’t have a clue. Innocents and gobshites abroad.

    2. Kine

      If you think it’s bad listen to the Ukraine entry
      Time Ireland stopped entering the Eurovision
      At €400 thousand each year it’s poor return and it’s a forgone conclusion Ukraine is going to win it
      Given the politics and war they could parade Putin and would win
      Previous years it’s all political voting
      It’s not a competition and it’s not been that way for the last twenty years and let’s face it they still have not forgiven Ireland for Dustin
      Which sort of summed it all up

  3. tom3

    My advice is to spend those few seconds checking that your covid buddies are not horrible people before promoting their tweets.

  4. wearnicehats

    As certain as Ukraine will win, the UK will also get zero points as part of the Brexit backlash again. Maybe the UK connection hurt here too – maybe should have used an Irish singer.

    sits back, waits…..!

    1. Mr .T

      The tax haven situation hurts – Ireland are no longer the best boys in the EU class. Our reputation is not good amongst our peers

  5. SOQ

    Ukraine is set to win- they are already bragging about it- so where will next years contest be held?

    [In VERY camp voice] Hello Washington / Moscow? Eurovision here- could you hurry up with that war please? We need at least three months to get the set built.

    1. tom3

      Kiev obvs.

      Russian army is full of lads like yourself so they don’t have a chance long term.

    2. Kine

      SOQ mehole will offer to host it and pay for it for Ukraine and even rename Dublin Kiev to seal the deal

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