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22 thoughts on “Left To Rome

  1. bell

    Stuff Ryanair does:
    Fly planes

    Stuff Ryanair doesn’t do:
    Run Airports
    Close Airports
    Run taxi companies (except for Michael O ‘Leary

    You are an adult, deal with it!

    1. Kin

      As long as they get their one euro a passenger net profit
      I would say Irish airport woes are because of airlines dictating
      Time Dublin airport had the number of flights restricted to the staffing level
      So if it’s just one flight an hour they can cope with then so be it

  2. bell

    The last time I checked there was no obligation on anyone to fly with Ryanair.
    So fupp off with the bitching

    1. Kin

      There is only one airline worse than Ryan air
      China airlines which I flew from skippol to Bangkok
      Flew economy and it was gulag class with Chinese hostesses like political reeducation camp guards
      The menu was from first class to annoy you about first class Michelin star chefs as gruel was served to you
      Absolute muck
      13 hours of hell that turned even black passengers white skinned as they finally scrambled out of the aircraft

  3. Ronan

    Ryanair brings you from A to B. It’s not up to them to service you on the ground beyond delivering a bag to the local handling team.

    If you diverted from Airport A because it was closed, why did you get a bus from Airport B back to Airport A? It doesn’t sound like you had any onward transport arranged.

    Stuff happens, and you have to be prepared.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    You can fly cheaper to European destinations with them cheaper than a rail ticket Dublin to Cork. Now – that’s a joke.

    So – did Ryanair close the Airport at Rome?
    Did they not complete the transport they were paid for – to arrival airport Rome?
    The hotels at Airports normally have a courtesy bus. No Taxis? – or just no phone number for one?

    This woman was let down by the Airport initially, and then by her own failure to get onward transport (which is not the responsibility of Ryanair)

    1. Kin

      All I remember was once after a rumour was going around that Ryan air was going to charge for using the loo
      I sent Michael O’Leary a email stating we were a advertising agency and have just done a promotional video for him to consider for another airline he can view it at
      I wonder why I did not get a reply
      Watch it it’s classic

    2. Kin

      Happened to me years ago when I was visiting Warsaw to help a guy who asked my advice about leasing a pub in poznan
      It was a flight by British midland to London stansted to take the flight to Warsaw
      Due to the frogs going on strike we missed our connection by an hour
      We were told British midland staff would be on hand when we arrived to help with our onward journey
      We arrived
      No staff and the British midland desk was closed
      Meanwhile our luggage was stolen because we did not watch it like a hawk
      Of course we could not claim for two grands worth of content and all my wife’s make up
      I was. Fit to kill

  5. D-troll

    i think you can get a private jet and can decide where the plane lands at. might help you in future. i normally pay about 20euro for a ryanair flight. im happy to pay and take my chances

    1. Kin

      D Troll
      Was it Australia where Jonnie depp flew in by private jet with amber heard and their two pet dogs and faced deportation for breaking quarantine laws
      If only he would of realised the hex he married
      Now in court and someone is going to pay millions regarding the costs of a laundry fight
      If only they used surf for their dirty laundry made public

  6. No Mask On Your Face, A Big Disgrace, Spreadin Yer Germs All Over the Place

    Oh fupp off you, you moany wagon.

    Was her flight even necessary? Prolly not. Carbon footprint, missus.

  7. Kin

    Kerry view
    If Ryan air were their tickets would be treble the price
    There is no such thing as a free lunch

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