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    1. Kin

      More carbon taxes
      Let’s go the way and eat insects and plant based proteins then we can get rid of agriculture and have oodles of data centres
      The day I see supermarkets cleared of packaging of the single use plastics on food I might just take them seriously
      What we do means nothing regarding climate change
      But China USA mainland industrialised EU
      now that’s the real offenders
      And notice the industry that offends most is the airline industry
      I say burn peat and be dammed as already it’s too late
      All this government wants is more taxes and look at the world with this war in Ukraine and all the west is boing is poking Putin and upping the anti
      All those global emissions

    2. Gabby

      @ce The Scottish ‘National’ dissents from the British national feelgood mood. The Belfast ‘Irish News’ wouldn’t dissent with similar taste.

        1. ce

          Jaffaery Donaldson may even have to say something to ease the Clanor about the situation…

          1. ce

            Gardner Oreo (Orange order bake sale treat)
            Gerardo Nero (Orange order porn name)
            Groaner Rode (Orange order porn name)
            Rona Rogered (Orange Order parade cancelled at the last minute due to “the rona” and not, for once, by the fenians backstards)
            Ranger Rodeo (Orange order porn name)
            Ad Nero Roger (Motto of an organised Papist plot, which seeks to install and Anti-Orange Grand Master to fupp up the Order as much as Rome during the reign of Nero)

  1. ce

    Have a lovely weekend everybody … get off the internet, don’t worry about VAIDS… or the “special” war in Ukraine … after all Russia will rebuild it all after bombing the crap out of it… how nice of them to offer…

    In russian because you all might not believe the MSM…

    … do worry about your loved ones and those who love you, may you never encounter true evil, and keep all the other fupping nonsense in perspective…

  2. TenPin Terry

    I’ve won a bottle of Chilean wine in the tombola.
    And came second in the Platty Joobs Knobbly Knees contest.
    There is no happier a man in Christendom right now than moi.

        1. ce

          In nine days she’ll beat old Bhumibol to be the second longest monarch… but she still needs nearly two years to beat Frenchy Lous the XIV… always the bloody french… in fairness he got the gig at 5 or 6…


          long way to go to beat several monarchs of dependent or constituent states… if you’re into that kind of competition thing…

          1. Cú Chulainn

            Do you think that was herself on the balcony? I’m not sure it was you know.. have a good look..

          2. Cú Chulainn

            Could be.. I wouldn’t put it past those psycho gulls.. but I was thinking more of your traditional look a like.. the woman on the balcony is not the woman who visited the Cork Market a few years ago…

          3. Cú Chulainn

            Seriously, it’s not her… I reckon she’s already passed… or is on life support so they can hit the 70… have a good look, compare a couple of photos.. that’s not her on the balcony..

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Wasn’t the Duke of Kent beside her either. That was Marlon Dingle from Emmerdale.

          5. Cú Chulainn

            Good spot Mr. Goo… I’m telling ya.. that’s not the big boanna queenee on the balcony..

          6. ce

            Honestly I’ve managed to avoid looking at it… best not to encourage them…

            But if you have time post two links as an example – one pre-covid queenie and one imposter queenie

            Or maybe Bodger might do it and we can have a BS poll… something to unite us all!

          7. Cú Chulainn

            Good idea… What do you say Bodger.. pick a couple from the balcony – chubby cheeked, standing straight, and compare with a couple of fairly recent pictures.. we might even get some sent in by commentators.. bank holiday Monday fun..

    1. Ronnie

      Bigger than Jesus? Well done ten pin! May your knobbly knees keep working eternally as you’ll need them to bend a lot in christendom

      back of the net – Irish on their knees etc

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Charger discovers chilean wine in a discount supermarket and proceeds to build a mittyworld story around it. He’ll have a few squirts later while cricket – watching on the 14″ TV in the bedsit, and then build another story around that and an imaginary missus.

      Sure aren’t bank holiday weekends great.

      “Let us back into the EU” Pretty please? Love, Elwood!


    3. K. Cavan

      You don’t live in Chrisendom, Terry, you live in a wholly-owned subsidiary of the USA.

  3. f_lawless

    I think this thread by Damian Bruce on the number of excess deaths in Ireland in 2020 and 2021 is well worth consideration. He’s taken the data from the CSO and plotted the years in quarters. He sets a similar context to Broadsheet’s post on the CSO data from the other day.


    “An extra 1,290 people died in Ireland in 2021 than in 2020. An increase of over 4%.
    Wasn’t 2020 the year of the killer pandemic and 2021 the year the vaccines came to save us?


    And, no this excess in 2021 wasn’t caused by the high number of Covid deaths in Jan 2021. Q1 was normal. Q2 was low.
    The excess all belongs to Q3 and Q4. The majority of people in this country were fully vaccinated precisely by the start of Q3 2021.

    [4 GRAPHS]

    ..If you vaccinated over 90% of the population with an effective vaccine you should be able to see that impact in the total mortality figures – assuming the disease you’re vaccinating against had an impact in the first place (which it didn’t).”

    Also, I admire the way he’s able to fend off some eejit who tries to derail his thread with pseudo-intellectual babble. Very reminiscent of a certain someone. ;)

      1. Ronnie

        Ah now that link did not worj drunk now too happy weekend everyone. Take it easy if you like if you don’t like that come back here and slag each other

  4. Mad

    Sounds like poor old Liz is a busted flush
    Can’t make her own do two days in a row
    Fair play for telling them all to fupp off

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Big Phil (him being a former estate agent) gets a mention. Hyde was appointed by him.
    And, Hogan stopped an investigation into planning irregularities in Carlow and other areas. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/hogan-rejects-planning-probe-26838632.html

    As per Eamonn Ryan.
    “ Allowing a former director of planning to prepare local-area plans, which are used to decide if particular types of development should be approved. This practice “undermined staff and placed the individual in an exposed position of being ‘judge and jury’ of one’s own work”.

    • There was “excessive processing at director level”, and a failure to record meetings between council planners and applicants.”

    (Former board members of the body that nominated Paul Hyde for a role with An Bord Pleanála have said they had no knowledge of there ever having been a formal nomination process.)

    1. Mad

      Thanks for that link Giggidy – great insights from you as usual and wasn’t it ever thus.

    2. anti bot

      ah lies. there is a nomination process to get to an bord pleanala, including for example disability groups. let’s not get facts in the way of your fantastic posts. let’s make up conspiracy theories to suit the narrative. go on tell us again why people not paying vat or mortgages should not be evicted. tell us again why I should pick up the bill with more taxes?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Now read the report in the Examiner. Then come back and tell us why you’re such a clown.

    3. anti bot

      more lies. local area plans are prepared by the executive but approved by your democratic officials, who have the power to change them. all meetings between planners and applicants are recorded which have nothing to do with local area plans. learn your facts before spouting shxxte

  6. hmmm

    The most significant toxic emissions that should be prioritized for curtailment is the unscientific guff and nonsense coming from the mouth of Eamon Ryan.

    Give it up Ryan, you’ve pushed this fraud long enough. Vacate your position now and we’ll all agree to forget you were ever here.

    1. Mad

      You’re really on it this weekend
      I was reading about Ronan O’Gara’s infamous “get up on Jessica” comment the other day ..

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            And up pops sex obsessed Sad wittering about his strap on fantasy again.

            Neuter your pets, people.

  7. TenPin Terry

    My word doesn’t London look magnificent tonight.
    Duran Duran less so.
    But still what a setting.

    1. TenPin Terry

      And you can’t get a stage backdrop any better than Buck House.
      Great atmosphere here on the Mall.
      A bit chilly mind.
      But the trusty old hip flask is keeping the fragrant Lady TenPin and I toasty.

      1. f_lawless

        And we should spare a thought for all of Britain’s finest who fell in the line of duty yesterday.


        “Five soldiers have collapsed amid the excitement of the Queen’s Jubilee while standing outside St Paul’s Cathedral.”

        With emotions running so high, I’m just surprised the number wasn’t even higher. I commend all the rest who made it through the day without getting overwhelmed by the drama. ;)

  8. Fearganainm

    Sunday Independent/Ireland thinks
    June poll

    Sinn Fein 35% (+1%)
    Fine Gael 20% (-3%)
    Fianna Fail 17% (+1%)
    Social Democrats 5% (+1%)
    Labour 4% (n/c)
    Greens 3% (n/c)
    Aontu 3% (n/c)
    Solidarity PBP 3% (-1%)
    Independents/Others 8% (n/c)


    OK, so polls always have a margin of error and nothing beats the reality of an actual vote on a given day, but it’s sometimes nice to put these things out there if only to imagine Eoghan Harris brooding over the results as he shuffles inexorably off this mortal coil.

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