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  1. badatmemes/AKA Big Lad

    No way….
    What is happening?
    Is this some kinda joke?
    …or something?

    I love the old crew and the original broadsheet, and yesterday’s news.
    It was better than this b0110x

    Tgevquality of the comments is an embarrasment.

      1. badatmemes/AKA Big Lad

        Look at me…
        I talk french, like one of those girls that you paint.

        I come from Canada.
        Why do you ask?

      1. Kin

        Yep in the UK benefit recipients are now allowed to buy homes as working people cannot afford to
        I assume it will happen here when HAP recipients will be able to apply for mortgages
        Meanwhile the plight of the Clare TD who on a TDS salary plus expenses no doubt around €150 grand a year and 4kids and I presume a hUsband are now homeless

  2. ce

    BS going, sea gulls back on the front of The Star… time to go to the bunker, we’re doomed…

    1. Cú Chulainn

      I think the Star was too afraid to bring those psycho gulls back while BS was still working.. but with BS gone.. no chip is safe…

      1. ce

        Totally, who’s going to keep us informed about Gull-Pox… it’s coming for you and your chips … and then there will be Spud-pox… which might have been why the famine happened… it would turn you to the drink…

  3. TenPin Terry

    Where’s the Irish Daily Mail with its extensive coverage of news and events around the Republic ?
    Asking for some jackass …

    1. Joe F

      Where are you going to now you clown. Republicofcork??? Sad to see broadsheet go but over the moon it’s the end of you, you are a parasite. Won’t mention your name, hide behind multiple aliases.

        1. Joe F

          At least I had the one username and not 6 or 7. And my name is Joe Fitzgibbon. I don’t hide behind multiple aliases like the coward you are.

          1. TenPin Terry

            You’re not one of the Crumlin Fitzgibbons are you ?
            It’s just that I have a bit of scrap metal that has come my way and, well, seeing as that’s your line of work …

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Schizophrenia kicks in early. Everyone’s Giggidy! Hahahaha. (ha ha )

          You’re still No.1 in Google search…. just google Charger Salmons.

          Whatever are you going to do now? Will the forklift have to come to remove you from the squalid urine-covered-carpeted bedsit that you call home?

          Oh my oh my oh my. Nowhere to spew your bile now. Maybe join Her Vileness, Daisy, on politics.ie or twitter?


          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Oh Gaslighty, the demise of BS also means the demise of your BS. Silver linings and all that.

    2. Kin

      See state to pay back bail out to EU early
      Seems we have to endure
      The Ukrainian price gouging
      The cost of housing up to 200 thousand of these people at no doubt €150 a day plus all the state perks paid by taxpayers
      And now the€40 billion owed to the EU
      maybe for a country of 5 million that 50% or so gets state aid to eat
      We must all be billionaires like Del Boy
      I would love to look at the states books

  4. TenPin Terry

    Ukraine manager Ronski Managerkov was in reflective mood tonight after watching the string of second team players he fielded overcome a dismal Irish team in Dublin.
    ” Mmm, yes, what ? Little green boys in the park. Mortars for goalposts. What’s that little green boy ? Yet another loss for Ireland ? Never mind. It’ll soon be time for tea. I bet Mummy does chips. Marvellous.”

      1. TenPin Terry

        Scotland next for you old sport.
        That’ll be tasty.
        I love watching a bit of Celt on Celt action. It’s a kaleidoscope of ginger and freckles.

        1. Joe F

          As I said old boy, I’ll miss BS, it was different and will be a big loss. But the silver lining is the end of you.

          1. TenPin Terry

            But when you think about it that will be the end of you as well boss.
            So hardly a silver lining.
            More a pyrrhic victory.
            ( To save you looking it up it’s victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. )
            That’s the great thing about BS I’ll miss. It was educational as well as entertaining.

        2. Joe F

          This is in response to your later comment, to which there is no Reply to click on. You talk about educational, you must be one of the worst posters on here as regards spaces. What’s with the spaces before and after the brackets you idiot? And the same with question marks. You can’t construct a simple sentence.
          Anyway, BS have only themselves to blame. I will never understand how many comments were allowed to remain on. They were openly racist with very crude language. I lost some sympathy for them when they allowed those.

          1. TenPin Terry

            Anyway, about that scrap metal.
            Are you interested or not ?
            There’s a gang of fellers out Swords way who’ll take it off my hands sharpish so last call boss.

          2. Kin

            I used to have all sorts when I posted here droning on about full stops grammar and spelling and no argument against what I was posting or any contribution to oppose my argument and nothing but sarky comments
            And of course nastiness included
            I too kept changing my names
            But joe charger tim man or what ever he calls himself has a vicious streak in him
            I will miss the broadsheet as it really was a medium that did not push the narrative
            I am sure booger was nobbled to suddenly cease this blog
            I wish him well and hope he continues with another blog
            I also thank him for entertaining my points of views even though they got up the nose of many like mad bisted scottser SOQ Nigel Sara and others

      2. Kin

        The FAI is rotten from the core corrupt and should be gone
        A new all Ireland north and south should be the order of the day
        Time Kenny packed his bags plus the rest of them

    1. badatmemes/AKA Big Lad

      If they wore long trousers you wouldn’t be interested.

      I think I know who you are IRL.
      You’re a failed priest. You come from Tallaght.

  5. Fearganainm

    On Sunday, Christian hate-preacher Dillon Awes said that the government should execute every gay person. All of them. “They should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head! That’s what God teaches. That’s what the Bible says.”


    Comment within the thread:

    “Seriously. Before I even watched the video I was thinking, “How long ’til he gets caught with a male escort?” I give it 6 months to a year.”

    1. Kin

      Russias chief rabbi also opposes the war and he is still there In his post and also the chief rabbi himself left Moscow in March to raise money for Ukrainian refugees then his father got sick in Israel and he went there to be with him
      He is still performing his duties from afar with the permission of the international office of religious affairs
      The chief rabbi of Russia as I pointed out has no knowledge of threats to Jewish religious leaders in Russia

      1. Fearganainm

        “…Both Lazar and Goldschmidt have confirmed that thousands of Jews have left Russia since the war broke out. In an interview with Deutche Welle last week, Goldschmidt said a “very significant part” of Russian Jewry, which had 155,000 members according to a 2020 demographic survey, had left and that another “significant part of thinking of leaving.” Other rabbis in Russia have also spoken publicly about the circumstances driving the emigration. Boruch Gorin, an influential Chabad rabbi living in Moscow and a spokesperson for Lazar, is on record as citing “a very worrisome political and social climate.” Chasing away rabbis and potentially shuttering synagogues, something that Russian authorities have done in the past to retaliate against dissent, would not help the popularity of the war, which is already having an increasingly polarizing effect on Russian society.”


        1. Kin

          Well it looks like the war will soon be over judging by the captured territories
          I suppose these now will be independent breakaway states under protection of Russia
          One massive buffer zone
          Today two British merceneries have been sentenced to death in the self proclaimed breakaway state of Donetsk
          I suppose this is now putins excuse to withdraw troops in a more and more unpopular war back in Russia

          Unless of course NATO decided to invade russia and plunge the world into WW3 and then the possibility of a nuclear war
          If that happens we do not have to worry about global warming or electricity prices
          No matter what happens we are going to see an iron curtain firmly shut beyond any chance of relations between Russia and the west

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Changes to uk Government to NI Protocol ‘delayed’. I wonder why. I don’t actually. Busted Flush Bumbahole Boris makes a clown of himself. To publish the bill would be the first in a series of losses for him, as his 41% of no confidence colleagues would ensure its failure.

    All together now …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWQ_vJYt7DA
    (Cliff waiting for the inevitable No.1 hit of his re-release ‘Carrie’)

    “ Carrie doesn’t live here anymore
    Carrie used to room on the second floor
    Sorry that she left no forwarding address
    That was known to me”

  7. Cú Chulainn

    Hey John and Nick, I can see why, reading so many self satisfied – I love you but – comments, you have had enough. Can you let us know the extent of any current legal threats? The jokes aside, you have provided an incredible journalist service over the years, and if you are under threat I think we should know. Take care.

    1. Micheal

      Your answer lies here. No clickbait, no anti-vax that led to this. Simply a post clarifying to its readers issues that had arisen regarding a contributor, already published in another publication interestingly not sued. Possibly commenter comments on the post did not help either, but when will Broadsheet commenters ever admit responsibility for anything (see above). One interesting point is that, under company law, directors of a company cannot speak for the company in legal proceedings, therefore they have to employ lawyers. Even a Langwallner or an LCD can only act if instructed by another set of lawyers. It would have been an interesting case to have been argued in court…


      1. GiggidyGoo

        No chance – trying to control the content of posts would be too much. The link to the ‘contact us’ page would be on 90% of them. Especially, ahem, Boxy’s.

  8. TenPin Terry

    They come in threes.
    First Broadsheet.
    And now Mr Tayto.
    The end is nigh for some poor sap.

    1. Joe F

      At least it’s the end of your vile comments. There is a small silver lining. You can take credit partly for Broadsheet’s demise, your comments were disgusting a lot of the time, and why many of them were not removed I could never fathom. The credibility of BS suffered as a result. I know there are other factors that caused its closure but you played your part old boy.

  9. SOQ

    The President of Facebook’s Science Feedback Is Hiding in Paris, Terrified of Appearing in Court

    Do fact checkers provide Facebook’s muscle to rob us of free speech?

    On June 24, an officer of the French Ministry of the Interior, acting under the terms of the Hague Convention, summoned him to a police station and served him papers to appear in court for posting false and misleading statements in his role as president of Science Feedback, a Facebook fact checking service.


  10. johnny

    ..who even uses facebook,who cares,like a loud obnoxious drunk,old bore you emptied the place,own it.

    1. SOQ

      This from one of the most obnoxious rude toxic homophobic individuals on the site who was so out of it as to not know what day of the week it was most of the time. You fought with literally other every single commentator at some stage and then have the neck to blame others?

      1. johnny

        …total rubbish as usual,just had a coffee recently with V in Rathmines or was that last year…..
        (online is not real life:)

        1. TenPin Terry

          Did V have cake with her coffee ?
          I’m betting it was an Almond Finger.
          V always was partial to a good …. well-made cake.

  11. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    well I’m “glad” to see everyone has decided to change their ways for the last few days….

    1. SOQ

      As above Janet- some would require a personality transplant to change their ways. If there is any silver lining it is that we will never have to converse with such every again.

      1. mills

        You cannot be so lacking in self awareness. Seriously.

        I have to just say this before this place shuts up shop.

        You have become one of the most obnoxious, ignorant, obtuse commenters remaining on this site. Your behaviour on these threads has been a disgrace over the past few years

        You went from being an empathetic, witty, insightful commenter, who often had a thoughtful, funny take on life, to the argumentative, entitled bully you are now. Just look to the disgusting comments in yesterday’s post: ad hominem attacks, assigning blame, and wishing ill on everyone who ever disagreed with you. Nobody made those on your behalf.

        I don’t know what happened to you to make you such a bitter person but all I can do is hope that you are happy in your life outside the online sphere, because you sure as poo don’t seem happy online.

  12. TenPin Terry

    Congratulations are in order for TCD which has finally managed to force its way back in as Ireland’s solitary university in the list of the world’s top 100 unis.
    No 98 in fact.
    A quick glance at the list shows that good old Blighty has 17 unis in the top 100 and 4 in the global top TEN alone.
    In the latest rankings Cambridge is 2nd, Oxford 4th, Imperial 6th, UCL 8th.
    The US is Blighty’s only challenger with MIT 1st, Stanford 3rd and Harvard 5th.
    There is only one EU university in the top 50.
    As you know I’ve been concerned for some time about the poor level of intelligence shown by many posters on Broadsheet and Ireland’s deteriorating standards in third level education as either a sympton or a cause.
    So a jump of three places for TCD should be applauded.
    In fairness like.

  13. Fearganainm

    JJ Abrams’ sci-fi series that was to be filmed in Northern Ireland cancelled:


    “A blockbuster science fiction series that was to be filmed in Northern Ireland has been cancelled in a dispute between the US television network HBO and the Hollywood director JJ Abrams. Crews that had started pre-production on Demimonde, a show with a bigger budget than Game of Thrones, were stood down this week in a blow to Northern Ireland’s film industry…”

  14. TenPin Terry

    A short time ago the fragrant Lady TenPin enquired ” shall we get pissed on White Ladies tonight ”
    By jove wasn’t it a brilliant idea.
    A cocktail staple if a little underrated these days it’s been yonks since we’ve had one.
    Dead simple to make – London Dry Gin, Cointreau, Lemon juice and Egg white.
    I’ve just sent her off to get the fresh lemons.
    Bloomin’ marvellous idea to perk things up as it’s all getting a bit maudlin around here.

  15. Fearganainm

    Man due to face trial for the murders of his wife and children has been found dead in prison:


    “A man due to go on trial next week for the murders of his wife and children has been found dead in prison. Sameer Syed (37) was discovered unresponsive in the Midlands Prison after 3pm today. He was suspected of the murder of his wife Seema Banu (37), daughter Asfira (11) and son Faizan (6), in October 2020. They were killed at their home in Llewellyn Court, Ballinteer, in south Dublin…”

  16. Fearganainm

    An Bord Pleanála deputy chairperson approved apartment development for former colleague’s client:


    “An Bord Pleanála (ABP) deputy chairperson Paul Hyde granted planning permission to a property developer represented by his former board colleague. ABP’s code of conduct prohibits board members from voting on appeals where their “involvement could give rise to an appearance of objective bias”. When Hyde’s former colleague brought the appeal to ABP on behalf of his client, Hyde was the only board member who had served with him…”

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