Closing Time



As you may have noticed, we are experiencing some ‘difficulties’ with the frequency of our posts.

We’re very sorry.

Thank you so much for your patience.

The simple fact is we have barely anyone left on the site to ‘help out’.

Those remaining are shells of their former selves.

Their deeply unfashionable take on recent world events alienated everyone on Broadsheet but a few and proved to be ‘box office poison’.

With no income of any kind, we are unable to replenish the workforce, pay the hosting fee in a timely fashion or defend ourselves in legal actions taken against the site in any meaningful way.

This has been the situation for some time. The responsible thing for all concerned would be to call it a day.

We hope to finish up this weekend and will keep posting until Sunday.

Thank you for staying with us this long.

Any excuse.

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583 thoughts on “Closing Time

        1. jonjoker

          Sorry to hear this, I came to Broadsheet fairly recently, and was particularly interested in the slightly unusual take on current events.
          Censorship has reared it’s head on various other sites, so BS has been a breath of fresh air.

          Thank you for providing an alternative view, and I wish you all the best for the future.

      1. Mick

        I clicked on your link, Tom J, and the ad that came up first was for some online counselling with the woman saying “I think I spend too much time focusing on other people’s problems”

        1. Tom J

          @ Mick,
          When you say fitting, do you mean for you or me, because I never worry about other people’s problems, as I have enough of my own. Good luck for the future.

          1. scottser

            how do you expect to solve your own problems if you can’t put yourself in another’s shoes, tom?

          2. Tom J

            @ scottser, your shoes wouldn’t fit me. As for solving my own problems, I do it every day, I am a mirror.

          3. Mick

            I think I meant fitting for Broadsheet and for some of the commenters on here, not you specifically. Sorry for the confusion.

          4. scottser

            well tom, maybe you wouldn’t have so many problems if you were a little more empathetic.

          5. scottser

            and is dismissive swearing how you usually respond to innocent questions about how your day is going?

          6. Tom J

            You seem a little tense scottser, how is your day going? is everything ok at home. It’s actually none of my business.

          7. Tom J

            Haven’t seen her in ages. How do you know about Joy, I think she is married now. You’ve really done your research, im getting a bit worried now. Are you working for the KGB.

          8. scottser

            violence, deflection, projection, denial and now delusion and paranoia.
            i would get that looked at mate.

      1. Joe F

        Very sorry to see the end of Broadsheet but at least that’s the end of you, you clown, racist, piece of filth. You are a nasty piece of work Admiral Nelson, Ten Pull Terry, Charger Salmons, etc, etc

        1. TenPin Terry

          Hi Giggidy/Mad and the rest.
          Every single one of you was dull beyond belief.
          But every food chain needs its bottom feeders.
          All that effort wasn’t entirely wasted.

          1. scottser

            and yet they bested you on pretty much every occasion three tit. the real dullards are those who insist they are superior, and it was just too easy to whip the legs from under you.
            and while your schtick may have gained some traction on here, it would be utterly pointless of you to continue it somewhere else but somehow, i know you won’t be able to help yourself and you’ll revert to your same old, boring type.
            *sad trombone*

            see ya.
            wouldn’t wanna be ya.

          2. scottser

            interesting that you don’t deny being bested at every hand’s turn and you’re straight onto the muck flinging.

            so, who have you got left that would give you the time of day, either in real life or on here?

            take your time – we have until sunday.

          3. TenPin Terry

            Sad Face Scutter™
            Shortly to lose his virtual friends on BS ( ” Hi Iano – it’s me, Scutter™, over here … ” ) and apprehensive about having to face reality.
            You poor thing.
            Perhaps a spell away from the internet might be a good move ?
            Easing yourself back into Grindr more slowly than usual might also help.
            Desperation is not a great look.

          4. scottser

            au revoir, three-tit, this will be my last post to you. you’ll be pleased to hear that we all thought you were a genuine ball-ache, and for that you should be immensely proud of yourself.
            but please stop stealing my lines.

    1. Triona Ryan

      A lot of you on here are saddened by the news. If any of you want to be added to an email thread of Broadsheet Appreciaters let me on This site has built up an incredible base of smart Irish men and women who could do worse than keep in touch.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      So sad to see you go.. I had great laughs and really enjoyed some of the banter. You have provided a great service and were needed.. things change. Definitely, if you are ever stuck for cash, get to an advertising agency.. the world needs you headlines.. genuinely, thanks for running BS, and thanks to all the witty, erudite and humourus commentators.. I have enjoyed your company.. thank you..

  1. Sara

    Conspiracy theories killed you. It’s a pity, because in the good old days BS did some interesting stuff.

        1. Walter Ego

          You hit the nail on the head Sara. I’m a long time lurker, commenter and very occasional content provider. I also noticed this sites unfortunate and continous demise by the change in tone and sheer nastiness, noticably introduced by certain individuals, like Soq, Me so Harney, and especially K.Cavan during the debates on Covid etc and without proper moderation they were emboldened to say what they wanted without consequences.
          And I to my shame have ocassionaly taken the bait and got down and dirty in the mud with them.
          I’ll be sad to see Broadsheet go, there have been many great stories, news firsts, olgas shifts, sad gut wrenching pieces, Broadsheet on the tellies, win a vouchers …… I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been left baffled but entertained, more recently i’ve been increasingly angered but in the end i just feel numb.
          Crackpot conspiracy theroies are a sad strange thing to nail yourself to a cross for Bodger.
          But I wish you well in the future in what ever endevours you presue next and where life brings you. All the best.

        2. SOQ

          You are not a long time lurker Walter Ego- you comment here on a regular basis- and even at this point you cannot resist blaming others for your own sad pathetic vindictive behaviour.

          Along with your other personalities you will soon disappear- every cloud has a silver lining etc- goodbye.

          1. jungleman

            The best thing about broadsheet going is there will be no more of SOQ and K Cavan. Good riddance.

          2. Walter Ego

            Been counting my posts over the years, have you Soq? How very stalkery of you.
            Vindictive behaviour…you say? Such as?
            Or just another conspiracy theory running through that tin foil damaged head of yours?

          3. Duncan Wheeler

            I for one am going to miss you never letting a poo talker get away with nonsense. You’ll be missed & have a wonderful life with that hot DJ of yours.

      1. K. Cavan

        Nobody wants to hear the truth, rarely plain & never simple, especially since the vast majority of people have been so utterly & easily conned, which makes it personal.
        For most people facing the truth now means admitting their own gullibility or even complicity with the Regime. In the final analysis, at some stage of the slow-motion crash of our civilization, most people will wake up, only to find that they’ve overslept.
        I kept thinking, as I encountered the sheep, that these peoples’ final words will be “what’s that hissing noise?” and so it will be.

        1. Sara

          SOQ, K.Cavan and E’Matty were always problematic. And I don’t necessarily blame them for that. It’s obvious that all three aren’t the full shilling, there’s something off about them. It’s not their fault, but they should’ve been reined in, for their own sake, and that of their families. I think the first time BS jumped the shark in a big way was over its reporting on the death of Kate Fitzgerald, when BS implied that she may have been murdered.

          1. Tumbelina

            honestly Sara with stricter moderation I don’t think you’d still be commenting yourself
            you are a remarkedly undeserving beneficiary of the wonderful right of freedom of speech

          2. Sara

            Irvin Muchnick did some great reporting on this site. The D’OB coverage was very good. So was the Olaf coverage. And the Al Porter coverage. Mother and Baby Home, Tuam mass grave, and Mary Molloy (even if G’OD went totally loopers after that) were really fine. The Belvedere and Terenure stories were solid. The Maurice MacCabe stories were great work too.

          3. SOQ

            This from the individual who recently inferred I was a paedophile along with comments about gay men spreading disease?

            If there had to have been any level of moderation on this site you would have been banned. Be under no illusion, you and yours are one of the reason it is closing- so own it.

            You are a disgusting individual.

          4. Nullzero

            Sara would have been site banned from any site with strict moderation a very long time ago.

            Yet here she is at the death of this site grandstanding and taking the moral high ground when she has sunk lower than any other person in this comment section more times than any of us care to remember.

        2. Kin

          Seems maybe the broadsheet has been singled out because quite a few do not follow the narrative
          The world is on the cusp of WW3 And it’s getting like big brother out there
          Seems all debate will be curtailed

          1. barry

            What do you mean singled out? Singled out as a website that doesn’t get enough visitors?

    1. fFs

      Well done for all the good stuff over the years.
      All closed systems trend towards disorder but jaysus ye hurtled towards it there in the end.

    2. K

      Agreed, I’ve visted regularly for years but it went more and more down the rabbit hole to the point of me ignoring half the posts. Ironically, COVID claims another victim.

    3. The Dude

      To those criticizing Broadsheet for questioning the mainstream Covid narrative over the last few years, note the smaller story on the front of today’s Irish Times:

      “Ireland’s Covid 19 death rate one of the world’s highest”

      Hence, apart from China, we had the most severe restrictions of personal liberty for 2 years – and for what?

      While conventional media was parroting government messages between ad breaks paid for by the HSE, Broadsheet was alone in questioning the narrative – and did not profit from HSE adverts.

      Did I agree with every post on BS? No. Did I take the vaccines? Yes. And I valued that the comments section was open to all here, where all sides were aired. That happened nowhere else in Irish media.

      My point is that Broadsheet uniquely demonstrated an independent editorial line, and now it’ll be gone.

      Hence, it will be sorely missed.

      1. Cian

        and if you actually read more than the headline:

        “There were 77 deaths reported in the last weekly update on June 1st but, the Department says, 69 per cent of these occurred in April or earlier.
        “it is also important to note that when interpreting data on COVID-19 mortality, the death figures on a given date are not necessarily the number of new deaths on that day, but the number of deaths reported on that day, which may be subject to a time lag.””

          1. SOQ

            For what it is worth- my online behaviour was never a hired gun deliberately trying to harm

      2. Triona Ryan

        Could not be prouder of my brother’s legacy with for exactly the reason you have just outlined. It will indeed be solely missed for that and its tireless work on the Mother and Baby Home scandal. Well done for 12 years of Trojan work bro!

        1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.



          Fair play to him in fairness!





        2. TenPin Terry

          Triona – well done for supporting your brother.
          Now, any chance you can have a word with him about his mullet ?

      3. jonjoker

        That’s a completely misleading headline.
        According to, Ireland is no. 75 out of 230, so we are at the bottom of the top third.
        We may have been top for one day, but so what? We know that reporting is all over the shop regarding Covid in Ireland, and has been from the start.

    4. Jeremy Kyle

      It isn’t just that. BS used to be a good laugh. Comment section has been toxic for years. I’m sad to see BS go, but the odd time I’ve checked in the last while I’ve just found it depressing.

      There was good craic had at points though.

      1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

        you would think it would be depressing Jeremy but like most things once you get into it, it’s close to dynamite.
        Best wishes to the kids
        and say nothing to oprah

  2. D-troll

    Thanks for all those years. Im very sad to hear that. i really enjoyed your site. all the best with your new endevours. hope you realise with loads of readers you were much appreciated.

  3. Cian

    I’m sorry to hear this. Broadsheet was a wonderful site and there were a number of great commenteers.

    IMO BS jumped the shark with Gemma O’D and her attempted presidential campaign and never recovered.

  4. jim

    That is genuinely sad news. Hope you land something better. Thanks for all your years of work.

    1. jim

      I do blame charger, ten pin Terry etc… or whatever his latest incarnation is. I find him tedious and a horrendous person.

      1. TenPin Terry

        Dry your eyes mate.
        Can’t say I ever remember a single contribution from you.
        Thanks for all the laughs Bodger and Nick.
        It’s been tremendous fun.
        Marvellous™ even …

  5. nilbert

    It’s a pity you became a poster board for right-wing propaganda and general lunacy.

      1. Hank Shaft

        Reddit Ireland is full of smug students sorts who adore SF, populism, tired Simpsons memes, and Yanks talking about Ireland. They tend not to like travellers, moderate politics, or anyone who doesn’t share their narrow world view.

          1. SOQ

            How are you going to book 30-40% of your work day engaging on when it doesn’t exist anymore?

            I feel your pain.

          2. Duncan Wheeler

            Such a nasty unpleasant person you are Cian. I have never seen a post by you that wasn’t snarkey or just plain rude. Missable.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Not me either by the way… I wouldn’t know a reddit from a subreddit :0)

    1. K. Cavan

      Some day, Nilbert, you might realise that “Right Wing” now actually means anything that goes against the narrative of those with power. In a normal democratic system, there is critique from Left & Right, now, seemingly, there is only criticism from “The Right”.
      You haven’t a clue, have you?

      1. jonjoker

        Sure didn’t McDrool call SF rightwing, while he was bringing in a law to spy on our communications?

  6. Ian - oG

    To be honest once you let threats to other posters including threats to dox stand the writing was on the wall.

    But I am genuinely sad, any negative commentary from me over the last while was in the hope you would turn it around and return to the glory days when the comments section was more banter than just ongoing arguments.

  7. Col

    When you were good, you were great. Well done on all you’ve achieved.
    Onwards and upwards.

  8. The Dude

    This is very, very sad news.

    Over the last decade Broadsheet has done the public an immense service, not least when O’Brien was trying to suppress the Dáil record and conventional media went along with that.

    A sad day for free speech in Ireland.

        1. Clampers Outside

          No worries Janet, sure haven’t I seen this comment from you now :) many thanks, and hugs to you!

    1. SOQ


      This is indeed very sad news.

      Broadsheet was one of the few places that no matter what war time propaganda was being blasted, it stuck to its guns, and to the truth. Masks, lockdowns and vaccines have now already been already been proven not to work and we are about to witness the most horrendous vaccine fallout, which is a story yet to be told. People like Robert Malone and Peter McCullough are leading that charge and we have our own small but growing army of same here in Ireland too.

      But no man are an island (or in this case a couple) and the relentless hostility to such stories even being published on Broadsheet was shocking, some by people who clearly had, and have, an agenda. But once it gets to the point where once you feel your health is suffering then it is time to call it a day.

      Trailblazers rarely get credit for their work but Broadsheet was most definitely one.

      John and Nick- you influenced a lot more people than you think, so I wish you both the very best in health and happiness going forward- and thank you.

      1. Cian

        let it go SOQ; stop your BS.

        although I echo: “John and Nick – I wish you both the very best in health and happiness going forward- and thank you.”

        1. SOQ

          Speaking of paid shills- happy now?

          Your wages alone would have kept this place going.

          1. Tom J

            You say you were never paid but everyone else was. Can you imagine how much money that would cost.

        2. Duncan Wheeler

          @ Cian. Even now, at the very end, you can’t find it in yourself to be kind. There’s an invisible man in the sky who loves you.

      2. K. Cavan

        Well said, SOQ, thanks to BS for being the sole dissenting voice in the Irish media & to you, for being one of the voices of reason on here.

    2. goldenbrown

      Dude, I think being a bullsh!t detector for the smelly underlay of our practical daily lives per Redacted as you mentioned there was Broadsheet’s special sauce

      Although a latecomer relatively I can see looking in the rear view mirror that the site was clearly at one time a useful place to consume and share info about shady goings on in and around Irish politics, public service, religion, media, ze law, employment etc. exposing more establishment inside track than certainly any of the regular reportage would dare about the various corruptions, c**tery and knobhead characters abound in this kiphole country of ours…served up with some pleasantries in the Arts and Entertainment area it was a really great and alternative mix

      However something clearly broke here and it’s been broken a while now

      I’m sorry to say but I honestly could not recommend Broadsheet to my own grown kids in their early 20’s for example as a useful reference. I taught them early on the gospel according to SLF: “Assume Nothing, Question Everything” so they’d have gotten it, what a pity. But there’s questioning and pure looper

      Wishing some of ye commenters well…others I hope ye have the courage to get yer heads checked as a matter of urgency

      Broadsheet staff, sincerely thanks anyway, you can only try your best and I’d say there’s a truth for sure, best of luck to ye in your future endeavours


    3. Rosette of Sirius

      The beauty about free speech is this. You can say it, but I don’t have to listen to it.

      And the sheer unadulterated ‘you can’t stop what is coming’ drivel and subsequent editorial ‘click-baity’ direction shift to fuel the conspiraloons drove the audience away in droves.

      The doxxing, the abuse, the bigoted racism, the lies, the misogyny, the homo/transphobia. It was only going to end one way.

      And you were told. Many times.

      I’m genuinely sorry it’s come to this but this is free speech in action. You can say it but we don’t have to listen.

      You couldn’t stop what has come.

  9. ANO

    Have you considered a Patreon or similar possible funding source ?

    While I fundamentally disagree with most of the site’s current editorial positions I don’t think there’s any denying that BS deserves a chapter in the history of Irish websites and it’d be a shame for it to disappear altogether.

    I get the impression that you’re not the sort who enjoys the…robust…back and forth that comes from espousing any kind of political opinion online Bodger so I doubt the last few years have been kind to your personal mental health – in that context maybe just taking a little time off rather than jacking it all in might be in order?

    Anyway, you’ve ruined my plans for OffBroadsheet – a left leaning foil to yourselves, so thanks for that.

    1. Zaccone


      I’m sure a Patreon or similar would help with the finances – broadsheet has been around for a decade+ at this stage and has done lots of good work that people are grateful for.

      Steering clear of the more controversial/international/depressing anti-vax/NATO conspiracy style stuff for a while, and just focusing on local Irish issues, would probably make the site a bit easier and more pleasant to run too. Just a less combative, less negative, headspace for all involved. While still being a valuable media service for the country.

    2. max

      I hear NATO shills get paid really well

      Alternatively you could ask putin for a dig out.

          1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

            And such the SOQ monster continues on. Not one iota of self awareness or responsibility, such as it ever was. You threatening to be the ‘most vindictive’ person out there once you found out where people lived/worked didnt have anything to do with the mass exodus from here?
            Bodger, I wish you the best and will post back later with a more fitting and relevant epitaph. I sincerely hope the legal cases can be resolved with minimal damage to you.

          2. WSWalcott

            Have you ever thought that rabidly attacking people in the comments section and labeling everyone as a retard might have contributed to the demise of this once valuable site?

          3. Triona Ryan

            The gloating will have to live by the law of karma, of cause and effect like all the rest of us. That thought helps!

  10. eamonn

    Shame, sorry to hear, wish you all well with future endeavours.
    Will miss the insights, won’t miss some of the squabbles. Will miss the headturning headlines
    Am going to Miss Mr. Hugh and Miss Lette too, bark on you crazy diamonds. Will Miss Slightly’s take on Slightly’s world.

    Fridays won’t be the same without the…………….. my favourite song about moments..
    Esteem to all concerned.
    Thanks also for the shining of light on the mother and baby homes.

  11. Big Lad

    I’m gonna miss you John.
    I used to call meself Bad At Memes.
    I saw the direction the site was heading so I STFU for a while.
    Then I changed me name.
    I’m sorry if I opened the doors and proffered sanctuary for hate for those who don’t deserve namechecks. I was a C*** for the sake of humour,

    I thought I was being funny.
    I was drunk.

    i still feel guilty That feeling will never go away.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      Memes ! I didn’t even know it was you, thanks again for the playlist :)

    2. mills

      Bong voyage, memesy old pal.

      Glad you managed to creep back in through the window downstairs loo.

    3. Triona Ryan

      Big Lad dont you see you learnt something from messing up. That’s so different to staying stupid and acting horribly for life! Forgive yourself. John and Nick have.

  12. Cui Bono?

    Very sad news.

    Thanks for being great over the years and especially over the last 2. You’ll be missed.

    Best of luck with everything.

  13. ProfessorMark

    Sorry but the anti vax stuff was a fatal mis step – even if you believed it, editing it in the manner in which you did earned you no fans.

      1. ProfessorMark

        Look up real journalism or better still ‘balance’ – means you don’t get drawn into positions. Rookie error.

  14. Termagant

    Absolutely tragic looking at these comments putting the blame on Bodger et. al.’s wrongthink instead of peoples’ own inability to countenance viewpoints even mildly contrary to what they think they know
    This isn’t Broadsheet’s failure, it’s your own
    Good luck Bodge

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Maybe if we all believe in the destruction of humanity via plandemics, clotshots and the great reset, BS will come back to life…

      1. Nullzero

        It’s telling that the likes of you are using this as an opportunity to take sly digs.

        You spent a lot of your time here over the years surely you have a little more to say than to keep pushing your agenda?

        Sad to see BS go, but that’s the way of the world, fair play for sticking by your principles in the face of the type of mindless herd mentality nonsense spouted by the bowls Daisy, Nigel and their ilk.

        The tallest nail gets hammered first.

        In a world where principles are the rarest of commodities you stuck by yours, fair play. You came back after Bloggorah, I’m sure you’ll do the same after Broadsheet.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          + the digs
          can’t you say goodbye gracefully ?
          Remember during the Repeal campaign, you were happy to fight your corner on here.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          Ending it now is a kindness. It’s unfortunate that there’ll be no place for off-guardian and zerocred links to go, but maybe stormfront is looking for new members.

          1. Nullzero

            Classy till the end.

            We’ll all miss the ‘Sheet, but some of the trolls under the bridge of the comment section won’t be missed at all.

            Daisy hates the platform so much she has barely missed a day posting in years. Probably happy to see it go so voices she disagrees with can be silenced, happy to cut her nose off to spite her face.

          2. SOQ

            This from the person who came here day after day to complain about how bad it was.

            Be careful what you wish for- because yours has just come true.


          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Because I remember a time when it was a must see website, devoid of conspiraloon nutjobbery.

            Next I’ll wish for my lotto numbers to come up!

            Everything’s coming up Daisies!

        3. Triona Ryan

          Nullzero…nice metaphor about the tallest nails getting hammered first. BS was brave. End of.

    2. Cian

      peoples’ own inability to countenance viewpoints even mildly contrary to what they think they know
      in fairness to BS – this is where they were at 10-8 years ago – and it was good.

      …but then they pushed past the “mildly contrary” and waaaaaay to the other side.

      1. Yarfakdu

        So when they were contrary to the narrative and you agreed with their position they were good but when they contrary to the narrative and you disagreed with their position they were bad….can you see the problem here

    3. Duncan Wheeler

      Interesting that those critical of Bodger on this are in fact the cause or partly the cause of BS’s demise (and yet they return day after day). Thanks for all the laughs & eyeopeners Bodger and team. And thanks to the more thoughtful and less reactionary commenters for keeping it real and having a sense of humour that doesn’t rely on trying to hurt other commenters. Peace, love and light to y’all.

  15. uh-oh

    Truely, I am going to miss this site.

    I won’t lie, the covid conspiracy stuff had put me off and I had not visited as often. But even in those dark days, there was still some geneuinely funny and inciteful stuff on other topics, and I thought we had started to get back to classic broadsheet in recent weeks. Going to miss many of your regular columnists. I shall treasure my copy of “The Broadsheet Book of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland” as reminder of the heady heights of this website.

  16. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    Thanks for being my link to home when I never thought I’d return and missed the wise cracks and humor unique to this island, thanks for being a familiar community when I moved back and wondered what the hell I had done, you helped me chase a lover across the country, organise a pop up run ànd made me laugh many times.
    A great link to the outside world during covid and a lonely pregnancy and all the sweet comments, gifts and love when she got here.
    A place where my unvaxed ass didn’t feel alone too and everyone got to say their piece.
    I’ll really miss you guys and a lot of the regular commentators who I have agreed with or not along the way. Special shout out and au-revoir to Milly, V, Lush, Micko, Fergalito, Bemused, Nigel, SOQ, newsJustin, Rob-G, Misred, Carlos Fandango, Scottser, Sibhe, Nick, Cian, Chris, Liam Deliverance, Giddy and anyone else I have forgotten, thanks for the laughs.
    Thanks for everything, well done you guys, you’ll be missed but onward and upwards.

    1. scottser

      take it easy j – you were a welcome rock of sense on here – might see ye up paddy’s hill someday with the hounds..

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          next time you see someone eyeballing you in Dunnes you’ll wonder won’t ya

    2. Micko

      You too Janet.

      Sorry to see it go John and crap about the legal issues.

      BS kept me sane over the last two years and let me know that there were others like me out there who couldn’t understand the sheer madness unfolding before them.

      Thanks man.

      1. Ian - oG

        Been a blast Micko!

        No matter how heated it got we always, always ended the arguments on good terms. Always appreciated that on balance we agreed on way more than we disagreed on.

        Will miss you my old pal, take care!

        1. Micko

          You too man. Take care. Sure we only disagreed on a few subjects – and always respectfully. ;)

          And sure the way I look at it is that a lot of us over the last two years probably spent more time talking to each other, then anyone else (outside of family of course).

          So we should all remember that even though people on here, may of hated each other at times and ripped the absolute pee, we all kept each other going through the craziness.

          And that’s thanks to Bodger, Nick & BS contributors.

          Genuinely gonna miss you all… :(

          1. Ian - oG

            FFS think I have a bit of grit, sniff, sniff, in me eye….

            Not crying man, totally not crying.

          2. Fergalito

            Toodle-pip gentlemen – good eggs the pair of ye and exemplars of how it should be done … au revoir mes choux !

    3. Fergalito

      Aw … thanks for the shout-out Janet !

      The feeling is mutual as if that were ever disputed.
      I’ll keep an eye out for the joggers around this neck of the woods and wonder as one passes if it’s you … :-)

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I’ll throw a little extra swagger in the step so

    4. Cian

      Miss you too Janet!

      Thanks to y’all for the fun and games!

      So are we going to have an in-person drinks as a big going-away party?

        1. Ian - oG

          Just wanted to say au revoir to you and to you and Cian, Janet!

          Been fun and think we mostly got on, not sure I can remember any barneys anyway!

          Take care!

      1. Micko

        Yep – I’d go too.

        We can all wear pink roses in our lapels and have secret spy key phrases to identify each other….

        “The weather in Bodgerland is most miserable this time of the year”

    5. Lush

      I’m truly gutted.
      As J said, you were a lifeline when I felt far away from home.
      Since 2010, BS has been part of my morning ritual and I will miss it.
      Always thought/hoped/wondered if we’d all meet up for a rake of pints one day; doesn’t seem so now.
      Thankyou BS, thankyou all you disparate, bolshy, opinionated and often downright obnoxious commenters; you helped me shape my world view by making me think, react and rant quietly to myself as I scrolled down the comments (particularly these last few months), but I learnt alot.
      I’ll miss you all.
      If anyone’s ever in St Emilion I’m usually in the tabac of a Friday evening.
      Look after you and yours.
      Definitely time to crack open a bottle of 2015.

        1. Lush

          I hope so.
          Look after you and those you love J.
          It’s been a blast.
          The rosé is always well chilled at Chateau Lush.

    6. GiggidyGoo

      Thanks for the mention Janet. :-)
      I’ll miss your (and Millie’s) telling it as it is.

      1. mills

        I’ll miss you too, Giggs. Always enjoyed interacting with you. Well able to hold your own and well able to take a point on board, which is an admirable thing around here.

        Maybe see you round Reddit ;)

  17. Sailor Jerry

    I for one enjoyed the antivax stance and believe it will prove to be the correct position, despite it being a minority point of view.
    I will miss the news from home with the slight bias that I enjoyed.
    Best of luck lads, and I will buy the tea, next time I am near the pub.

  18. Footswitch

    I used to have Broadsheet permanently open in a window in the browser. It was funny and insightful and informative, and I enjoyed the silly in-jokes (things that look like Ireland, we don’t normally do this etc.)
    I would often chat to friends about something we had seen on BS, serious and silly. The comments provided hours of entertainment and work-procrastination material.
    I’m afraid Leather Jacket Guy was the reason I stopped vising so often, and the odd time I’d drop in the conspiracy stuff sent me on my way again. I might be wrong about this but I have a vague memory of QAnon making an appearance.
    It’s all a huge pity. I’d love to see the lights go on in BS Towers again.

    1. paul

      same here re: keeping the window open. It was part of my check-in routine in work; computer on, equipment check, login, Broadsheet etc open on one screen and everything else open on the other and checking in to read the comments throughout the day. I’ll miss that.

      Broadsheet gone leaves a big gap in the Irish internet sphere, you’ll be missed.

      1. Barry

        Its a bit like a parent with dementia though. Lets be honest they’ve been gone for a years already.

    2. Cian

      Oh, and you can’t forget all the wonderful headlines over the years!

      Bodger – you are a total genius with the headlines!

    3. Conor

      Why did you have to remind me of that moron Leather jacket fella.

      Likewise this is where I feel the downfall began. Within no time at all broadsheet was removed from my favourites

  19. Otis Blue

    There’s been a real ‘end of days’ feeling here of late. For all that, I’m really sorry to see you go. As Joyce had it “Read your own obituary notice; they say you live longer. Gives you second wind. New lease of life.”

    ‘Til next time.

  20. Moira Cardiff

    Good luck John. Broadsheet gone. It’ll be next. What am I going to read now…?

  21. TenPin Terry

    We remember the fallen, yes even you Papi.
    We mark the passing of those taken from us too early – the old codger Brother Barnabas included.
    But most of all as Napoleon Macron would say just after asking your granny out for a date at a sex dungeon we bid au revoir.
    Time will eventually heal wounds but memories will live on.
    Like Vanessa’s Famous Creamed Horn™.
    I think there’s something in my eye …

  22. Breeda

    For many, this site has provided the only medium available to us who are concerned about justice for victim-survivors and families of those incarcerated within Ireland’s maze of institutions with trafficking, vaccine trials, enforced disappearances and anatomical research issues largely ignored by establishment and certainly within proposed redress package making its way through Leinster House. As with the Burials Bill and the Birth Info and tracing legislation both of which are likely to force judicial review proceedings, it is a failure of State to do right by its most vulnerable.
    I hate the fact that we live in a so called democratic state where questions asked by elected representatives in opposition even in our Oireachtas rather than answered are ignored and the Minister or his or her appointed one reads from a carefully crafted statement by one of the many 70 ‘advisers’ often adding insult to injury to a people already beaten by a system.

    I’m genuinely gutted that we are losing a resource that updated regularly. There’s no accountability in Irish politics – broadsheet sought to expose that. And allow for discussion on issues affecting us, providing further info on occasion causing some of us to change our mind, or argue a little more strongly against. From John with respect and a quick wit.

    I am gonna miss this but hold out hope that Bodger will not leave it too long to return !

    Take a break Bodger and Co ! The net is a toxic place to be …. I’m gonna take a leaf out of that book and spend more time with animals during the summer months ready to fight the good fight after summer.

    Onwards and Upwards !

    Thanks BS for all the literally laughing out loud moments where she. I couldn’t contain my laughter on a bus or train or in company I attempted to explain to the audience ! Often failing ! And for holding those in power to account.

    Stay safe and well ❤️

  23. paval

    Sorry to see the site go, it was genuinely a great source for alternative take on topical issues back in the day. Running an independent site in this day and age is hard work, however the relentless promotion of conspiracies and anti-vax topics in the last 2 years has been the death of the place for me (and many others I’m guessing). Whats done is done now I guess, thanks for all the work you put in.

  24. Big Lad

    Look on the bright side.
    No more SOQ and TPT.

    Some cults are best ignored, bereft of their platform.

  25. Kali

    A shame it had to happen but I’m sure you’ll land on your feet. This site was a genuine beacon through the lockdown as one of the few to question the narrative. When all were left with is pro establishment rags who are incapable of asking any type of tough questions, we will start to resemble North Korea more and more.

    All the best in the future folks, you’ll be sorely missed.

  26. Tom

    Thank you for your efforts over they years guys. Didn’t always agree with the editorial line (in fact, from start to finish, tended not to agree in the majority of cases!) but that’s fine.

    Would you consider posting a “reflections on the venture” piece at some point over the last few days, including thoughts on the demise of BS? BS has been unique and important in a lot of ways and it would be really interesting to hear your thoughts on the relevant online landscape (opinion/news/debate/etc.) and current social realities effecting readership, viability etc.

    God bless you all.

  27. Praetorian

    That’s certainley soured my day now.
    I was with ya from almost the begining…some great commenters & contributors back in the day….
    Clampers outside,Spaghetti Hoop,Trips Gallen et al….some great content such as ‘redacted’ articles,things that look like Ireland….
    i’ll genuinley miss clicking onto ya during the day….even though your censorship was a pain in the arse Bodger.
    Best of luck with whatever happens in BS towers.

  28. Mr .T

    Sad to see you go. Was a nice site for a curated feed of news from the likes of RTE, Times, and *shudder* the journal. Also found a lot of nice articles that just couldnt easily be picked up at times.

    And the cracker headlines, well.. no words need said.

    Not that it would be the same, but would anyone consider posting some content on a telegram feed or similar? At least the hosting would be free

  29. Junkface

    Sorry to hear this. I genuinely enjoyed having open discussions about big stories and where the world and Ireland was heading. There were many excellent posters here for a good while, just not lately. I’m sure lots of people behind the scenes have worked so hard on the website. Good luck to all concerned. Thanks for keeping it going so long.

  30. scottser

    wow, i’m genuinely sorry to hear this news – broadsheet was as essential in the mornings as a decent cup of coffee. i suppose it’s been on the cards for a while – there was little enough craic and a lot of wankery this last while.
    so now that the end is nigh, is ok to swear?

    1. scottser

      forgot to mention; thanks for the excellent work over the years to all at BS towers. every one of ye should be proud as fuck over what you’ve achieved.
      all that remains is for someone to organise a leaving do. i would be glad to buy yis a badly poured, overpriced pint in a soulless dublin hostelry anytime. imagine the craic we’d have flicking peanuts at SOQ and taking turns to give charger a wedgie..

          1. scottser

            platinum jubilee tea towel please j. nothing better than wiping it on the queen’s face :)

          2. Fergalito

            If voluminous and thickly viscous be your junk
            Right before you’re about to go spunk!
            Choose a platty jubes towel
            And her majesty’s scowl
            She’s best placed to absorb all that gunk.

          3. Fergalito

            I’m here all week!! Try the shrimp!

            Actually don’t.
            They were dried in **that** tea towel.

  31. Me

    This is terrible news.
    broadsheet was the half way point for me between twitter and the journal and the tab was always open. I’m ready to send a fiver a month :)

  32. Slightly Bemused

    Thanks, Bodger and all. As one song said, thank you for the days. And, with all respect to Janet, as another song goes, thank you for the music!

    I will miss you all, those of you at the ‘Sheet central keeping the posts up. And to the contributors who added a new dimension and depth to my understanding of many topics. For the limericks and the poetry.

    Thank you for the days, indeed!

  33. James M.Chimney

    Genuinely sad to read this. It feels like only yesterday when this site started. All the best with future endeavours.

  34. Gringo

    Too bad. I’ll miss BS. It was fun for a while, until SOC and TPT et al started spreading sludge everywhere.

  35. Royal M

    Thanks BS, really enjoyed this site at the beginning, but still came back after I felt it had changed for the worse. Thanks in particular for the Golden Discs voucher I won, but also loved the puns in the headlines, and the limericks.

  36. Boe_Jiden

    who knew being a right-wing anti-vaxx conspiracy rag would have negative consequences?

    1. Nullzero

      A far right conspiracy rag packed to the gills with Woke types. You’re all so happy to see this site close, no surprises there.

  37. Cato

    You deserve this and I mean that not in the way that some might think. You have been hovering over a toxic puddle for so long, inhaling the belching bile. You deserve freedom from that. I hope you embrace it. There’s plenty out there to inspire. Thanks for all the hard work.

  38. ARK

    “unfashionable” Who are you trying to deceive? It was all just trolling that went too far.

    1. Big Lad

      My sentiment too, but c’mon…

      Where else could you bate bait a racist without a worm on your hook?
      And still fit in…

      You don’t have to be *** to be ****** but it helps on BS

  39. AC

    Thank you. If it was not for this site I would not have had a counter narrative to many stories or had an insight to stories that would never have seen the light of day which were highly important in our society. Its going to leave a huge gap for me. It was also brilliant for fun stories and also a view into the movie/fashion/art world that I would have previously have not noticed. Broadsheet has been a marvelous site. I will miss it a lot and wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

  40. JB

    I’ve fond memories of the Broadsheet of a few years ago, but it’s as if those involved deliberately destroyed their own site. It was bizarre and sad watching it decline.

    And it’s not hard to correlate that voluntary euthanasia with their heroisation of Gemma O’Doherty and her post-truth march to violence and anti-reality; a Pied Piper only ever followed by the lonely, angry, brainwashed, bigoted and vulnerable.

    The pathetic standard of comment beneath even the most innocuous story became a real canary in the coalmine: sub-4Chan incels and morons who think of themselves as highly intelligent adults yet spend all day clogging up the site with wall-to-wall gibberish and fact-free juvenalia. If their favourite primary-school teachers could see what their pupils had become, they’d die of shame.

    1. Duncan Wheeler

      You must be highly intelligent to come up with such self aggrandising guff.

  41. Mick

    Sorry to hear this, Bodger et al. I didn’t always agree with everything, and put that point of view out there on occasion, but I’m sorry to see you go. I suppose it looked like it was on the cards for a while, but I (and my alter ego) will miss opening up the broadsheet tab on my browser every morning.

  42. Big Lad

    Everybody alludes to their own innocence.
    Nobody has an alibi.

    Feargananam is the only one I”ll ever used to have any respect for.
    And Janet. Old school etc.

  43. b

    sorry to hear this, i’ve read many a good article and often came on here to hear an alternative view to my own

    but….you reap what you sow in terms of your content, the anti vax stuff was just plain wrong and not balanced or truthful

    the page has gone downhill and reached its natural conclusion

  44. Luke Brennan

    Very sorry to hear this, wishing everyone well.

    Now I’ll have nowhere to gloat when Ireland win the 2030 World Cup.

    Although I think it may be a good change of air-space for all those involved.

    Thanks for all, to all youze guys and gals.

  45. Fergalito

    Bravo on the highs – you truly surfed the barrel at times and provided a much welcome and genuinely refreshing perspective on the mainstream narrative when you were being serious and some great laughs when you weren’t. A man knew where he stood with BS and that’s to be applauded in my book. I’d rather not agree with everything than be part of a willing congregation to be preached at, offering mantras and responsorial psalms on cue …

    I was none the wiser most of the time but i was certainly better informed.

    Try not to clench too hard as some of the emptiest vessels scribe valedictorian.
    There have been many but sure there’s room for everyone, even the wankers.

  46. doobee23

    This is a great loss to Irish society. Where else can we go to find fearless coverage of topics that need to be aired and discussed??
    As I said once before, Broadsheet has been a light that stayed on in a darkening world. That world is still getting darker, and to have this light vanish is gutting.
    Is there any way to keep the show going at all? Im sure Im not the only one who would happily set up a monthly subscription if funds are the main issue……..
    Thank you Bodger et al for sticking your heads above the parapet, I hope someone else finds the courage to do something similar. My online life will never be the same.

  47. Ellie Campbell

    Pity, I clicked on to 3 websites first thing every morning. I Times, Indo & BS. There are Trolls in Dublin today not knowing where to turn to now.

  48. Clampers Outside

    I dunno what to say… I’ll have to come back, I’m all jaw and jowl like Balboa at the end of Rocky “I love you A̶d̶r̶i̶e̶n̶n̶e̶ Broadsheet!”
    * sniff *
    No, I’m not crying… * sniff *

    1. Joe F

      I’ll miss it too but it should have kicked Ten Pull Terry/charger /admiral nelson etc etc off long ago. You could write anything on this site of late.

  49. Andrew

    Sorry to see you go but I think all sites like these have a shelf life before it’s ruined by posters with an agenda, (on all sides) and unwilling to ever,ever see the other point of view and just politely agree to disagree.

    Smart arses like Nigel and Daisy didn’t help either

    It’s a pity, but life goes on.
    Thanks for the memories.

    1. paddy apathy

      It was the editorial line that emboldened some of it’s adherents to push more toxic ideologies that ruined it, plus poor moderation. Nigel and Sara disagreeing and offering an alternative had nothing to do with it.

      1. Andrew

        Nigel and Daisy were ruining debate long before Covid and all the conspiracy theory stuff. Belligerent and arrogant.

  50. Chimpy

    Possible to set up a sub on reddit for broadsheet regulars? Not sure how to create a subreddit without being a moderator though. Anyone a reddit moderator? Cheers

    1. Big Lad

      Have you ever been on Reddit?
      Did your aspire towards becoming a moderator?

      Just asking…

  51. max

    Will miss the really good journalism and insightful articles from the likes of micheal taft etc who opened me up to different points of view. Unfortunately that was quite a while ago with most article being retweet from random idiots on the interwebs without the basic due diligence to factcheck them. Sad to see it go, but in its current state probably for the best.

  52. Gabby

    “I mustn’t say that”. Being cowed into self censorship is the creeping totalitarianism of our times. How sad.

  53. Broadbag

    Sorry to hear this and hope you both land on your feet.

    Although I disagreed with the recent editorial stance it’s always good to have your views challenged, politely or even not so politely. The really crazy stuff, well each to their own and it is/was your site so up to you what to put out. Those who threatened doxxing and real life consequences, or went to the effort of setting up alts need to have a long hard look at themselves and how they conduct themselves online, but of course they won’t, that’s the internet for you.

    As many have said I would check in here many times a day and it was a very unique place, congrats on that and best of luck in your next endeavours and in life in general, wishing you all the best and thanks for all the effort you put in to keep this running for so long.

  54. AC

    The one thing I always thought about Broadsheet is that articles are posted for the reader to make up their own minds. I never took is as an example of what Broadsheet represented. It put material out there. I never understood comments like ” oh BS you can do better” or “typical BS conspiracy theory”. It was there to enlighten and start a debate. It was great to have BS as the mature member in the room with a bit of mischief in its eye. I know BS must be fed up and dejected…. You have more support then you know and have done way more good then you realize. Sincerely ye have been fantastic.

  55. Sibling of Daedalus

    Loved the site, a great honour to be published on it.

    I hope an archive is kept as it was a perfect Irish time capsule 2010-2022. In its early years it was a breath of fresh air, of late it was an oasis of sanity and critical thought in a world gone mad.

    I hope those behind it get a well-deserved break and that those who have criticised it get time to reflect.

    I genuinely believe that Broadsheet will be recognised as one of the great literary and journalistic achievements of early 21st century Ireland.

    1. ProfessorMark

      ‘I genuinely believe that Broadsheet will be recognised as one of the great literary and journalistic achievements of early 21st century Ireland’


  56. mills

    Ah lads, I’m sorry to hear this. What a weird, wonderful place this was, a real treasure-trove of Irish trivia, oddities and things that may, or may not be shaped like Ireland, and representing a very specific time in Irish society.

    For myself, it was a go-to site for a thoughtful debate and a bit of craic, and it never felt like it took itself too seriously. I’ll always have a soft spot for a few of the old crowd, J and Bert in particular.

    I’ll admit to not being a regular reader anymore, but I’m sorry to see you go. You’ll be missed lads.

    I’ll have a drink to the good old days and the folks who’ve come and gone, and one more for John, Nick, Chompsky, Olga, Luke, Aaron and the rest of the kids who made the site what it was over the years.

    John, I’m sorry that it’s ended like this. Doubtless, this is not how you saw it panning out, and I’m sorry for that. My heartfelt thanks for creating such a wonderful, chaotic space over the years at broadsheet, and I hope you take a well-earned break at the very least. Thanks as well for always being an absolute gent to deal with.

      1. mills

        All good with me Lushie, thanks for asking. Same to you. Hope you’re well my darling. Xx

  57. Eamon

    This is a disaster. Always loved this site. I mean can’t you not even ask a question anymore without been labeled a rat licker? World’s gone to shite lads. This site going is a big big loss

        1. Fearganainm

          Say nothing, admit nothing, sign nothing, refuse to recognise the court.

          You know the drill.

          1. Ian - oG

            Nigel was always an absolute gentleman, even in the face of the most horrific of slurs, the latest being called a groomer because he had the audacity to stand up for the rights of trans gender people among others.

            You threatened women and threatened to dox people.

          2. The Nigel Account

            ‘Off you go parasite- careful nobody stands on you.’

            Sniff. Gonna miss the bants.

          3. Nullzero

            “Nigel went on to conclusively prove the existence of over 500+ genders.
            Daisy successfully canceled everyone she ever disagreed with”

          4. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            oh I like this idea/theme
            Clampers got them all put outside forever,
            SOQ completed all levels of grinder ;)
            Milly bought the perfect sports car,
            Lushie turned her garden into a paradise,
            Slightly bemused set off on an adventure with little slightly,
            Scottser hacked into Bing and killed it forever,
            Ten pin got his Irish nationality and wept real tears of happiness,
            Janet moved back to the sun and never heard another ABBA song again ( and rode all the beautiful boys ) ….the end.

          5. AClampers Outside

            Proper LOLs Janet!!

            We all p̶a̶r̶t̶i̶e̶d̶ rode
            … off into the sunset :)

          6. bisted

            …don’t you mean the ‘ordacity’ Ian…only John Ryan could have thought up a more absurd character…time for truth and reconciliation Johnboy…the four horsemen were your creation…Bodger, E’matty, f_lawless and SOQ…

          7. scottser

            can i hack bing and remove all the photos of cats in tights, dogs with groucho marx faces and such?

    1. Big Lad

      The real Broadhseet was the friends we made along the way.

      I had sex with one of them.
      I still have nightmares.
      (true story)

  58. johnny

    Thanks for some great investigative journalism and a wide variety of contributions and commentators.
    All the best John.

  59. Paulus

    Ah lads that’s terrible. I always enjoyed the headlines; and those witty commenters who didn’t take themselves too seriously. Coincidentally one of my few previous favourites was Blogorrah, so maybe John R might be up for a third incarnation down the line somewhere?
    All the best guys.

    1. Paulus

      Ah lads that’s terrible. I always enjoyed the headlines; and those witty commenters who didn’t take themselves too seriously. Coincidentally one of my few previous favourites was Blogorrah, so maybe John R might be up for a third incarnation down the line somewhere?
      All the best guys.

      1. Paulus

        From RIP dot-eye-E:

        Broadsheet, (B.S.) Dublin 4. at its residence from complications following Covid. Predeceased by its brother Blogorrah. Deeply mourned by its begetter John and Uncle Nick.
        The cortege route will be limited to the southside only. Interment will be followed by a poetic oration by John Moynes. Memorial service later.
        ‘In sure and certain hope of the resurrection’

      1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

        Nigel, if it turns out you are a paid shill/pharma profiteer/ff/fg/Hilariteer!
        I will probably never get over it.
        Fair play to you for sticking around , best wishes

    1. Cato

      And as we all watched, our jaws agape, SOQ continued dancing into its grave while shrieking about how it was everyone else’s fault.


  60. ManT

    Genuinely sorry to hear this. You were a real alternative to the main stream. Slán go fóill

  61. Ronan

    Sad news. The bookmark will be like a headstone. Looking forward to your next efforts. Mind the heads and thank you for so much stimulation.

  62. Ronan

    Sad news. The bookmark will be like a headstone. Looking forward to your next efforts. Mind the heads and thank you for so much stimulation.

  63. Frank

    I really hope this is like an Agatha Christie novel where everyone introduces themselves and what their agenda was and we can all finally put the whole thing together

  64. redzer

    Not really surprised to read this. Broadsheet used to be great but went completely off the rails during Covid with the focus on Covid conspiracy theories. There was no balance to it and so Broadsheet has ended as it has.

    Good luck to all in the future.

  65. ce

    I blame the people blaming people who blamed other people for stuff…

    Seriously, good luck to all with what/where-ever life brings you next…

    Maybe a reboot of Harbour Hotel???… you know you want to…

  66. Niall

    Sorry to hear this, you will be missed.
    One thing though, you mentioned defending legal actions. I always assumed the site was registered / hosted abroad so you could avoid libel actions. Would love to know who is trying to sue ye and why?

  67. GiggidyGoo

    A sad day. One of the very few places that hasn’t done the MSM trick and taken the government euros. In fact it’s been a credit to the site the intricate reporting on Sgt. McCabe, Fr. Molloy etc. Reporting that you didn’t get anywhere else.

    If a way of donating to fund its continuance is available I have no problem contributing. Places such as broadsheet are needed.

    So sorry that it’s come to this.

    The paid shills are happy though.

    Best of luck for the future lads. I hope you resurrect.

  68. Florrie

    I’m more sad for the decline of broadsheet since 2020 than about the page’s demise. From 2012 to summer of 2020, I had it on a permanently open and refreshed tab while working. Loved the contributors and headlines as much as the coverage of topics the mainstream media ignored. Especially the dogged reporting on redacted.

    Tragic to see it go down the route of QAnon-theory support. Others have expressed the inevitable decline from supporting Covid conspiracy theories better than I could. The site was brave or challenging, it was just 4chan with a half-degree more subtlety. That was very sad to see, but it was what the owners wanted seemingly. I stopped being a regular reader two years ago, along with many others, it seems.

    Slán is sláinte

  69. Madam X

    I will miss the papers posted each night. That gave a flavour of how the world is doing/declining etc. I won’t miss the mad conspiracy theorists and the downright nasty posts. Good Luck

  70. Ghost of Yep

    So we’re doing favourite song at a funeral Friday?

    Take a few months off and come back with the dull evenings. You can be sure the majority of humourless ladyparts and borderline psychotics would be ba… Ah sure you know yourself.

  71. Tumbelina

    Pure motived, headline-zingered site of sites
    Now is the time to let yourself take flight
    Predictions to remain in memory’s mind
    Until proved true for even slow to find
    We’ll miss your kindness and your welcoming ear
    When time comes to face up to what we fear
    You won’t be there; how will we manage then
    Without your brightness, gentleness and zen?
    From your glass we were privileged to sup
    Now all that’s left… is for us to grow up
    And realise your wisdom; never will we share
    A world like this again, never anywhere
    The authors of our downfall, we sunk our feeth
    Into the hand that fed us; now alone, like Adam and like Eve
    We must to Reddit go – it won’t be sweet!
    Our egos, nurtured lovingly by this site’s lord
    Will never find a home in that aggressive horde
    Perhaps at some fireside years from hence
    We’ll tell the younglings about Trump and Pence
    And say… there was a site that told
    But we destroyed something that shone like gold
    And for that we are doomed to sit alone
    Where no one wants to listen to our moan
    And can you blame them?
    No not I. – who destroys the very edifice that built them high!

    That’s all folks!

  72. Geoff

    I’d like to echo a few comments above….. before Covid there is way less off-the-wall, shakey, misguided posts, specifically by one particualr article poster. I’ve reduced my visits vastly and I’ve re-engaged ad blockers as the content is just not worth it anymore. If you could pop back in a time machine and centrailsie the views then perhaps Broadsheet can be reborn….. in my opinion.

    1. Nullzero

      So basically, unless a platform takes an editorial stance that agrees with everything you believe in you feel getting shut down is the only potential outcome?

      1. Geoff

        No. Not what I said!

        1) It was good, simply return to the same values
        2) Lets see both side, from the middle, and lets not lean too much either side.

        Check out, for example, PBS News in the US, it’s very central and not at all insane (and I mean that from both left and right sides).

        1. Early Irish Blogger now Lurker (longterm)

          I think your missing the point. Broadsheet clearly believes in the dangers of the vax, otherwise it would have moderated its position long ago. If you believe that people are being pressured to take a drug which may harm and ultimately kill them there is no real center ground. Genuine belief and integrity cannot go centre ground on such a vital issue the only compromise is recognition of individual choice which is something your comment patently lacks.

          1. Geoff

            Yup, this! This is a good example of why we are here today….. good job. Helping in the demise of a once great platform. Be careful next time you have a headache, who knows what they put into those paracetamols! In fact, hold off on breathing that air, can’t be good for you.

            Anyhoo, as I said, and again, my opinion that no one has to read or agree with, Broadsheet was good, and could be good for ALL again.

  73. Big Lad

    I met up with four Broadsheet contributors in my time.
    I had sex with one of them, 100s of times.
    I’m not proud of that record., but I sleep well in the knowledge that it will never be broken.

    I am the greatest f***er ever on Broadsheet.
    (I used to call meself badatmemes.)

    Thank you and goodbye everybody.

    1. badatmemes

      I’m not counting the time I met you.
      That time you got turfed out of hotel…

      I was morto for you, wearing that dress and lipstick…

    2. Clampers Outside

      Thanks for the chuckles Memes. I know some gave out about ya, but I never minded it much. You often raised a wry smile on me in the wee hours with your late nite posts at the weekend.
      You got fierce thick with me one time, but it was only the once, and sure we all get a bit heady sometimes lol.
      Mind yourself, thanks for the craic!

  74. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

    I remember the first time I heard of It was Jan 2017
    I was after coming down from Dublin, after plastering the capital with posters and flyers, for our annual  tribute to the most honest and thought provoking comedian of a generation.
    I said to the Mrs, I feel like Bill Hicks, my voice of reason isn’t being heard. She says they’re looking for people for ‘Broadsheet on the Telly’.
    An email later and I’m talking about real issues with real people in real time.  Probably a first for Ireland. 3 years before Zoom, BS were moving with the times and bearing all. Opinions were listened to and arguments were passionate.
    Sice BSOTT ceased BS continued to be the only Irish news website to give comprehensive coverage (via their youtube channel) to the Tuam Babies scandal and other mother and baby hells.
    They certainly imo champion the underdog, the downtrodden and always call out the narative of the establishment.
    A constant eye on art and Nicks ‘you may like this’ with his ‘esteem’ thrown in for good measure, to get the Friday feelin flowing.
    For their focus on cannabis and all things progressive in contemporary Ireland.
    They are not a pinko paper or a red top rag.  They are journalists with credibility and that’s what we need now more than ever.

    BS will be greatly missed. I will miss BS greatly
    So I think it’s only fair now that the people who benefited most from the sheet’ should offer at least €20 a month to keep it going. If it is a money issue.
    Im sure Bodger isn’t  taking all this lightly.

    He stated the problems in this post.
    If we can at least show some solidarity now we might be able to save this bastion of free speech.

    At the risk of starting a row, history will be kind to Broadsheet, and the present is there to continue the reporting on what needs to be discussed in a safe and open forum.

    Censorship is ludicrous and fascist.
    For my experience BS censored my fuckin and blindin (still at it) .My father would say ‘if ya have to f and b you’ve lost the room”.
    BS kept the room turning with much needed reporting and great tonic for the troops. With the best headlines.
    While msm just became corporate hacks that turned reporting into shilling, for a shilling. Ye know who we are and so do we. Enuf said.
    It was us as the commenters and contributors that allowed discourse to take place here in the comment sections.
    I read more than I commented on. I just felt the toxicity at times was to intimidating.  Not that I’m a shrinking violet, just misunderstood. Having to be labeled just wasn’t worth the effort (of who I am and what I stand for) in fighting my corner. So it just didn’t suit my positive vibes to get involved.

    It took me a while to understand how the stories unfold in the comment section. Some very well informed and passionate people.  I understand the anonymity to. This is the other half of BS. Ours. Where else can such a forum happen on the island. BS looked on the land and reported from the spectrum of truth and lies, and if they are to go out they go out with truth and honesty on their side. That will be down to many informed people, past and present, who invested their valuable  time, in something so valuable as engagement.
    All any respectful journalist can do is look for truth and honesty.  The comment section has a duty to uphold it. That’s the deal. BS never took the corporate coin. Truth can’t be bought. They attempt to inform and educate in a non ‘moral arbiter’ kind of way.
    As the great Bob Marley say
    “education is not free, you have to pay attention” .
    History will tell.

    The ones who are now having a go at each other have to look at how they hendered and not helped civil discussion and debate here.
    Voltaire say “I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it.”

    I do hope the wondering  woke will wake up and acknowledge what’s at stake here. 

    BS did their job to the best of their ability.  With all things possible they still can.

    So for one good solid push for  solidarity, democracy,  freedom of speech and ‘in fairness’ , can we get a #SaveTheBS trending?
    Just to see?

    Before they start closing  in on and closing  down any go fund sites.

    ‘Was it for This’
    Thats not the democracy we were given by the great poets writers  wordsmiths and fighters of freedom, for our Republic.
    If the pen is mightier than the sword then the real keyboard warriors must continue the battle for an open and transparent society, and their words must be for love and peace, in order to help us find compassion and justice. 

    So let’s use the Internet for good. What we need is some people power. Let’s get it trending on twitter. 

    In the immortal words of Bodger et all at BS  Towers,


    1. TenPin Terry

      Well at least no-one has blamed Brexit or Boris which is usually the case on here.
      But I can’t help crack an ironic smile at those posters coming out of the woodwork to mourn the loss of free speech while at the same time excusing their absence on not liking the content on Broadsheet because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.
      The whiff of hypocrisy always did hang heavy around this site.

      1. Joe F

        Will you just go away/. This was an excellent IRISH site despite you constantly writing about British matters. BS went to hell lately allowing anything to be posted. You are a very sick puppy.

    2. badatmemes/AKA Big Lad

      There’s something wrong with you Charger, or should I call you Captain?

      Where are you gonna go now?
      I always believed you were banned everywhere else already, and BS was the only place that tolerated you?

      Serious question.

    3. paddy apathy

      Johnny Diego, Bill Hicks would probably find you incredibly boring and tell you to fck right-off.

  75. TenPin Terry

    There won’t be many in the media with the decency of John McGuirk…

      1. galaxiapolizia

        Thank you, John, for everything…
        Look forward to your new adventures.

        “In bocca al lupo, caro mio..!”


  76. The Tec Dr

    This is sad news as you offered an alternative to the MSM. Some of your Covid coverage I did not agree with but you were not afraid to offer views that were not seen elsewhere.

    Good luck for the future and maybe one day you might get resurrected.

  77. carlosfandango

    Ah Jaysus.
    I’m very sorry to hear this. Well done for all your efforts. I liked this place, sorry to see it go.

  78. badatmemes/AKA Big Lad

    I did a video interview for BSonTV or whatever it was called back then.
    It was the early days. I failed the interview.

    In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have been off me tits on E from the night before and Es were better back then so fupp off.
    Sara knows what I’m talking about..
    So does Bodger.

  79. Ben Madigan

    Well this is a real bummer, man.

    I didn’t often comment but I often read the comments, there was some enjoyable debatery in amongst the f*#kery and quackery and some genuine laugh out loud moments… thanks Bodger, Nick & Co for the great headlines, interesting links and the Friday music competition… best of luck for whatever your next chapter brings

  80. Gaz

    Sorry to see the site go, when it was great it was great, but in recent times it became a shell of its former self.

  81. TenPin Terry

    Talking of sad losses any news on the footy ?
    I’m hearing Ukraine’s second team has beaten Ireland 0-1.
    War and piss ?

    Fnarr fnarr.

    1. badatmemes/AKA Big Lad

      Talking of sad losers in bedsits in Cork…
      … any news on the footy ?

    2. Joe F

      You were very quiet when Hungary beat England a few days ago. Hypocrite of the highest order.

  82. tom3

    Actually not even sad news. You’ve posted some truly disgusting stuff the past couple of years.
    Sad that it went down that path and I speak as a reader, commenter and contributor that has been here from day one.

    1. Early Irish Blogger now Lurker (longterm)

      It’s not disgusting just because it doesn’t fit into your worldview acquired as a result of limited knowledge, an unquestioning mind and a generous dose of MSM spin.

  83. John Smith

    It’s a very sad day. In a time of horrendous censorship, Broadsheet has been the one place where free speech has been allowed. Thank you for all you have done, Bodger and crew, and farewell to all commenters.

  84. john

    A few years back it was a news site , then ye disappeared up the rectum of antivax and covid conspiracay

  85. Sibling of Daedalus

    Scarier even than COVID are the people who can’t bear any discussion of it conflicting with the mainstream.. Fear, authoritarianism or a bit of both? Not a great advertisement for 20th century education.

  86. rotide

    Not surprising considering the absolute dumpster fire this site has become.

    Broadsheet was a really brilliantly entertaining blog in its day but that day was a long time ago.

    I used to really love this place and the commenters but the descent into conspiracy bollocks (which started a very long time before covid incedentally) just pushed a lot of the saner people away.

    1. Sibling of Daedalus

      Don’t be so modest, Rotide, your relentless hectoring in the comments section must have done a lot to help too. I’ve waited a long time to say this, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Broadsheet contributors move forward creatively unrestrained by pontificating plankton like yourself.

  87. Professor Pie-Head

    Greetings from the People’s Republic of Cork.
    Sorry to hear the bad news like but ye lot in Dublin always were a shower of langers.

  88. Hughie Luas

    “deeply unfashionable take on recent world events”

    No platform or service should host the toxicity that emerged. Shame. Broadsheet was once interesting and fun. It didn’t end that way.

    But there can be no platform for nazis.

    It was never as good as Blogorrah anyway.

    1. Sibling of Daedalus

      Would you ever grow up. It was never a ‘platform for Nazis’. Would you take the trouble to read the bloody site before you comment rather than defame its contributors and commenters by implication.

      The hysteria at any criticism of de Vax on the Irish internet is literally off the charts.

  89. Hughie Luas

    I will miss the headlines, dogs, and baking.

    Some of the commenters, not so much. They’ll continue their toxic drivel elsewhere and get that service de-platformed too.

    Humanity really suffered there at the end.

  90. Hughie Luas

    Broadsheet’s finest hour IMO was not what was published, but what was deliberately not published; namely the Anastasia “Ana” Kriégel case.

    The humanity and dignity of Bodger and commenters, then. Thank God the poor girl was not murdered more recently. I can only imagine the contributions of those commenters who came to make BS a byword in Irish online toxicity.

    1. Early Irish Blogger now Lurker (longterm)

      Another story that Broadsheet – to its credit – did not feature was the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp saga.

  91. Hicksonian

    Cannot believe this is happening. is the only essential limb left in the Irish media. The commenters are the cancer, but surely we can save this. It’s not stage 4. What is required and what can we do? Bodger and everyone left in BS towers please let us know how it can be turned around. Pm, email, belch out the smoke signals, please keep going.

    1. Nullzero

      Ireland doesn’t have a media ecosystem that’s tolerant of anything that deviates from the norm.

      That’s an extension of our national appetite for having someone tell what we should believe, do and how we should act.
      First it was the British, then the Catholic church, now it’s main stream media.
      Over the last forty years Ireland has gone from ultra conservative to ultra liberal, on the surface it appears to be a fantastic change for the better, and in a lot of ways it is but a side effect is that we’ve projected our requirement to have someone tell us what to do onto a new set of de facto rulers.

      No platform that deviates from the norm can survive in that environment, the norm is all pervasive and always had been in Ireland it’s just the veneer that changes.

      Put your head above the parapet in Ireland and you’ll pay the price, no alternative opinions are tolerated.

      I may or may not have agreed with certain things that were said here over the years, but that’s not the issue, the right to express opinions is.
      There is a cohort here in the comments section that would rather burn the place to the ground then allow opinions they disagree with to be expressed. That’s discourse in modern Ireland in a nutshell, yet another thing to be depressed about in this country.

  92. gorugeen

    I discovered Broadsheet back when the Bord Gais fancy chairs story broke. I’ve loved it especially when Broadsheet was the only outfit in town standing up to DoB. Am genuinely saddened. I wish Bodger & friends and all contributors peace and happiness.

  93. Just Sayin

    Farewell to the only Irish website to stand up to the MSM propoganda of the past few years.

  94. Itchysays

    You bet on the wrong team Broadsheet…yourself Mr. Ryan and yourself Bodger (same person) chose to go the conspiracy route, most likely believing it was the more lucrative….well you got what you deserved…anarchy,chaos and a descent into outright stupidity…sure anyone could achieve that.

    So congrats on eating yourself….

    I see my post regards Johnny ’not quite grown up’ Keenan has been blocked….
    Sure isn’t that what you call democracy…?

    1. Tumbelina

      A LOT of people giving away a lot about themselves tonight in this comments section for sure

      Not people you’d turn to for help in times of trouble… unlike Broadsheet.

      1. Early Irish Blogger now Lurker (longterm)

        Really shitty comment from Itchy but hardly surprising given his past history on Broadsheet. I agree with Tum-Tum. Many giving themselves away conclusively in this comments section as nice/nasty persons. Some surprises, some not!

  95. Sorcgirl

    I’m really sorry to read this dreadful news. Thanks for all the humour, quirky posts and serious articles over the years Bodger. They will be missed. I always came here to find out reaction to the story of the hour/day. I might not have agreed with it but it was always insightful. Would you explore Patreon or similar crowd-funder/income stream? Who will do the papers now? (Anguished emoji face).

  96. newsjustin

    Sorry to hear this Broadsheeters. Genuine best wishes to all involved and all saddened by this decision.

    Rather than engage in a post mortem, let’s just say that things have their time and that’s OK.

    Best of luck to all the commentors, especially the long-serving ones.

    (PS pro life 4 eva :-)

    1. Cian

      best of luck newsjustin – I always respected you and your comments here (even if i didn’t agree with them all)

  97. Past writer

    What could have been, for the sake of a decent editor and not chasing the dragon of clickbait over quality content.

  98. Fluffybiscuits

    End of an era

    Patreon is the way to go

    You gave me my friendship with Frilly…I’ll always be grateful xx

    Thank you

    1. Rob_G

      Good luck Fluffy – while we disagreed in the comments the vast majority of the time, I found the pieces you contributed very personal and moving.

  99. Dr Stockmann

    In the immortal words of KC and the Sunshine Band, Please don’t go. I’ve never commented before but I bet the vast majority of readers haven’t either. We come for the quirky humour, the perceptive curation of interesting twitter posts etc., and an alternative view on the affairs of the day. I enjoy reading items that provoke, challenge and sometimes even affirm some previously unvoiced left-field take. No one else in Ireland provides this. Is it too late to save Broadsheet? Crowdfunding? An appeal for readers to contribute a few hours a week to help shoulder the weight? I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Can Broadsheet be the light that never goes out, etc

  100. KieranNYC

    Good riddance. I gave up long before the start of the QAnon insanity, so can only imagine how incredibly nasty and toxic it’s become over the pandemic.

    But. I’ll always remember the fun posts, de buke of things that looked like Ireland, Annie West, those limericks, Anne Doyle’s back garden, Cabra West, existential dogs, Gay Byrne being *ninety-seven!* and at one time, a hilarious community of commenters. Slán

    1. Rob_G

      My word, a ghost of Broadsheet past – hope yo are keeping on, keeping on, Kieran :)

  101. Db

    A bit like the Simpsons, Broadsheet was magnificent in its first few years but then turned to shite. It was a shame to see the way the site turned.

    Thanks for those first few years; it was a vital energetic controversial read.

    1. Early Irish Blogger now Lurker (longterm)

      Oh shut up you were whining your way through the first few years too.

  102. Bertie blenkinsop

    Sorry to hear this.
    Loved this place and the people back in the day.
    Hope JR and co go on to bigger and better things.
    See you all when I marry Millie x

  103. RuilleBuille

    A pity the site is going. I particularly liked the coverage of the Kate Fitzgerald
    story which no mass media would touch.

    But no advertiser is going to touch a site promoting conspiracy lunacy that we have been subjected too. Bodger and SOQ have to take the blame along with the obnoxious TenPin.

  104. Clampers Outside

    I’d like to thank Broadsheet for providing me with years of entertainment, fun and a healthy mix of news stories not covered elsewhere and user / commenter input and stories that could only be found here.

    I happened upon Broadsheet during turbulent times in my personal life and it was an escape from that, one which I threw myself into. It was a place to have fun and vent, whether I was aware that I was venting at the time or not – something I came to realise much later.


    I had to take a time out at one point in 2013 and had literally disappeared from the comments for a month. A time taken to pull my life back together, time well spent. And on my return, I found a number of emails from John enquiring as to my whereabouts and my wellbeing…. There was even a post on site, and many incredibly heart-warming ( for the most part :0) ) comments from fellow users that left me in tears, good tears. I’d never been a part of an internet community before, nor since, never felt I was anyway, not until Broadsheet.

    As many others have said, I loved the ‘craic’ on here, and the loud outbursts of laughter that I had on many occasions in public places. And like many others, I opened up x, y, z and Broadsheet on my desktop every morning…. And when awake, checked the papers before going to bed. 12 years man, 12!


    Thank you John and all the past crew of Broadsheet Towers for a dozen years of a place for the “bewildered”, for I truly was bewildered with life for some time.

    You’ve been with me through my worst – domestic abuse and associated issues.

    You’ve been with me in the crawl, and the stride, of getting my life back on track.

    You’ve been with me, and all the Broadsheet posse, as I’ve shared the good and wonderful changes with you all – my wonderful marriage, two house moves, the birth of my adorable son.


    I’m forever grateful for this space on the web, for the personal messages and the warmth of them.

    You’ve left an indelible mark on me, that I will always cherish.

    I wish you well John, and hope to meet you in person, someday… for sure! * sniff *

    Namaste, and much love Clampers  


  105. Blonto

    It was worth it for the exposure you gave to Irvin Muchnicks research/information on George Gibney and the rest of that ring. Also for the Maurice McCabe coverage.

  106. Clampers Outside

    I’d like to thank Broadsheet for providing me with years of entertainment, fun and a healthy mix of news stories not covered elsewhere and user / commenter input and stories that could only be found here.

    I happened upon Broadsheet during turbulent times in my personal life and it was an escape from that, one which I threw myself into. It was a place to have fun and vent, whether I was aware that I was venting at the time or not – something I came to realise much later.

    I had to take a time out at one point in 2013 and had literally disappeared from the comments for a month. A time taken to pull my life back together, time well spent. And on my return, I found a number of emails from John enquiring as to my whereabouts and my wellbeing…. There was even a post on site, and many incredibly heart-warming ( for the most part :0) ) comments from fellow users that left me in tears, good tears. I’d never been a part of an internet community before, nor since, never felt I was anyway, not until Broadsheet.

    As many others have said, I loved the ‘craic’ on here, and the loud outbursts of laughter that I had on many occasions in public places. And like many others, I opened up x, y, z and Broadsheet on my desktop every morning…. And when awake, checked the papers before going to bed. 12 years man, 12!

    Thank you John and all the past crew of Broadsheet Towers for a dozen years of a place for the “bewildered”, for I truly was bewildered with life for some time.

    You’ve been with me through my worst – domestic abuse and associated issues.

    You’ve been with me in the crawl, and the stride, of getting my life back on track.

    You’ve been with me, and all the Broadsheet posse, as I’ve shared the good and wonderful changes with you all – my wonderful marriage, two house moves, the birth of my adorable son.

    I’m forever grateful for this space on the web, for the personal messages and the warmth of them.

    You’ve left an indelible mark on me, that I will always cherish.

    I wish you well John, and hope to meet you in person, someday… for sure!
    * sniff *

    Namaste, and much love Clampers

    1. Chimpy

      Ah thats nice. I remember that time you disappeared for a while, we were all worried. Good luck.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        Where do I show off my gun knowledge now !? It never ends well at parties.

        1. alickdouglas

          I know, Dr Douglas Home doesn’t appreciate my ‘collection’, it’s rare to find someone to shares my passion <3

          A bit rum I thought, BS cut down on the seizures by the Gardai just when it was getting interesting, I never had the energy to look up the seized stuff myself…

    2. The Mad Account

      Nice comment clampers but your own contributions to the site leave a lot to be desired in many respects

    3. Andrew

      Lovely comment Clampers. Your comments were always well considered and thoughtful. One of the best on here.

    4. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      great comment Clamps, the very best for your future x

    5. Clampers Outside

      Thanks guys.

      A sad day for sure. I feel like I’m at a funeral in these comments, remembering an old friend :)

  107. Spider

    It was a great site… An awful shame, but it was self inflicted harm. The tone had changed during the pandemic and there was a nastiness about the content and the comments. I’ll develop a conspiracy theory about what happened the site and post it on twitter just to keep the name alive….

  108. Geoff Wiles

    Some of you may disagree. Really!

    There is nothing like Broadsheet in England. A sense of community, a place where you can bounce around ideas without the immediate being in violation of a site’s rules. I have never noticed on which part of the left-centre-rightspectrum BS has been. I have always enjoyed the informative articles, cartoons, musical introductions, jokes, and photos… It has been like a breath of fresh air.

    I only get back to Dublin occasionally, as I can’t fly, and the ferries are far away. I miss Dublin and the Wicklow mountains, the Midlands, Cork, Kerry, the lot. There is no place like Ireland, anywhere.

    You are probably too close to notice what a great place it is. I know the rents are insane, and house prices too, and that a lot of your great stores and independent shops have gone.

    You still have your identity, your slightly acidic sense of humour, and your sense of devilment. I have lost my Dublin accent but I am still Irish through and through.

    BS has been an eye into the Irish soul otherwise hidden from view. If you started reading BS in 2010 at 18, you’d be 30 now. You’ve grown up.

    You are a young, bright nation.

    It riles them to believe
    That you perceive
    The web they weave
    And keep on thinking free.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Nothing like this in England ?
      Total bollocks of course.
      There are any number of internet forums and satirical websites on every subject under the sun as there are in most countries.
      Spare us this lachrymose guff.

  109. Collywobble

    Thanks for everything guys. Have been reading Broadsheet since the early days and really enjoyed the content and community spirit in the comments section. It’s a real pity about the demise. Lately though, it has not been a fun place to visit. Good luck with your future endeavours.

  110. Ronnie

    Sorry to hear you go Bodger and Co. Really enjoyed this site and all best for your future

  111. Chris

    It’s never easy to go against the grain, but it is commendable when its informed by ones conscience. Broadsheet mirrored the trauma and unease of many in challenging times. It wasn’t afraid to confront evil, when most would rather hide their head in the sand and worse – accuse others of insanity for not doing the same.

    It really can’t have been easy to helm this ship through those toxic waters. Fair play and best of luck.

    1. Nick Kelly

      Chris, your fantastic contributions made it so much easier. I am so grateful for the support you showed us. And I’m sorry that the live stream ended up in the sin bin. It was great to put a face to the name. Good luck!

  112. Hughie Luas

    What’s the delay? The sooner BS shuts down and goes off air for good, the better.

    Everyone one knows SOQ and K.Cavan are shills for a deliberate running down of the site. Ryan wouldn’t even spend 25 EUR on a record voucher FFS. And us idiots provided content.

    The truth will out in the Sunday Times and The Phoenix. But not in Village Magazine.

    Follow the money.

    1. Tumbelina

      How dare you make accusations like that about someone who has worked their heart out to provide you with free entertainment and a pleasant forum for discussion for over a decade. It’s completely factually incorrect, none of the publications you cite have ever claimed Broadsheet made more than the minimum to cover costs. Imagine that you would leave a smear like that on leaving. Poor toilet training will out I guess.

  113. Legal Coffee Drinker

    To be honest after a comment like that from Hughdie Luas I’m very happy that Bodger, Nick et al are moving on to pastures new. Pearls before swine, as they say.

    Hughdie if you feel you’ve been cheated of a 25 Euro record voucher I’m happy to present you with it in person together with my Year 1 LLB Cliff Notes on the law of defamation for future reference, the next person you accuse on the basis of zero-evidence fantasies might not be as pro-free speech as the owners of this site.

  114. john smith

    awh where will i get y daily laughs reading the comments section. much more interesting than the articles themselves. hope the many daily commentators open a new site to continue the banter OR WIN the lotto and keep this site open!!!

    where is the GoFund ME page ????

  115. U N M U T U A L

    Everything. As It Happened… .

    . ..and it was Great!

    There are better wordsmiths than me above who have expressed the importance of what this site represented and meant to both themselves and in the greater news media landscape… I can only echo their sentiments.

    To all those positive posts above I will simply add… +1

    better yet, and in the true spirit of broadsheet, I will also give a +1 to all in the rogues’ gallery that is the BS comment section… ’cause ultimately that’s what the sheet was…
    A place for all the unmutuals to gather and bandy words, ideas, laugh and of course FIGHT!!!… :-)

    Thank you Broadsheet, John, Nick, Bodger, all the contributors, commentators and all at sheet towers for the journey of a lifetime.
    A twelve year long bewildering parade of life in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and from ever angle. A truly trojan effort!

    To John and all involved I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours but most of all,
    peace & happiness in the years to come…

        1. U N M U T U A L

          No worries Bodger…

          I’m holding out for a broadsheet sequel!
          Keep us posted, on the off chance.. :-)

      1. Micko

        Ah Unmutual- another ledge.

        Best of everything man.

        You were always sound

        Your puns could give Bodger a run for his money ;)

        1. U N M U T U A L

          I Nice one Micko, the “heart of the rowl”…

          Twas always a pleasure, enjoyed the bants immensely. All the best… take it handy chief!

          Imitation the sincerest form of flattery and all that. ;-)

  116. McVitty

    I first came here in early 2010 and there was a glorious period until ~2013 when there was no shortage of salty wit and some great posts lifting the lid on what was going on with the economic ruin. Great times, in some of the worst of it.

    Then we had the culture war and civic referenda years, which were divisive by design – and seemed to be okay that things were one-sided and that moderation got heavy…we were changing Ireland, baby. NGO’s and international meddlers are our friends.

    The cost of imbalance was churn – some of the old guard stayed but the site was never quite the same, and covid has been next level divisive. In order to find the center or consensus on truth, two sides have to be heard, openly and fairly – and you have to believe in nuance and civility. Sometimes you have to be the outlet that gives “Gemmtrails” a platform, as a matter of bravery, regardless of hindsight.

    Whether we want to look at it or look away, we are living through enormously disruptive, transformative times and for all our empathy and awareness round emotional abuse, we’ve decided it’s perfectly okay to label someone a “far right conspiracy theorist” on a whim, as a defensive way of creating distance – as though that’s not the devil’s work. I say this as someone who cannot leave Canada, a country that has decided medical-dictatorship is grand as long if it’s encased in a soft commitment to equity, tolerance and inclusion. Nobody at home gives a sh*t if I bring it up – I’m not supposed to, and in a way, that’s how modern Ireland functions (just like with past injustices). Nullzero’s comment above nails it. We can do better.

    Anyway, fair play to the admins and moderators for keeping going all these years, through thick and thin, and with limited resources – “we all partied”, some more than others but some people kept their head down and did their best so thank you for that!

  117. Lilly

    BS used to be a tolerant place, all comers welcome with their tuppence worth. They came for the headlines and stayed for the rest. In the past couple of years, however, it lost its way.

    Dissenting voices were trolled to silence. Come hither with your vaccine injury, but be off with your long Covid. It became bad tempered and uncouth.

    Nonetheless, I am grateful for all it did well over the years. Thanks Bodger. May you have a good rest and rise from the ashes.

      1. Fearganainm

        She’s right though.

        Who would dream of funding the insane lurch to the right and into the land of make believe that’s taken place here?

        Editorials based on 4chan rumours and all the rest of the sludge – it’s veered a long, long way from journalism as the word is understood.

        Not very free speechy of you to want to silence a star like Daisy.

        1. SOQ

          Just because it was not the propaganda sludge you linked to didn’t mean it was a lurch to anywhere. We had the biggest breech of civil liberties in our lifetime, the details of which are still only emerging.

          Just look at how a time while the rest of the world has moved on, Trudeau is still clinging so desperately to his vaccine mandates in Canada. Now that is REAL right wing politics.

  118. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Broadsheet was a truly informative and interesting take on goings-on.
    I will be melancholic without it forming part of my day.
    Thank you for forming our news backdrop this past decade! Good luck to all the ‘sheet staffers- present and former.

  119. TheFerg

    Thanks for the memories folks.
    But you have all our email addresses – so regroup, reimagine, rebuild, and let us now when you’re ready.

    Till then I’ll be busy looking at dinner plates, puddles, clouds, grafitti tags and foreign brand logos for anything that looks like Ireland!

  120. Padmundo

    Well holy God! Another one bites the dust…

    I will miss this place… I rarely posted but often lurked. Like a previous forum that shall not be named – the clientele get polarised and factions arise. Unfortunately it was COVID that catalysed the polarisation of readers and posters alike.

    Some of it was daft, some of it was on point but it was always up to you the reader to form your opinions. Opinions were formed and people took to slinging shit at eachother…. the shit slinging killed this place and it’s finances…

    I wish ye the best in the future Bodge! Ye always amused me over the years. I will miss this den of inequity

    Bring back the days of meeting weirdos from the internet for drinks and 5 aside.

    Shine on you crazy diamond….

  121. Olga Cronin

    It’s been so emotional reading all the comments over the past few days. To think Broadsheet brought even a fraction of what it has to some people’s lives is humbling.

    Working on Broadsheet was the most meaningful time in my life, driven by a hope we might help some people along the way.

    But it was also so much damn fun. I’m grateful to all the contributors, hilarious commentators and loyal readers – ye are Broadsheet.

    But mostly I’ll be forever grateful to my exceptional friend John Ryan whose kindness, wit, bravery and irrepressible need to help the underdog is unparalleled. I don’t think anyone will ever truly know the sacrifices you’ve made. Thank you, John.

    1. John Ryan

      No, thank you, Olga, I am very grateful to you, as are many you have helped. A lot of work, no one would believe it, but it was so much fun. You are very missed here.

    2. mills

      Oh Olga! What a lovely farewell. A bittersweet treat to see you back.

      Hoping you’re doing well.

    3. scottser

      Olga, I remember your tireless transcriptions on the whistle-blower scandal and others. Thanks so much, you kept us glued to the site.

  122. Mari

    aw John, so very, very sorry to see this. What a light Broadsheet has brought to Ireland. Thank you all for all you provided ensuring we got the actual news and up to date at that. Stay safe and well. Catch you sometime on your journey. Such a horrible loss.

  123. Paver

    Ah Christ! This is keeps happening, things keep changing. I’ve really enjoyed this site for many years, good luck to you all, catch you in the next episode

  124. SuperPeli Groso

    Dear BS,

    I don’t know who you are.
    Still, you’ve played an important role in my life for a very long time.

    I remember seeing BROADSHEET’s headline open on my dad’s big white Apple desktop. He seemed to be into it, whatever it was…
    In my frantic attempts to ‘find’ him after his sudden departure, I turned to BS, as a way of connecting with memories of him and keeping him with me in some small way.
    That was over 10 years ago.

    I’ve been scrolling BS religiously since – most often at times when I’ve likely subconsciously felt the need for anonymous connection, or to fill some void of sentimentality. These needs were met with a brief nightly scroll of the daily posts, with a particular focus on the comments section for kicks.
    Sad? Perhaps.
    Comforting? Always.
    Maybe that’s what he came here to find too.
    Guess we’ll never know.

    Either way, it’s been a journey, and I’m saddened to be disembarking here – but as I found out at an early age, nothing lasts forever. Departures can be sudden, cruel and unforeseen.

    Thank you, Broadsheet, for filling the void over the past 10 years.

    lil superpeligroso

    1. Tumbelina

      What a lovely comment, il superpeligroso, wishing you all the best on your continued journey through the wonderful terrain of life.

    2. John Ryan

      Hello lil superpeligroso, I am John and work with Broadsheet. This has left us stunned and moved beyond sufficient words. We are humbled to have been of any help. Thank you for sharing.

  125. Shane

    I am sorry to see it end, maybe this new found freedom will lead you up different roadway that will bring to a happier place.
    Good luck

  126. Rebelbrowser

    Thanks for all the fab free journalism down through the years. Very sorry covid did for you, suffice it to say we will need to agree to disagree on your editorial line on that. Will particularly miss the nighly front page round up and the Friday music quiz. Hope ye start something new sometime – and we all agree in advance its a covid / vaccine free site! Thanks again.

  127. Skeptik

    Very sorry to hear of Broadsheet’s imminent departure. I discovered the site when I heard about the Redacted goings on and how you provided coverage not available on the mainstream Irish media. All the reporting on Irish issues was great and will leave a gap in it’s wake. An especial favourite of mine were the dogs and particularly “my pet at Christmas,” living out my dreams of owning a dog vicariously through all of yours.
    However, as mentioned by a lot of other commenters, the relentless Covid conspiracy postings soured my experience with the site in recent times. I guess it turned off the advertisers as well, which isn’t surprising. It’s one thing to present an alternative view, but if that view is anti-science and could harm public health, then it’s not a matter of free speech anymore. I learned to skip any Covid-related posts and later had to stop reading the “bottom half” on all posts as the comment section became too toxic to bear.
    It’s just a shame that a site that has brought so much good by illuminating areas of Irish society not touched by Irish media chose Covid conspiracies as their hill to die on.
    I do hope the site is reborn maybe in another form and we get to see the talent of bygone years return and bring balance to the discourse once again.

  128. Spaghetti Hoop

    Think I started following this site for the bewildered when there were NINE other bewildered followers.

    Farewell Broadsters.
    It was an absolute hoot for many years.
    To John the ‘Preposterous’, Chomsky and Bodger, good luck to ye, and please rustle up a ‘Best of Broadsheet’ montage for the laugh.
    Hat-tip to me oul segotias here ;)

    1. Bodger

      I really hoped you’d call, Spaghetti Hoop, you were a real part of the site. Thank you.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Thanks Bodge. I couldn’t not.

        One thing that resonates with me is that John Ryan said (interview plus BSTV) that Ireland had some really intelligent and thinking folk that had interesting things to say. For years nobody ever said that. And for years this country suffered under dogma, clerical control, political corruption and prohibition. Besides the absolute hoots, this has been a very free-talking forum, and in 12 years a lot of contributors found free speech, group therapy, compassion and knowledge here where they would not have via official streams, or indeed state services.

        P.S. Does Clampers keep that award?

  129. Mister A

    After 8+ years of daily lurking here, I guess I should at least leave one comment before Broadsheet ceases to be! This site occupied a very important space in Irish journalism for a very long time, consistently shining a light on the hidden scumbaggery of Official Ireland and asking “awkward” questions that no one else seemed to want to touch with a 10 foot pole. Like many, I was saddened to see the move towards divisive culture wars type content in the last couple of years, but I suppose that was a reflection of the bizarre times we now live in…anyway, thanks to all contributors past and present for providing so much thought provoking content over the years, Broadsheet will definitely be sorely missed…best of luck to you in the future.

  130. Nero

    10 years I’ve followed this site. Most of that time following I’d like to think was done with interest, admiration and glee. Good work was done here. I’ve commented little and as per my past performance I have little of value to say now too. I leave this here, grafitti on a wall. Not dull grafitti like that evoke muck, the good classic crass type. Something about yer ma in a bathroom stall and a wee doodle of a mickey.

    Best of luck to all, you will be missed.

  131. P Ryan

    Very sad to see broadsheet go, I have been a regular site visitor and sometime contributor (when I had something interesting to say or a cool pic I wanted to share, which is not very often to be fair) for the past 10 years, though I will admit that I have found all the covid conspiracies to be extremely tiresome and personally thought that the site had lost some of it’s lustre over the past couple of years with the comment section becoming a pretty toxic place thanks to the efforts of a number of headbangers who constantly argue with each other in a nasty abusive way, however this did not stop my logging on to check the headlines every morning and I was able to ignore the comment section pretty easily. Thanks to everyone who made the site fun and interesting and best of luck to all of you for the future

    1. John Ryan

      Thanks, Mum, the only thing an Irish son wants to hear. Finally! Hope to see you soon (so proud of you) xx

      1. galaxiapolizia

        + 1 to Tumbelina’s post

        You did great work rearing that fella, Mrs. Ryan…Take a bow.
        He has a kind heart, humility, decency and much humanity;
        endearing wit and endless humour, laser-sharp intelligence and
        is ever the charmer. He really is a credit to you.
        (Though some of his musical tastes will forever be puzzles
        wrapped in enigmas wrapped in mysteries, in fairness!) :-)
        Go n-eiri an bothar libh!

  132. Tumbelina

    Your son is the very best of men. You deserve to be the proudest of mothers for having produced him.

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