Kevin Higgins: Avoid Causing Offence


Kevin  Higgins

Brief Reflection On Not Alienating One’s Peers

Never say anything which can be misconstrued
or, worse, construed correctly.
If you can avoid it never be either
right or wrong about anything.
When lobbed a direct question
develop what looks like
a kind of facial twitch.

Never suggest they solve their differences
by wrestling naked on the Salthill prom
and never say on social media
you’d be happy to referee such a bout
wearing a three piece suit and a cravat.

Never announce them to the crowd
as Knocknacarra’s answer to Norman Mailer
or say on camera that in their absence
“I give you these twelve empty gin bottles”.
Keep schtum
when at their book launch or gallery opening
you’re handed a plate of cocktail sticks
with nothing at the end of them.

And never arrive at one of their soirees
without having about your person
a magnifying glass through which they appear
as big as they think they are.

Kevin Higgins

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9 thoughts on “Kevin Higgins: Avoid Causing Offence

    1. ce

      Unless you’re Vito Acconci and the gallery has paid you a lot of money to “come” and wipe said willy in the curtains…

  1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

    Love that your poetry got a platform on the sheet’ Kevin.

    Not that you needed it but it gave a good connection of solidarity to promotion of  real art.
    As Nina Simone said  ‘its an artists duty to reflect the times”.

    You certainly did that and continue to do it.
    Fair play to BS for promoting your provocative poetry.

    Keep it real brother

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