A Hundred Times Yes


Joyceans assemble.

Jennifer O’Brien writes:

This year marks 100 years since the publication of James Joyce’s peerless modernist classic, Ulysses, and RTÉ will celebrate Bloomsday, June 16th, with a series of broadcasts, articles, and archive clips to mark the occasion, brought to you by RTÉ Drama on One.

The 1982 RTÉ complete dramatisation of Ulysses will be broadcast (for the third successive year) on June 16th and 17th on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra, followed by the first streamed broadcast of all 15 stories from Dubliners, and Joyce’s only extant play Exiles.

A dedicated section (at link below) includes the podcasts of the unabridged RTÉ Players production of Ulysses, as well as the companion series, Reading Ulysses, the new RTÉ documentary 100 Years Of Ulysses, and the Walking Out audio series featuring Irish writers on Joyce’s masterpiece. It also features numerous long reads exploring various aspects of Joyce’s work, alongside a collection of clips from RTÉ Archives.

Ulysses at 100 (RTE)

14 thoughts on “A Hundred Times Yes

      1. Tumbelina

        John Snr’s account of the very first Bloomsday in ‘Remembering How We Stood’ raises some interesting parallels: an event ignored by the MSM of the time, notable for the patience and dedication of the organiser, brought to a trunctuated end by general misbehaviour, bickering and refusal to co-operated on the part of the participants, nonetheless loved, remembered, appreciated and now iconic. Whoever would have thought it!

        1. John Ryan

          Heheheheheheheh. When it was neither popular nor profitable, to coin the old cliché. Thank you, Tumbelina.

          1. johnny

            “Few persons did as much for Irish literature as John did in the lean fifties, when he provided hospitality and encouragement to many an aspiring artist and writer. He was a Renaissance man – and, as Myles na Gopaleen might have said, a Joycean before it was either profitable or popular.”
            Des at your fathers funeral.

        2. Otis Blue

          That book’s a fantastic read.

          Bodger – on the remote chance that you don’t actually have it, I’ve a pristine, hardback, first edition that I’d be happy to pass on to you.

      1. Triona Ryan

        Dad shot that on his 8mm camera. That’s a lovely offer of the book to Bodger. Hard to come by those old copies.

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